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A Spiritual Spa Weekend in Perushtica, Bulgaria [with Photos]


Last weekend I organized a spiritual spa weekend with group of people from our MSIA community in Bulgaria, where we watched the recording of the Spiritual Spa morning, created our new year resolutions, had a home seminar with participants from the local area, had movie evening with the Spiritual Warrior, and had plenty of time for Spa procedures and SEs.

We did all that in a very interesting and beautiful place – Perushtica, a town located in the center area of Bulgaria. I personally visited it for the first time. We planted light columns on the highest peak and in the local church “St. Archangel Michael”. That church has an interesting story. The church was the last stronghold and refuge of insurgents (inhabitants of Perushtitsa) in April 1876 against the Ottoman domination.

Many of its protectors chose to end their own lives instead of falling into the hands of the bloodthirsty Turkish troops. Spas Ginev murdered his five children and his pregnant wife and many men followed his example. In the church “St. Archangel Michael” in Perushtica, more than 347 free Bulgarians lost their lives when faced with the Bashi-bazouk Adil Aga. I hope that our visit there helped clear the karma, but I’d appreciate if you send the Light there as well. I’m sending some pictures from our weekend experience.


Feeling Inspired? Gather some friends and plan a spa weekend of your own.


Here’s a link to the recording


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