BlessingsFest at the Conference of Heaven on Earth
[with Photos]

By: Dawn White
photos by Lucy P. Dickinson

July 5th, 2018

BlessingsFest at the Conference of Heaven on Earth <br/> [with Photos]

WOW! [Worlds Of Wonder!]
From our Beloved Traveler’s first word, the cornucopia of Blessings poured forth, bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth thru us all in a potent, ongoing way. It is ongoing!

The Grace, the archangelic, the Line of the Mystical Traveler, God’s direct presence, the Holy Spirit… I experienced/experience all this totally present, with us, as us!

In a room filled to capacity, with dear Souls joining us online, beauty surrounded us.

Naturally, the cuisine and beverages were out of this world! From amazing kale and cucumber juice to the sweetest dessert treats, with an amazing buffet of everything our blessed Basic Selves could ever want in between, we were treated to the most magnificent Loving enfolding, protecting, holding + Eternally Blessing us… and it goes on, + on, radiating to All.

Here are some sparkling diamonds of truth that resonated with me:
Judgement is a lie.
We don’t have to be perfect to go to God.
I can transcend even with attachments.
The Spiritual Mantle is here.
Spirit will do what is allowed ~ after the request/prayer goes up ~ what can be done is being done.
As we go higher in Spirit, there is laughter ~ a chorus!
We can handle all the conditions in our life.
Dealing with conflict: What would God do so that it’s settled?
Have a relaxed attitude to the world = PEACE.

And The Blessings flow on, in HUge Abundance!!!
Thank You, THANK YOU, Thank HUUUUU!!! WOW

To witness our Glorious Johnny in full, majestic flight is by far The Greatest Blessing!!!! As we all soar into the Heart of God ~ together.

Check out the photos from the BlessingsFest at the Conference of Heaven on Earth

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