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A Special Message About Transcendent Leadership


I have a lot of willingness to do things, all kinds of things, particularly when I can see Spirit saying “you do this.” I’m going to say “okay.” Then it is over. At that point I’m a servant here.

If you hit that chord and I know Spirit is on this or the Light is on this, then I’m going to say, “of course,” when Spirit is on the program. When I came to Prana on that Saturday morning [to share] with the Transcendent Leadership Faculty — I don’t take those words back and say “That guy was a lunatic, don’t listen to him.” No. I said powerful words and the energy was powerful and daunting. So you could say: “listen to these words. They say things about what we are going to be doing here; what is already prepared for us spiritually to do.”

The way I see this program is let’s go deeper, let’s go higher, so there is less slippy, slidey stuff in how people conduct their lives. The first leadership is with self. It has to be that. And then the only leadership that really matters—and this sounds like a bold statement but it is not bold at all, when you just know it is true—is what is aligned and one with God. If you are not doing that you are doing something that is nothing. It won’t work.

If we are doing a program and it takes on the juice of something like mastership, then in transcendent leadership that is close to transcendent soul experience. That’s our business, right? That’s in the heart of God.

Could a being from the heart of God who incarnates in the flesh function in the world or would they even want to? Or would they feel like they have been sent to Siberia as punishment? If people are willing and daring, and we have the willingness and daring to offer it, then we have to get the Holy Spirit incarnate into our midst conducting the program in order to do what we are trying to do. “Wow, what did you just say?” We are going to get the Holy Spirit incarnate into our midst. How did that happen? Well somehow one or more of us is going to be in the experience of being one with the spirit and they are going to speak and act like the spirit would speak and act.

By the way, it could be really ordinary. What happens with the souls that come and go as deaf, dumb, and blind? It’s called the Veil, when it comes into the body and everybody gets a case of it. Then from up high with altitude, I can see it. There it is; you can see it. And then when you come in here it is like you forget. “I know there was something I was supposed to do when I got here but I don’t remember what it was.” It’s like that. J-R talks about how originally we thought we’d do it in one lifetime. When you get down there you won’t remember. You’ll just be and there’ll be all these things that really aren’t on purpose with your soul. Look what they did to the world with all the negative creations. It gets really messed up now. It used to be paradise but now it’s messed up. That kind of thing is going on and what I see is there is a great opportunity to be awake spiritually.

We are not the only people that are sensing that or have that purpose. But my point of view is, who else has the Traveler consciousness functioning full on? Show me something better. I have said this publically many times–that’s my agreement–I’m going to do this until something better comes along. I went inside, I went to God and I said, “Oh please, show me, wake me up, I don’t want to do something stupid.” If there is something better I want to do that. I want to do it right now. If this isn’t it I want to do what is better. What are the odds that I would find the greatest thing I could possibly be doing with my life in the world?

I look at this program as we are attempting, with great intention, to do what the Spirit has always been doing and always had prepared just by calling it out. I look at it as, “Are you willing to work with the highest God, the most powerful God in creation? Are you willing to do that?” Or do you think, “Oh it’s not going to happen to me.” Why? Because you are unworthy or what is it? But what if you could just say okay? Would you do it? Would you get up right now if I said you have to go out that door? If you want to work with the highest God you’ve got to go out that door. Would you go out that door? Or would you say, “I’m going to let 10 people go out the door and see what happens to them.” Well, how are you going to find out what happens to them if you don’t go out the door and see what happens to them? You have to go out the door. You’re going to have to take a risk, you’re going to have to go all in. “I don’t think I have that courage. I’d rather see somebody else do it.” It’s your turn. Do you want to take the chance?

It is really out of willingness and intention. Just set down intention and I’d say go ahead and set down the highest intention possible.

If we want to get one person God incarnate out of this program, who is going to do it? Who is willing to be God incarnate? Playing at the highest level, who is willing to do it? But are you willing to do what goes with it? And that could include something like sacrifice. I was okay with this until you got to sacrifice. What are we really sacrificing? Things you don’t need. Things that interfere. The things that bog you down.

You have to do what is required and it does come down to something like if you don’t want risk, forget it. Find a nice cushy safe place. We’re going to touch whatever doesn’t work with you. With your permission, but we’ll do it. We are committed and we want committed people in this program. So at some point maybe you have five and you think, “We are doing all this work for five people?” Well if you get one who is God incarnate I think you can know it was worth it.

Okay, here we go. We are on our way. To me, there is a lot of unknown in this but what is really important in there is the intention you are setting. Are you willing to progress the work, the soul’s work? Does MSIA, the Movement, control that? No, not really but we access it. And maybe we access it better than anybody else. Maybe. Again, if someone can show me where they are doing it better than we are, I’m interested, I’m in. We have the line of energy, the direct line into God, we have it in our midst and it is working through what we are doing. We have 40-50 years of working it, now we are going to progress it yet again. That’s how I see this program in potential.

I do consider that Spirit has charged the program. That’s my experience of it. There is something that hasn’t been done before—the way I spoke about it as God incarnate. We already have that potential. Why don’t we just take it on and see what we would do to allow that to happen so that we are what the Spirit would do in manifestation? I just look at that as what Jesus was talking about: “This too you shall do and greater.” Okay, here’s a program.

Transcendent Leadership Course—TLC I like the ring of it—I consider that it is taking on the highest directive. And then you could say, “Well wasn’t that soul transcendence?” I would say “yes it is,” but one approach is much more inner. You don’t have to take leadership in the world to get soul initiation. You can do it in a cave. To do transcendence as leadership and be willing to have that leadership in your own life, then my point of view is you become a servant.

The Transcendent Leadership Orientation begins on Monday, August 20, 2018 at 9:00 am. And yes, there’s still time to complete your application and join us. To start your application visit

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