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Teen Insight Awakened in Philadelphia

“Wow” and “Thank You God” were the only words that I kept repeating to myself on Thursday, July 26th, 2018. This was the first day of Insight for 30 teens ranging in age from 13 to 20. That day for me was a Soul moment, I realized the impact this program would have on these teens and I was so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be of loving service to the whole experience. It had been awhile since Insight was offered in Philadelphia and it was exciting to know that this seminar was now a part of Insight Seminar’s 40th year.

Many of the people I know in MSIA started with Insight as an introduction to their heart awakening, so I decided to give myself the gift of Insight 1 for Valentine’s Day, 2 years ago. After taking it and awakening my heart to my loving, I realized it needed to come back to Philly. It was that intention which I placed into the Light for the highest good of all concerned.

We have all experienced the miracles of the Light and this was no exception. In December 2017 I was told the funds were available to underwrite a teen Insight program and I was asked if I would be willing to get the ball rolling to bring it forward. This was the moment I knew that J-R was guiding the entire action from on high! I also recalled that at a fund-raising Q & A dinner in Philadelphia 2017 with John Morton I was chosen, and I asked John to bless the intention. It was going to happen!!

Next step find the teens and step into an experience that would change my life! Did I mention I had no idea how the next step would happen since I had no connections to the teen world and no experience in organizing something on this caliber? Spirit always meets you where you are when you come forward and this was a beautiful example for me!

Here’s a beautiful letter that I received after the training from one of our beloved teens:

Dear Ms. Sue,

I want to start off by saying I am so thankful for the opportunity to go to the Teen Insight last week. I realize how much I have opened up to many people. When I first got [to the training] I was nervous, as that was normal for a first day. My sister felt the same way. Mr. David explained how he was going to encourage us to step out of our comfort zone. I didn’t like the sound of that. I thought he was more so going to force us out of our comfort zones. However, this was by choice. If we were not ready there was another chance.

One of my favorite activities was volleyball. I enjoyed being cheered on by peers. I even loved to show off my skills. During the campfire, I noticed how mostly everyone had something to say. I felt the desire to say something. It takes time for me to open up and be courageous. It’s not an instant thing.

I even highlighted what Mr. David said about us as humans getting back what we [give]. I realized how I was getting back negative energy but because I was giving negative energy. I then started to treat others with respect and I got that right back. The seminar had a strong and positive effect on my life…I would love to go back and do it again. We need more things like that to help spark a mind in this world to help better this place…I learned to love myself first in order to love others.

I am appreciative for going. It was not a waste of my time. I met new people with brilliant personalities. I want to say thank you again. I will take those key points I learned with me into [my] Senior year [of highschool].

Sincerely, JC, Philadelphia

There are so many people that made this whole event happen that I want to take this moment to thank them ALL!! You know who you are and I say God Bless every one of you! Rachael Jayne and Sherri Gershon were just two of my lifelines who opened the doors that made it happen. The people at Eastern University in Wayne, PA stepped up to the plate when we needed a hosting facility and we all worked together to make it happen…again lots of learning and lots of doors opening at the right moment.

There was such enthusiasm from the Insight community, we had more volunteers then we could ask for and that was a great blessing! The loving facilitator David Raynr was everything the teens could have asked for! Thank You David for allowing it to work out effortlessly and with total collaboration.

My basic-self had a great deal of fun along with the kids. I know the teen assistants and adult assistants on the team enjoyed it ALL too! Wow and Thank You God was being heard inside by all. The Team Captain was filled with enthusiasm for what he helped bring back to the Philadelphia community. The energy is here again, there is more to come, another Teen 1 and then Teen 2. Yes, an Adult Insight 1 is part of the intention.

The biggest Thank You goes to those Teens who participated who allowed themselves to be open to awakening their hearts! Graduation another Soul moment for me! Many people have asked me how I accomplished it all and my answer is I listened inside and followed the loving coming from J-R.

“Love is the healer. Joy is the expression” – John-Roger, DSS

We’ve set dates for our Teen Insight Trainings in Philadelphia next summer!

Teen 1: July 11-14, 2019
Teen 2: July 24-28, 2019

Please send the Light ahead for the highest good and contact Sue Walski if you’d like to be involved:

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