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Angela Bell DSS

The Journey of the Transformation of a Life of Burdens into a Life of Blessings


As a rapidly aging elder in MSIA (in my later 80’s), I asked myself the question:

“Why would you want to or be moved to do a Doctorate?”

I pondered on this question as the information from PTS about the Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) came across my desk. A small intuitive voice streamed in and answered. I immediately knew that this was an opportunity that life was presenting itself to me as a way to clear the blocks that were keeping me from having an intimate relationship with God.

DSS was being presented for the first time online, streamed live, from the main class in Los Angeles. Wow, this would be a new adventure, a new challenge. A new learning. I would certainly need to upgrade my computer skills. As long as I was open and willing and had a strong intention to venture into this journey, the early blessings began to appear.

Setting up for the monthly class was easy and stress less. And my ten year old iMac behaved really well. (I do prayer communion on it everyday). I could even do the Class in my nightgown if I chose. Now that is a blessing.

As I tuned in to my first class, I was taken up like a loving light beam all over the Globe hooking up with other loving light beams. I was so inspired, uplifted, I could hardly containing myself. Talk about joyful! My sense is we were exploding the Light in a much larger way than ever before all over the planet. What an honor to live to be a part of this.

In the first few years of DSS we were hooked up for processes with an audio technology called Maestro. I was actually doing audio processes with other Ministers and Initiates from England, Australia and all over the US.

Later on as we developed more technology we began to use Zoom video conferencing which gave us the capacity to actually see each other. What a thrill to be connected to someone in Australia and actually see his face, his shining eyes and experience his loving essence and process from that place with him. I had a sudden intuitive awareness and knowing of how truly connected we are, no matter what the distance. Separation is an illusion. Another one of God’s gift and more of the unfolding Blessings.

As the class progressed, I began to become aware that this class was nothing like what I have experienced in the 42 years that I have studied in MSIA. It was calling on me to actually do what I say I can do. It was calling on me to bring into, apply, and LIVE what I already know but have kept shrouded from my awareness in some judgment against myself. Not an easy process, but I was given what I consider the master teaching tools of MSIA set down by J-R to uncover the jewels that were hidden deep in my consciousness and within my Spiritual Heart.

As time progressed, I became aware that I was living more deeply expansive inside of myself, my loving to myself is more available. I developed new ways or methods that I could apply to redirect old dysfunctional patterns into new uplifting behaviors as they surfaced. I realized what I do every day produces the result that I want.

I did not grow up with kind communication around me. A good part of my early conditioning was unkind and that is how I communicated to myself. Kindness and gentleness are qualities I value and want. This has become one of my methods of everyday application. Whenever an unkind word against myself pops in, I redirect it to a kinder one and anchor it on my physical body with a pretty bracelet. I became vigilant in my moment-to-moment approach. I developed a new and kinder vocabulary which eventually flowed to all my outer relationships. My email communications became kinder.

This, over time, laid a new foundation in me of how I am now Being as I present myself to this world. I also became aware that the qualities of kindness and gentleness were already part of my essential Being, but covered in old conditioning (everything I need is already inside of me).

“I am Centered and Loving” is an affirmation I developed that I also use every day. Every time Life presents me with a “love challenge,” something I have difficulty accepting, something I do not like, I stop a second, take a breath, and go to my center of loving and touch my anchor. This every day moment-to-moment awareness and actual action again laid a new foundation in me of how I handle inner disturbance as life presents itself. This eventually developed into a part of my Individual Study.

One of most powerful experiences for me in this class was how my essential Being constantly revealed more and more of Itself enabling me to live from that place. Some time during this class I became a Spiritual Scientist as my consciousness shifted into neutral observation.

Most treasured and sacred is my relationship with my inner Traveler, and how it works with me revealed itself through the class. When I heard in a recent seminar that the Traveler knows everything about me (all my past, present) and — when it is for my highest good — what I need to know but am unaware of in the moment will be revealed to me in a timely way so that it can be cleared in grace. Understanding of what this truly means revealed itself to me in the DSS.

How fortunate and grateful I am to be here now with this Traveler. I am no longer having to know my past, so I can live better now. I am living better now, in complete trust that if I need to know something in order to live better, the Traveler will provide me with the info I need along with his blessing of grace so that it is cleared into the arms of God with the clearest and highest of energies.

And John Morton, my now Beloved Traveler, in his loving and dedication, showed up for nearly every one of the DSS classes throughout the 4 years. When he was in town, he showed up in the physical class.  When he was out of town he showed up through Skype (no matter what time it was in the country where he was physically). One time he shared via Skype while he was in a car with Leigh Taylor-Young driving to some commitment in New York City. We had the physical Traveler with us during the entire four years of DSS, clearing us through grace.

This relationship continues to be such a joyous experience. It is particularly meaningful for me at the end of a long line of Travelers, to have the freedom of dancing into heaven, with this one, my Beloved John.

One of the requirements to actually graduate with a Doctorate is to write a Practical Treatise. The guidelines of what is required were clear, lengthy, and for me challenging. This was requiring a much higher level of consciousness than I thought I was aware of. However, I was not yet aware that the treatise was already in me, waiting to be polished and would emerge like a shining jewel.

My intention was to complete no matter what it took, no matter what I needed to do. So I began with what I already know, a simple, “what I do every day, produces the result I want.” Similar to the Christ Action, begin where you are. I committed to writing and unveiling what was already there, waiting to be uncovered, each day.

I cannot go further unless I mention how much my loving gentle DSS Reader assisted me. Over the years, she read all of my homework and brought to my attention, in a wondrous gentle and loving way, suggestions on how I could become more excellent. Over the miles, she and I became one. Intuitively, she knew how to work with me so I could fully participate and cooperate in the process.

A meaningful life is not being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect…it is about being real, being humble, being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others. My Practical Treatise would not be complete and may not have been completed without honoring the tender loving care and incredible support, my Reader, Andree Leighton, has been over the years.  Different from my earlier life of very little support, Andree’s support enabled me to look at myself in depth, uncover my deepest loving, and move closer and closer to the God in me. She is a gem in my life, a God seed, a forever friend. I am eternally grateful to her.

Writing the Treatise was not an easy process, as a lifetime of conditioning surfaced with every page, and yet, magically through grace was lifted into a vapor of clear usable loving energy. I love the journey of how I transformed in the writing and completion from a life of burdens into a life of blessings.

I have lived a life of service to others. This doctorate and how it unfolded is truly a loving service to myself. It is my ultimate journey home into God’s heart.  My Practical Treatise title is: “Living Intimately Centered In God’s Infinite Loving To Serve.”

I am grateful and truly honored to be a part of this life changing class. I am now LIVING a life of loving, seeing beauty in myself and all things and people, emulating kindness and speaking kind words as my new inner foundation and receiving God’s Blessings.

Graduating was the Highlight of my Life, the most meaningful, the most joyous. I am not quite sure what happened to me when I was hooded by the Traveler with the doctoral hood, but it was exquisite and I received the ultimate of Blessings. I am still receiving them.

In God’s Blessing to us all,

Reverend Angela Bell, Doctor of Spiritual Science

Year 5 of the Doctor of Spiritual Science at Prana West and Livestreamed Worldwide begins Oct 19th.

If you have successfully completed DSS Year 4, you are welcome and invited to join us in this immersion in the Traveler’s teachings with fellow MSIA ministers and initiates.  Come be in satsang and participate in the Communion of Souls with Light bearers around the world!  For more information and to apply, click here.

Practical Treatise (PT) Program

If you have successfully completed DSS Years 1 through 3 and are called to write your Practical Treatise, please email to for more information about the Practical Treatise program, submission guidelines and timelines.



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