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Sharing your Divine Gifts


This article by John Morton was originally published in the New Day Herald, July 2013.

“Choose to love as God loves you, and share what God has blessed you with as your Spiritual Promise, the divine gifts of your Soul.” – John Morton

To bring your natural, divine gifts more fully into the world, you must first go within.  You don’t have to go anywhere else to find them.  You don’t need to go into a cave, climb a mountain somewhere or ask permission of anyone.  Discovering your inner gifts is not about satisfying somebody’s condition outwardly. Your gifts are inside, and they’re discovered by tuning within.

Is it possible to have help for discovering your gifts?  Yes.  I recognize and honor the help that I’ve received. It’s wise to ask and receive all of the help that’s available that’s for your highest good as a Soul.

I’m not referring to help that might handicap you, anything that would be a weakening and you might say, “I’m not really using my gifts. I’m using someone else’s talents, someone else’s abilities, someone else’s money.” I’m not referring to help such as stealing or using something without permission that isn’t yours. I’m talking about the gifts from God that are inherent in each one of us for our learning, growth and upliftment and for the greater good.

I often say, “Everyone is a genius.”  We have amazing abilities, and these abilities are on the order of God, the power and focus of God.  God does amazing things.  We need to learn what that is for each one of us.

We may have been born with that knowing; we may have known our destiny from early on.  Perhaps we knew what we were to become, and then we may have told others.  Whether anyone believed us or not, really doesn’t matter.  We can still demonstrate the knowing of our inherent gifts from God by choosing to cooperate in the Lord’s will.

Some people have a sense their whole life of knowing their destiny.  Then there are those who wonder, so their gifts may be yet undiscovered.  We could be talking about someone well up in years chronologically, but it doesn’t matter how old you are.  Regardless of your age, you can emanate from your true nature, your natural way of being.

When we share our natural gifts, it becomes not just second nature but first nature.  It’s completely natural to express our divine gifts.  It makes us hum and vibrate in equilibrium with what God intended for us to do as we are, in our personal nature and expression.  That’s another way of saying that we’re all destined to be happy and fulfilled in our individual expression.

Some people believe that there are those who are cursed so they are forever in eternal damnation.  I don’t see it that way, and I don’t believe in that sort of thinking.  To me, that’s a great lie that’s been told. In following that lie, people can feel very limited in what they do with their lives.  They can have unnecessary feelings of discouragement, either self-imposed or implanted by others.

Staying On Course

If you feel unsatisfied with your life, then you’re off course.  When you’re off course, you’re not happy. When you’re out of alignment with your Soul’s purpose, you’re not fully connected and engaged as the power of who you are.

John-Roger wrote a wonderful book, The Power Within You.  It has a lot of information about these amazing gifts and abilities that translate into God’s abilities or universal abilities.  The universal mind, when engaged, becomes our own mind.

You may ask, “How do you know that?” I go to the level inside me that knows, and I experience that knowing. It involves the learning and expression of my abilities and skills.  We’re all in development and in a divine learning and discovery process.

I’m not saying we come upon these great abilities and our genius is fully developed so we just push a button and our gifts are expressed. Then again, some people have that ability. Mozart is one of those whom you could say had these abilities at the very earliest moment.  It was just a matter of having his fingers long enough to hit the piano keys, his arms long enough to reach, and his mind developed enough so he could play and write down the music he heard within.

I encourage you to share your gifts.  I choose to demonstrate my gifts in what God has called me to do. One of my so-called limitations is having had some kind of speech impediment when I was younger.  I went to speech classes when I was in grammar school.  Teachers thought there was something about how I talked that indicated that I had an issue, some biological or brain issue that they felt perhaps could be corrected with speech classes.  Then again, perhaps they thought I would mumble or stumble my speech for the rest of my life.  And now one of the ways I share my gifts is as a public speaker.

I’m not the only one who’s ever had a story like that.  In the Bible, Moses had a speech impediment or something on that order.  “Moses said to the Lord, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.’” [Exodus 4:10-11, NIV].   Moses was called by God, and he chose to cooperate and speak to his people.

Acceptance and Communion with God

At the first level of participation in sharing your gifts is acceptance of God’s purpose and in what God’s doing.  That’s the first law of Spirit.  Why would things in this world be set up so we do acceptance as a first order?  So that we can be with what God’s doing instead of resisting it or denying it. What is up often then is the opportunity for us to participate fully.

In order to be in communion with God’s purpose, we need to take it in, not partially but completely so that we are in a oneness with it.  If we’re in any way not accepting, if there’s any push back or resistance, then we put ourselves in a position of separation.

Coming into communion with God would be through our trust and faith. In my trust and faith in God, then I resonate with God’s creation.  As we get in tune with that trust and faith, then we resonate.  And that resonating has a communion; it’s in common.

One way to think of communion is we have common ground.  We see eye to eye.  We hear in the same way.  We understand, which is another law of Spirit.

Between the spiritual laws of acceptance and understanding is the law of cooperation.  One of the divine purposes of being in this level is getting into cooperation with how things are functioning here in this world.  With cooperation, you’re able to move beyond a struggle.  You can get through challenges so you’re out the other side. And you can say, “Now Lord, what would you have me do?  What would you like from me?” That’s often my question as I choose to participate in what God’s doing.

God’s Intention for You

There’s a part of our creation that we call the causal level.  It refers to cause and effect, sowing and reaping, or what goes around comes around. We’re all dealing with it. So even if you’re feeling full of grace, you’re still subject to cause and effect. Regardless of whatever you’re involved in, no one is exempt from responsibility at the causal level.

There is nothing in God’s creation that is not loved. If you will go through and do the best you can to accept and cooperate with what is in this world, you’re going to get the love. Not just some puny love, but God’s love which is omnipotent, unconditional love.

It would be great if we were in the consciousness of loving all the time.  However, in this world, we don’t always experience everything as loving.  There’s something about being human that sets up a sense that it’s not always loving, whatever it is.

You have an opportunity in each moment to step into the loving. Loving is not meant to be held. It’s meant to be let go and expressed and ridden upon.  So move into the loving.  Go with the loving.  Choose to love.

You can call forward God’s intention for you.  This is another way of relating to Soul Transcendence. We’re calling forward God’s intention for us as something we refer to as the Spiritual Promise — we are to vibrate as our Soul nature.

You can vibrate into what you want to create. We do that through vibrating into what we call the names of God. Chanting of the initiatory names or tones can seem foreign at times. You may feel you don’t relate or the names don’t sound like your language. Yet, chanting the initiatory names are what’s put forth in the Teachings for us as an opportunity and blessing from God.

When we chant the names of God, we’re vibrating. When we call ourselves forward into the Light and we chant Ani Hu, we can hear and feel that vibration.  There’s a beautiful harmonic when we chant in acceptance and in bringing in God’s name, calling it forward and calling ourselves forward to it.  We vibrate in a cooperation that we relate to as empathy, which is another spiritual law.

Another spiritual law is enthusiasm, which relates to the part of us wanting and choosing to surrender to God. Enthusiasm has to do with oneness.  If we were looking at what we’re doing in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we’re moving into a oneness with God. And it’s already done.  So there’s already oneness.

Attention and Intention

Movement has vibration.  If you looked at music being played, something’s moving. An instrument vibrates the molecules of the air and that creates sound.  We can hear the harmonics in the sound.  We can also hear what the harmonic is inwardly.  Consider that you have the knowing of the harmonic of your Soul at an unconscious level.  You have it as a knowing of God, and as a knowing of God by intention.

John-Roger has shared with us the themes for the levels of initiation.  For the astral level, it’s ambition.  For the causal level it’s devotion.  For the mental level, it’s dedication.  For the etheric level, it’s consecration.  And for the Soul level, it’s liberation.

Early on, when we were going to facilitate an Initiates Retreat, I asked John-Roger, “What about the physical level? Is there a theme?” And he said, “Yes.”  So I asked, “What is it?”  And he said, “Well, what do you think?”  And I said, “I think it’s attention.”  He said, “Write it down.”

So in the physical level, for an initiate of the Traveler, attention is the name of the game.  We need to pay attention here in this world.  And the thing that I do quite often is ask, “Lord, what would you have me do?” Then I pay attention to what comes forward as an opportunity for my Soul.

If you ask that of the Lord, be prepared to respond immediately.  Don’t think, “Well, okay but later” or “When I’m good and ready” because that’s not what you asked for.  Our Lord is working in the immediacy — right here and now in this moment.  So it’s important to pay attention to what is presented to you in each moment as an opportunity for your Soul’s learning and growth.

As you look to respond, there’s a responsibility to come into the highest nature of what it is.  In MSIA, we say that we go from the top down and from the inside out. We’re pulling the energy  forward, and we’re reaching in and up.  That’s our intention.

I look at it as our willingness to put aside whatever are the personal levels of concerns that come as restrictions. A willingness to do gives the ability to do.  So if you want to do God, then surrender into God and become one with God.  If you want to do the Lord’s will, then you need to claim it as an intention that translates into doing.

Faith and trust is in the doing on this level.  That’s where it works.  Faith without works is asleep.  So let’s wake it up.  We have a God of mercy and forgiveness, and we’re going to God.  So get up, get going, and move forward in your trust.

God does some mysterious things, and sometimes we may not like it.  What happens may bother or upset us. When you give yourself an opportunity in your faith and trust to expand, to open up, you come into the law of empathy.  And you can have empathy for God even in times of great challenge.

Consider an act of God, maybe a catastrophic event or an event that we don’t control, like tornadoes and floods.  In the bible, those are considered acts of God.  Rather than individually or collectively saying, “This is awful, terrible, and God should stop this,” we can come into empathy with God out of our faith and trust.

We don’t have a God that doesn’t know what’s going on or doesn’t know what’s being done.  There’s never a moment like that. So in our faith and trust, we come into a harmonic so we’re in synchronicity with what God is doing.

God Blesses You

In the movement and communication of who and what are we in this world, what I see for us is God plants a seed.  All the blessings come in that seed, and that seed is present in each and every one of us. The Soul comes into this incarnation in full communion, in full understanding of who are we and what are we doing here.  It’s a divine understanding.  So when we’re born, we’re incarnated in the blessings of that complete knowing and understanding of God’s will being done.  As we come into that knowing, we resonate with it.  We become at peace with it, and we begin to act accordingly.  We are then in accordance with the Lord’s will and our inherent gifts.  We’re in the one accord of the Spirit pouring itself out and then manifesting itself in the flesh as us, the beloved children of God.

How would we know that we are those in that one accord?  We love one another as God loves us.

I love you. We all love each other in our heart of hearts. I know that through my trust and faith.

Choose to love as God loves you, and share what God has blessed you with as your Spiritual Promise, the divine gifts of your Soul.

Baruch Bashan


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