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Marcos Cajina

Bathing in Divine Presence: A choice Always at Hand [with Video]


On September 7th, 2018, Marcos Cajina provided on-stage translation for a Seminar with the Theme Divine Presence with John Morton. You can watch the full recording at the bottom of this post.

The presence of the Traveller in Madrid and shortly after that in Santiago de Compostela with the Royal Road workshop was an extraordinary example of what it means to be a disciple of the Christ.

It is easy to get trapped in negativity and share a cynical attitude toward the social unrest and political turmoil that is taking place in Spain. However, the opportunity for each one of us to choose divine presence regardless of situation, circumstances, and environment as exemplified during the workshop, removed any distraction, discouragement, and negativity present. The faces of those physically attending the seminar began to shine with tenderness as I observed from the stage. The tears and smiles attest that a sacred transformation was taking place in God´s perfect time and ways for each one of us present.

The elegance of Leigh facilitating the workshop along with the sacred encouragement issued forth by the Traveller facilitated the choosing of the Divine Presence. The reinvigorated trust in the power of God within each one of us to transmute anything of the lower nature resounded and resonated way beyond the walls of the room where the event was taking place.

Once again, all those attending the workshop around the world and in the room, remembered that the kingdom of heaven is within, the Traveller is always with us, and that a sincere heartfelt prayer is always answered. Divine Presence is always present in all ways. It is a choice at hand.

The extraordinary sweetness, simplicity, and powerful messages shared in the event along with the videos where J-R infused all of us with his eternal presence, resulted in a delightful, lovely, and uplifting event.

Thank you for visiting our country, and ministering regardless of any condition or perceived limitation. May you continue to bathe in the Divine Presence always and in all ways. Baruch Bashan.

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