The Absolute Perfection of Spirit

By: John-Roger, DSS

February 15th, 2019

The Absolute Perfection of Spirit


Don’t give over to fear. Don’t give over to confusion. Don’t give over to doubt. When those qualities come in to you, ask for the Light. Ask to see the true image of yourself. Ask to be aware of the love within and the Light and the energy of Spirit. It will lift you, and you will find that the power of the Light is greater than the power of darkness. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, October 1978.

When you’re living in the now, you can accomplish much more than when you try to live in the past or in the future. By accomplishing more, you can live through a wider space of time, and things that at one time may have seemed formidable to you, now come within your field of accomplishment. And you just do what needs to be done. That’s living eternity in this moment. And there is nothing quite so beautiful.

To live eternity, you must be tuned in to the universal force. To tune into that force means that your Spirit within, the God force that resides inside of you, must tune into the God force that is outside of you–that which is omnipresent and all powerful. As you tune into that forceful, dynamic energy, you will feel the Light move into you. You may feel a tremendous warmth come over you. You may feel very loved for a few moments or like someone just hugged you. You may experience the Light as a feeling of being superman–just all powerful and tremendously alive. You might feel silly-happy, like being a little high.

There are a lot of ways you might experience the Light, the force that we call the Spirit.
If you’ve been putting a lot of pressure on yourself and running around a lot, involved in a lot of, things, you might experience the Light as a calming energy. Its energy may come into you in a very soothing way.

When you tune into the guiding force that is the Spirit, it does for you what you’re too unaware to do for yourself. When you turn yourself over to this higher guidance, you find out that you start approaching life a little differently. And because you approach it differently, the people around you begin to approach you differently. And that has a domino effect, and everything around you seems to shift.

Example: Say that you have a bucket of water and usually if someone hits out at you, he hits that bucket and sloshes the water all over you. Now, you’re standing there with the same bucket of water, but as he goes to hit you, you tip the top of the bucket toward him, so his hand goes in the water. It splashes a little on him, but not on you. And when he takes his hand back out, you can’t tell it’s been there. There are no traces. A few times of that type of “hit,” and the person will probably stop hitting at you, because its not working.

You keep turning the bucket toward “non-resistance,” and those who are hitting at you find out they’re not making much of an impression on you. The hole that is left when they take their hands out of the water is their influence on you. When they’re not influencing you so much, you become more of yourself. And when you become more of yourself (and less what others demand), you become less tense. When you become less tense, you release the pressure from within your force field and allow the Spirit to come into you more and more. You build the power of the Light energy around your body.

God dwells within you. You cannot find God outside of yourself. You must look within to find God. When Earth was being created, the wise old sages asked, “Where shall we place this tremendous power and energy and Light that is the Spirit of God in man?” One said, “Let’s place it on the highest mountain.” The answer was, “No, man will explore every mountaintop and will find it.” One said, “Ocean.” And the answer was, “No, man will explore there, too, and find it.” So they wondered where they could place Spirit where it would be protected and only those who were wise and strong would find it. They decided to put it inside of man — where it would be, simultaneously, easy and difficult to find. Those who found it within would also have the wisdom to use it correctly and with love.

Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. And he also said that the Father resides in Heaven. God does, indeed, reside within you. In a sense, God needs us as much as we need him, because we are the manifestations of God on this level. God lives through all of mankind, through all things on earth. You are a child of God, a son of God, a daughter of God. And as you manifest greater Light and greater love in this world, you become that child of God in more complete ways. You begin to tune into that Spirit within, that Light, and to use it to uplift and bring joy to yourself and to others. You tune into the love inside of you, that love that God has for you, and you use that to bring love to everyone you meet. It’s really so simple. It’s so simple that you miss it an awful lot of the time.

Jesus manifested in fantastic ways the power of Spirit to which he was attuned. He manifested that he was, indeed, the Son of God. He demonstrated the Light and the love that was within. And look what happened. It is true that when you start to do God’s work, those who are of a dark consciousness will try to stop you. They will do everything in their power to block you. When you are expressing the love and the Light that are within you, and someone starts to hit against you, sit down, call in the Light, ask for the power of the Spirit to be placed around you for protection and for guidance. It will be there for you. And the thing is that those people who are in darkness, as soon as you turn on the Light, are now in Light. Those who have tremendous power in darkness, if you bring the Light to them, will have that same power in Light.

The only way that darkness will have power over you is if you give yourself over to that force. If you look into the darkness and see your own intolerance, bigotry, prejudices, irritations, depressions, hates, disgust, etc., it will have the power to topple you. But if you know that all those things you see are only your false image and not the image of your own true self, then it will not have power over you. You can recognize the false image without giving yourself over to it. Don’t give over to fear. Don’t give over to confusion. Don’t give over to doubt. When those qualities come into you, ask for the Light. Ask to see the true image of yourself. Ask to be aware of the love within and the Light and the energy of Spirit. It will lift you, and you will find that the power of the Light is greater than the power of darkness.

It isn’t always easy to tune into the Light. This is a negative planet and we are accustomed to expressing negativity. If you’re driving and someone hits your car, you get out and you’re ready to kill that other person. You’re willing to take God’s highest creation and destroy him for a thing that’s going to fall apart in a couple of years anyway. You might take a moment to realize that you understand that other person is probably as frightened as you are, that he didn’t want to hit your car and cause pain and confusion for both of you.. He didn’t want to ruin your car or his car. He’s probably as sick inside about it as you are. When you can come into that type of understanding, communication can really start flowing between you and that other person who is also God’s child. And that exchange of love is more important than the mechanical thing you call your car.

And, in case you don’t know this, it’s terrific to ask for the Light to surround and protect your car when you are driving. If you can take that energy of Spirit and see it all around your car, you’ll find you just won’t be having accidents. You may come close, but you’ll miss. You might find yourself being extra sharp and becoming aware of all sorts of things that you ordinarily aren’t aware of. The Light works in all sorts of ways. You might find yourself becoming aware that the fellow in the car ahead of you is having a fight with his wife. And you might intuitively know that following a man who is fighting with his wife is not very safe…and find yourself moving away from him. That’s the Light working for you. You might be in a hurry and be pushing your speed up over the limit and then all of a sudden find yourself driving the speed limit just as a highway patrolman passes you. That’s the Light in action. In other words, the Light may not work for you in big, obvious miracles. But you’ll find yourself making the right moves at the right times and making your life flow easily into joyful situations.

When you work with the Light, you walk within the most absolute protection that exists. It is so absolute that you might not even know you are being guided out of areas that could be disastrous for you. You might find yourself getting tied up in traffic or delayed in some other way, and then find out later that had you been on time, you might have been involved in a tremendous wreck that happened on the route you were going to be traveling. You’ve all heard stories of people who missed a plane for all sorts of strange reasons, then that plane crashed, killing all aboard, The Light in action. Sometimes you will get delayed or caught up in some other action, and you may never be aware that that was the tool to protect you from a disaster. So don’t be too quick to judge your experiences. The thing you see as an irritation may be your greatest protection, the greatest manifestation of Spirit working in your life.

You might think that, using the Light as protection, you should be able to walk down a dark alley in the middle of the night and be safe from all harm. But if the Light is really working for you in the highest way, you won’t be walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night. You’ll be someplace else, safe from harm.

The Light works the way it works. It doesn’t always work the way you think it should work or the way you would like it to work. But it is the most powerful force on the planet and it is the most powerful force in your life. And if you are open to it, and are developing your awareness to it and learning to flow with it, you will find your life unfolding in the most beautiful, dynamic, creative, and loving ways that you could ever imagine.

God bless you.


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Thank you, Beloved John-Roger ! Forever loving you.