A Clearer Expression of Spirit

By: John-Roger, DSS

March 13th, 2019

A Clearer Expression of Spirit


The same Spirit is present in all. And God Consciousness floods through each one. If you could put one thought in your mind and keep it there continually, you’d find yourself gazing upon the face of God. That one thought would be “God is.” – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, November 1978.

You are a lot more than, as an old friend of mine once said, that bag of bones you carry around with you. The indwelling Consciousness of God–through the Soul–uses the physical body for its expression on this planet. And that makes the human being a very special commodity. The Consciousness of God is present with everyone. The Spirit is present with everyone. Spirit flows through the cigarette smokers, marijuana smokers, alcoholics, Coca-Cola drinkers, milk drinkers, meat eaters, vegetarians, fruitarians, and people who don’t eat anything at all for long periods of time. The same Spirit is present in all. And God Consciousness floods through each one. If you could put one thought in your mind and keep it there continually, you’d find yourself gazing upon the face of God. That one thought would be “God is.”

Everything that exists is part of God. Everything has life. Everything has movement. In some parts of God there is more realization of that God-Self than in other parts. A cat has more awareness than a rock, a man more than the cat. But even in those inanimate things that appear to be solid, if you perceive there through certain electronic surveying instruments, you will see that they are made up of molecules which are in motion.

Sometimes a “sense” that you cannot readily perceive with the physical senses, you label as “no sense” or nonsense. And you dismiss it as not worth paying attention to. You know, much of your responsibility on this physical planet is to listen to what is being said to you, to pay attention to who says it, and then to work the information you have been given. If’ it works for you, use it. Make it a part of your approach to life. If it doesn’t work for you, let it go. Or put is aside until later on when it might be more usable to you. When you hear something that appears to you to be “nonsense,” you don’t have to label it nonsense or bad or evil or anything like that. You can just see that it isn’t relevant to you right at this time. But keep yourself open to the possibility that the person who gave you that information might just be seeing life from a perspective very different from yours. It doesn’t have to be categorized as normal or abnormal, average, or anything else.

So often, you try to get other people to be just like you. You label, categorize, pigeonhole, so you can get your universe neatly under your control and be able to do with it whatever you want. Normal people sometimes allow this to happen. Abnormal people say, “Hey, I can’t breathe your air for you. I can’t digest your food. You have to do that yourself. And I have to digest my food however I feel like doing it.” Now, that’s abnormal. Or is it normal?

More and more people are learning to take responsibility for their own lives and actions. It’s becoming more and more difficult to lay your troubles at somebody else’s doorstep and say, “My misery is your fault.” No, your misery is only your choice. Your joy is also your choice. Those choices and all variables in between are available to you at any moment. Way too often, you allow the temporary feeling state of the body to misrepresent who you are on the inside. If you have a headache, you might come off as being a little short-tempered and sharp. If you have an upset stomach, you might come off as being grouchy and grumpy. And if you don’t get eight hours of sleep one night, the next day you come off as being irritable and angry. The same body, when it’s rested and feeling well, will come off as being very loving, tender, caring; and open to the world. Which are you? Which is real? Might it be possible to override the temporary states of imbalance in the body or the emotions and continue to express that loving being that is you?

If you were to look at your life and its expression from a high consciousness, you would see that there is no necessity for judgment. Try moving your perception up out of the imagination. Your life is not what you imagine it to be; your life is what it is. Now, move your perception up out of the emotions…your life is not what you feel it to be. You know that because you can feel awful one moment, get a phone call from your best friend, and feel wonderful–all in the space of a few moments. So your life is not your emotions. Move your perception up above the mental level … your life is not your thoughts. You think all sorts of things; if your life was every thought, you’d really be in a state of confusion. Move your perception up past the unconscious realm, the etheric realm. And as you get your perception up high enough, you see that things just are. Whatever your expression, it’s all right, because it is an expression of your awareness. If you smoke, that doesn’t mean you’re evil. It means that that expression is satisfying something within you at some level. When you find a different way to satisfy and fulfill that something, you might not be smoking any more. You don’t have to judge yourself for what appear to be negative expressions. And you can pay attention and look for expressions that will more nearly and comfortably express the inner self that you know to be yourself.

You never turn from the Light into total darkness. You can turn to a lesser Light, a Light expression less than what is possible for you. And when you do that, you see a lot of shadows and it might seem a little darker and murkier than it is…but there is Light in all extensions of all universes. The mind, the body, the words, the emotions are so very far from perfect, that it’s sometimes a wonder that we get the body out of bed in the morning and get if safely back there at night. If that doesn’t require a form of God consciousness, I don’t know what does. So many times you’ve said, “Oh, God, I’ll never get through this. I can’t handle this. I’ll never live through this.” But you do. So you lie to yourself…because here you are. You might just as well own up to the fact that you are going to keep right on living your life however you create it for yourself. You’re going to keep right on going through the things that are necessary for your growth and upliftment. You’re going to keep right on handling what you bring forward for yourself. That’s just the way it is. You’re going to go right on expressing that God consciousness that you are, and moving into a more and more perfect expression of that God within.

One way to move into a clearer expression of Spirit, to see more of the Light, to reach up beyond all the levels of body, mind and emotions, is to consciously lift up into the level of the Soul. When you are in Soul, you can see more easily the pitfalls and the obstacles of your life on these lower levels. You can experience a love for and a oneness with other people that is beyond anything you’ve experienced here. The way to learn about the Soul is to be open to the possibility that it exists; accept that it just may be possible that you are more than the body, more than your thoughts, more than your feelings. You don’t have to believe it. You don’t have to have faith. Just be open to the possibility that it exists and accept the idea. Pretty soon, more information will start coming in to you. You might bring back memory of a dream, tell someone about it, and find out they had the same dream. You might be having difficulty making a decision, and in a moment of quiet contemplation, envision the decision and even experience the result of your choice, and come back knowing which way to move. You might suddenly find yourself in two or more locations at the same time and know that you are experiencing Soul travel.

These things might be only the beginning of your experience of Soul. There is so much there for you, once you open yourself to it and place yourself upon this path of unfoldment. It’s magnificent. And it is all a manifestation of love. Love is the matrix that makes it all possible. It is the energy of Spirit that is the essence. And it is through love for yourself that you will find the Soul and learn that Its expression is your reality.

Baruch Bashan (the blessings already are).


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