Walking in the Light Within [with Photos]

By: Martha Ringer
Photos by Kelly Sheehan

April 26th, 2019

Walking in the Light Within [with Photos]


My experience of Walking in the Light this past weekend can be summed up in a word: sacred. And the sacred included holy moments and hilarious laughter as Spirit filled the room. I had set my intention to take this workshop from a higher level in my consciousness and surrender to the Lord. As I kept inviting my mind to rest and allow the Traveler in me to take the workshop, all heaven entered in.

There was no trying to grasp it all with an intensity of worry that I wasn’t getting it as I had done in all the many previous Walking in the Light seminars. I invited myself to simply watch and observe what John was saying. I asked myself to trust that my 26 years of doing Walking in the Light daily was secure, and that this was my opportunity to expand beyond the mental routine of each exercise and elevate my experience to the Christ action.

I watched myself deepening into the process and allowing myself to receive, seeing Walking in the Light as a much larger action than I have been practicing. My prayer was answered as Spirit lifted me higher and higher as we went through each sequence.

I was shown the impact my practice could have in the world, as if I was being given a sacred trust I am meant to contribute consciously and actively throughout the day. It felt like an altar call.

During one sequence I began weeping and silently allowed myself to receive the anointing, recognizing the abundance of what I was being given. My Walking in the Light practice is forever changed as the sacred has taken residence.

The process is integrated in me as me and not something I mechanically and routinely do each day, but something I am to attune to, receive and allow to flow through me and out into the world. I heard in a quote from John-Roger that, with this kind of practice, we have a way to bring Light in specific ways that can positively impact our planet. I experienced being charged to be in the radiation of the Christ inside of me and with the Christ in all. And, all of me responded with “I accept.”

Thank you and bless you J-R and John Morton for once again inviting me to step up and stand forward in the fullness of my being.

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