Social Media HQ | Conference of Soul Transcendence 2014

By: MSIA Staff

May 27th, 2014


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A Whole New World of Support & Connection …

… we’re here to help!
Email for assistance.


1. Choose the platforms that work for you.

Facebook Be In The Know!
Get real time News & Inspiration from our MSIA Facebook Page

Experience The Support Of Our MSIA Family.
Light requests, support and so much love in our MSIA Closed Facebook Group

twitter Be Inspired!
Enjoy news & quotes from J-R & John throughout the day. Follow @msiaorg

Share Your Inspiration!!!
Want to spread the loving and Light of MSIA with the world? Watch this video

Instagram Capture The Moment.
Your smartphone creates a memorable photographic journey of life & loved ones.

Be With Your Spiritual Family Wherever You Are.
Enjoy event moments, event videos, quotes from John-Roger. Follow @msiaorg

Flickr The MSIA Family Photo Album.
Did you know you can view and download all the David Sand photos from events on Flickr

Easily share, keep and enjoy these incredible moments, captured only the way David can … priceless. But free!

Tumblr Have Something To Say?
The powerful microblog that helps you share whatever you want to say.

Share The Traveler’s Teachings!
Follow the MSIA Tumblr and share the teachings easily and beautifully.

Youtube The Next Best Thing To Being There.
These live online moments, videos from John-Roger, tips and advice from MSIA staff.
Subscribe to our channels:
Soul Transcendence | John-Roger | Mystical Traveler


2. Connect, Experience & Share This Conference Using #soultranscendence

Hashtag Please someone tell me … What Is A Hashtag?!
Confusing I know. Use the # symbol before a particular word to tag your post for that particular subject.
Just include #soultranscendence in your post … And watch the magic happen:
View The Live MSIA Feed Anywhere Anytime




3. Connect With Why You Want To Use Social Media

Like all things with life, it works better with a clear intention.
Avoid wasting time and energy by getting clear with why you want to connect with others via social media.

Deborah Martinez below describes her journey with twitter … and her clear intention of how sharing her love and the teachings of Soul Transcendence have created a worldwide following that’s not only supportive and inspiring to her … but now connects people all around the world to the teachings of MSIA … Follow @debmartinez


4. Let’s Get Set Up … Step-By-Step Videos


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THIS IS COMPLETELY an amazing resource! Zoe and Deborah, thank you so much. VERY COOL, even with “how to use fb, twitter, etc” & what is a hashtag! I appreciate the user friendlineness of this page so we can share about MSIA & be connected with our spiritual friends and family. Love

    well a very great job.