A PTS Graduation for the Highest Good [with Photos & Video]

By: Deborah Martinez, DSS
Photos by David Sand & Vanessa Zoghbi

June 28th, 2019

A PTS Graduation for the Highest Good [with Photos & Video]


Peace Theological Seminary’s (PTS) graduation is one of my favorite days of the year. I experience so much joy witnessing the culminating completion for those students receiving graduate degrees.

PTS Administrative Dean, Melissa Ward, did a beautiful job as Mistress of Ceremonies, sharing from her heart about the mission of PTS and the focus of the Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) and Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) curriculum.

Melissa made a point to thank the students for participating, and all of the volunteers and staff who make the classes available worldwide. It truly takes a large team working together for the highest good of all concerned. Melissa also recognized and celebrated the students who just completed Year 3 of the MSS class around the world via live stream.

The doctoral graduation began with a short video from PTS Founder John-Roger. J-R’s words set the stage for all that is to come as we experience the majesty of the DSS graduation. Every time I watch J-R in this video from the first DSS graduation, it is as if he is saying something I’ve never heard before. J-R just has that magical way of bringing everything present and new in this moment. Thank you from my heart John-Roger, DSS.

The doctoral ceremony is precious to behold. Our Traveler, John Morton, is on stage and places the doctoral hood on each graduate. I’m humbled to witness the blessings pour forth as students receive the doctoral hooding from John, and also get a warm hug too. The faces of the students shine bright, illuminated from within by their Soul’s expression. It’s delightful and magnificent.

This year we have 30 DSS graduates from all over the world including: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, England, Mexico, Spain and across the United States. It is the live stream capability in the classes that allows us to be a worldwide family of Light, all focused towards learning the lessons of the physical and spiritual worlds with our own unique expressions of Spiritual Science. I’m so very grateful to participate.

Friends and Family in the audience were so supportive with their joyful cheering and applause throughout the ceremony. Our thanks to all of our students’ loved ones who have supported our students all the way through to completion.

The presence, words and blessing of Spiritual Director John Morton is always a high point of the ceremonies. One thing that really touched me in John Morton’s message to the graduates this year is when he expressed that graduation a beginning, and he also called our new graduates into leadership. Words cannot adequately describe this, it was profound. Thank you John Morton, DSS.

Perhaps your heart is calling you into these transformational classes. MSS and DSS Year 1 classes begin in September and we invite you to participate.

For more information or to register for the Master of Spiritual Science, click here.

For more information about the Doctor of Spiritual Science or to apply, click here.

I look forward to many PTS graduations to come, one of the best days of the year!

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