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Taking the Next Step, and Then the Next


This past week I felt like I was in the midst of a gigantic swirling vortex with people I know passing over, leaving their jobs, moving, dealing with health crises, reacting to international, national, and local political struggles, and more. The temptation to escape, moan, groan, get angry, be fearful, long for the good ol’ days, do anything except stay present was so powerful. I wasn’t alone as others around me voiced their own version of this experience.

As we shared with each other about our wonderings and disturbances over why life seemed such a whirl, we started to laugh and relax. The burden of trying to be strong, to do it all on our own, lifted. Once again I was reminded that such a simple act of honestly sharing and touching in with people is such a beautiful way to minister to myself and to others. Bringing the loving, caring, sharing and touching that J-R would often talk about, and even more demonstrate with us, is what allows ourselves to Light up once again and take the very next step as the Light Ambassadors we are.

There are those moments when life can seem overwhelming, especially when you, as an MSIA Rep, has just received word that John Morton and the staff will be coming to your area in a few months. Visions of preparation details start dancing in your head and the question “What do I do now?” might even freeze you for a moment.

Take in a deep breath. Send the Light ahead, for the highest good of all concerned. Remember you are not in this alone. You have a team, starting with your MSIA-LA staff and including your community. Ask yourself: “what is the very next step I can take to move this project (of preparing for the staff visit) forward?” As a way of gently corralling all those thoughts in one place, you might even make a checklist of all the steps that come to you–in no special order, but including letting the community know what you need and those you might contact first to assist you.

And then, it’s on to the next step.

Take the next step. Connect with Light Ambassadors around the world on our Light Ambassadors Facebook Group.

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