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Bulgaria Traveler Tour: Day 3

Today was a full day of blessing and being blessed by the land and people of southern Bulgaria. We started Day #3 with a fantastic buffet breakfast, including homemade crepes, eggs, yogurt with honey, fruit and more. Everyone seemed really happy as we got on the bus and ready to go as Light Ambassadors of the Traveler! Vincent Dupont called us forward into the Light in French, and we were on our way.

Our first stop was the Rozhen Monastery. It’s high up in the mountain, so our bus couldn’t quite make it the whole way. Our driver parked about 1 kilometer away, and we hiked up a forest trail to the site. Once we arrived, our tour guide Costanza gave us interesting pointers in the main church. The church is called the “Holy Virgin” and above the entrance is an image of the Christ with the 12 apostles welcoming us inside. To the right was a mosaic of judgment day with saints waiting at the gates to be let in.

We entered the church and were regaled by more mosaics––they covered the walls! Mother Mary, Christ, Archangel Gabriel, you name it. Once Costanza showed us key facts about the interior, many of us sat in the pews to do se’s. What a beautiful moment to attune inwardly to the Spirit and send vibrations of the Sound throughout the complex. We all really do act as ministers and initiates wherever we go.

It was another hot day, and we drank a lot of water as we returned to the bus and traveled to the nearby town of Melnik. Melnik is an adorable little mountain town right near the monastery. In fact, it’s the smallest town in all Bulgaria with less than 200 residents!! After our walk and the warm temperatures, there was a fantastic lunch waiting for us in one of the local restaurants. Plate after plate arrived, followed by homemade ice cream in little ceramic cups to keep it cold.

We then explored the town of Melnik and hiked to the top of an ancient church and visited a traditional house in the area, followed by wine tasting and a tour of the local museum. Imagine 35 peace bearers walking together in a tiny town with the Mystical Traveler John Morton physically present to bless all––we spread the Light simply by showing up and having an intention to serve.

By the end of all this, and the high temperatures, we were ready to have a relaxing night at the hotel for dinner, spa, and packing up for the next leg of our journey. More on that in tomorrow’s update. Stay tuned!

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