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Marina Van Wormer’s All-Time Favorite Playlist


Many of us in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness share one passion in common: John-Roger and/or John Morton Seminars. We love listening to them anytime, anywhere.

Some of us even have what we call a “Rotation Playlist.” So this is an opportunity for you to share with the world your favorite seminars — you never know, maybe your favorite is someone else’s greatest discovery!

Marina Van Wormer shared hers, check it out:

  • Inner Journey Through Spirit Realms Meditation: Drift slowly and gently into Soul, encouraged by John-Roger, as his loving voice takes you on a guided meditation through the physical, causal, mental and etheric realms. Then move upward through the cosmic mirror into the “high country” of your true self.
  • Body Balance Meditation: This great meditation is part of the Health from the Inside Out packet and outlines how to use the energy of the body to create better health and relaxation; it can be listened to before going to sleep to promote deeper rest.
  • Luxor Meditation: This meditation was recorded in the outdoor courtyard at ancient Luxor Temple in Egypt. It is designed to awaken and expand your awareness of the spiritual dimensions inside you. Join John-Roger and 150 peace pilgrims as they chant the Hu tone. Allow the sacred vibrations to resonate, creating balance, healing, and peace.
  • Forgiveness through the Christ: Forgiveness through the Christ, which is the message from Spirit through the Traveler to each of us, dissolves any separation between you and Spirit. Includes 2 songs with the MSIA Choir and John-Roger’s Christmas seminar.
  • The Star of Bethlehem Meditation/Anointed One packet: the whole thing is great!
    Track One
    1. Christ Innerphasing (37:24)
    A powerful meditation, designed to be listened to for 33 days consecutively to assist you in bringing your consciousness into greater alignment with the Christ.
    2. God • Traveler • Christ • You (35:21)
    Seminar excerpts in which John-Roger shares about the steps God took to create Itself as the Christ within us.
    Track Two:
    Convergent Moments with the Star of Bethlehem Meditation (72:38)
    Each of the 6 segments begin with a different John-Roger excerpt, followed by the Star of Bethlehem Meditation, five minutes of silence, and J-R’s closure of the meditation.
    Track Three:
    1. Our Song of Love (3:25) This beautiful prayer is the original, recorded live, by John-Roger in 1971.
    2. The Star of Bethlehem Meditation (5:02)
    3. The Inner Christ (48:29)
    John-Roger speaks of the Cosmic Christ, a consciousness that is present in each one of us as the Beloved
  • Blessings, Prayers and Invocations: Originally released at Christmas time, 1995, this is a compilation of tender moments in which John Morton invokes the presence of God, and then shares with us his experience of the devotion expressed in Spiritual Exercises (S.E.s). After that comes a series of sweet meditations, best experienced one at a time. This CD makes a great aide in preparation for daily S.E.’s.
  • Innerphasing for Multidimensional Consciousness: This Innerphasing is invaluable in assisting you to hold your awareness on all these levels at the same time: your imagination, your physical level, emotional, mental, Soul and even above that. Now, why would you want to be aware of all these levels at once? Here is the answer. From that place of observation and awareness, there are no limitations!
  • Inner Worlds of Meditation packet: Live from the Inner Worlds of Meditation Workshop, 12 Meditations for Greater Peace and Spiritual Awareness.
    Now you can be guided in meditation techniques by the energy of the Traveler with a series of 12 meditations recorded by John-Roger and John Morton. Need more energy? Listen to the RA meditation. Need to balance your emotions? Try the water meditation. Need to get your mind and emotions in sync? Try the So-Hawng. Need to relax? Try the Breathing Meditation. Need to release some negativity? Try the Flame Meditation.


Thank you, Marina! We love you.

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