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The Power of Love


Unconditional love is not found in any outer form; you must first go to your Soul where pure love resides and then be silent.  In that silence, you can change the course of your life and determine where you’re going. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in Rod & Staff, Fall of 1984.

No one in this world is going to hand you anything; the world is not designed for that.  You may undergo trials of illusion and forms of behavior modification, but at some point your consciousness will be connected to the Light and Sound of God.

So many times, people find themselves stuck in the glamour of love, thinking it is the pure love they have been seeking.  Unconditional love is not found in any outer form; you must first go to your Soul where pure love resides and then be silent.  In that silence, you can change the course of your life and determine where you’re going.

The Soul is already perfect.  It resides in its purest form within you.  Anything else is a modification, an interpretation, a feeling, a thought, a fantasy or hurt feelings.  IF YOU LOVE ENOUGH, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN BE A FAILURE.  When you worry about something, you add your negative energy to the situation and it will come back upon you as more worry.  If you enter into the power of love, it will heal and balance all things, clear diseases, lift the emotions, and clear the mind.  Love activates the body so you can accomplish what you set out to do and then the miracles become the result of your love.

And in that process, you have written your own guarantee as long as you fulfill the contract.  The contract is really quite simple: On the physical level, it’s health, wealth and happiness for everyone.  Take care of yourself so you don’t become a burden upon society, your loved ones, or your family.  In the level of the imagination, hold pictures of completion, the things you want more of.  Use this creative imagination to see yourself and everyone else doing good, being good and having good.

Use the emotions to have joy, to have a blissful feeling and to feel good towards all of God’s creations.  This will truly exemplify the loving heart.  If you can see this joyfulness in the imagination, and then catch the feeling of it, you will then be able to demonstrate the power of love in the physical world.

Isn’t it marvelous that there is no way you can lose?  If you try out for an acting job and don’t get the part, it doesn’t mean that you’re not an actor or an actress.  Activate the power of love for yourself and go on to the next thing.  Then, no matter what the job is, you are a success.  You’ll know that you’re not the role you are playing.

And once you find, accept and strengthen the love inside of you, you will also discover that it’s inside of everyone else too.  That’s even MORE powerful.  You will never be able to say a bad word against anyone; you will only have good thoughts.  When you look through the eyes of love, the glory of God will manifest all around you.  You don’t even have to speak a word, but when you do speak, your words will convey love.

Watch that you don’t abuse the power of love by placing yourself higher than those around you.  In the eyes of love, we are truly who we are regardless of any image we place before us or any words we speak.  When the chips are down, our true colors will show so you might as well devote yourself to the practice of love in all situations.  Love is the foundation you can always count on.

There is one consciousness and that is the consciousness of God.  There is only one reality and that is God reality.  There is only one path and that is the path of Light.  And there is only one manifestation, and that is love.  Love does not destroy and it doesn’t allow destruction, so anyone residing in the power of love cannot be destroyed, cannot be separated, is always free and always growing.  There is no reason to WAIT for love to appear in your life when it can be present RIGHT NOW.

In divine love, you walk around yourself first to make sure everything is in order; then you can walk with others and respect who they are.  In the midst of your physical personality trivialities, your Soul will be laughing.  You see, it is hopelessly and incorrigibly the living love.  It is blissfully ignorant of the pain and suffering we have in the personality, in the emotions, in the mind and the imagination.  It only knows the Light.

When that Light is awake within us, we can give the gift of love to someone.  No matter what the gift is, it will overflow to them and they’ll give it to someone else.  That’s how the Light can spread.  Always, in all ways, give of your overflow — give of the excellence of yourself!

Baruch Bashan (The blessings already are).


10 thoughts on “The Power of Love”

  1. Oh how beautiful. I can hear his voice saying these words and my heart glows
    . I practiced love today in the ER with my son. It was a peaceful 5 hours. Blessings live.

  2. Elizabeth Mcglynn

    My man for enternity. He taught me and continues to teach me how to love and love more and more. There are absolutely no words on this earch to say what is in my heart for this most Beloved JR. SO, I will just say “THANK YOU” BARCUCH BACHAN

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