We Made It to the White House

By: MSIA Staff

May 9th, 2014

This from John Morton on the day prior to the White House visit:

Tomorrow, April 29, five MSIA ministers and myself have an approved visit to the White House. Thank you for your prayers and Light sent for blessing all involved especially those who are in leadership with governing nations around the world and all people and places that can be assisted for the highest good. This morning during my reconnaissance trip, still a ranger, I was walking into Lafayette Park which fronts the White House and unexpectedly noticed St. John’s Church which is our group’s chosen gathering place prior to the visit for some prayer and spiritual exercise. The Church doors were open so I entered and immediately was drawn to and deeply moved by what I read on a plaque on the wall by the last pew in the back right corner and which I am sharing below.
Blessings, John

And the article on the White House Visit by Alicia Landa:

I’ve heard John-Roger say, “there are miracles going on all the time,” and I know that behind each miracle there are people doing what it takes to get there and enduring to the end. Getting in the White House was one of those miracles. Thanks to Sue Dolan, minister from Maryland, we finally got in. We had been waiting since 2009, when I headed the first attempt and we were denied with close to 90 ministers in the list. In the second attempt, in 2011, when we were more that 110 ministers, we also were denied. This time, April 29 2014, we were only 5 plus John Morton, and again we were denied. But then one of the ministers involved reached out to a friend who works in the White House who got us in!

We met at St John’s Church on the North side of Lafayette Square across from the White House to pray and do Spiritual Exercises. This church is also known as the President’s Church because so many of them had attended it since its founding in 1816. We learned that President Abraham Lincoln often walked there at night to pray during the Civil War, and the pew he used bears his name. Since then it became a tradition for the Presidents to pray in that Church. In fact there are beautiful kneelers made in needle point, with the name of each President.

It was a grey and rainy day as we waited under our umbrellas for almost 30 minutes past our appointed time, but our spirits were high. Later we were told our host was called to do something for the First Lady right at the time he needed to meet us outside.

Once inside the White House, I was a little in disbelief—finally inside the house of the Presidents. I started gently planting Light Columns, bringing the HU as I chanted in silence in my heart, thanking and offering all this to J-R. I thought it was neat to look out the windows and see the people on the other side of the gate, where we had been planting Light Columns when we could not get in. John brought me back from my reverie as he showed us the corridor where he had been greeted by Hillary Clinton and met with Vice President Al Gore in the visit that J-R, Jsu, Laura, Claire and he had under very different circumstances in 1994. Not least important is to report that, while the adults had their talk, Claire enjoyed spending time with the First Cat, Socks. To watch the Moment of Peace click here.

Once our tour was complete, our host escorted us outside, we opened our umbrellas and headed East to the W Hotel, where we had planned to have lunch. As I approached an intersection I heard a voice from behind, “let’s cross here.” It was John Morton who continued walking next to me. I enjoyed chatting with him for a while. I shared how deeply I feel for this city and its history. As we were passing next to the “Old Ebbitt Grill” – Washington’s oldest, most historic saloon, John said, “come in. I want to show you this.” We went in and looked at the exquisite Victorian style decor as John pointed to the antique gas chandeliers. I picked up the menu and, seeing the prices were quite reasonable, made a plan in my mind to go back, not thinking it would happen the same day.

We continued walking toward the W Hotel and took the elevator to the 13th floor, where, on a clear day, you find a spectacular view of the White House and surroundings. The problem came when we asked the waitress to move a table so we could all sit together. She said “we don’t move furniture here.” John immediately said “I know a place where they can sit us,” and left. Before long he called, saying he had a table for eight at the “Old Ebbitt Grill.” When we entered John was waiting for us, and indeed they had given us an exceptional place, quiet, private and with a view to the street. Not only that, they changed their recipes to accommodate our no garlic no onion request— a wonderful lunch, sharing, caring and listening to zesty stories from John never heard before.

John shared that he found the energy of the White House much cleaner and asked Sue whether she and the local ministers had kept planting Light Columns on the perimeter. The answer was affirmative. John also said that there are other places in need of more Light and mentioned the Supreme Court. So, there is more work to do in this never ending love game of planting Light Columns. Lunch was over; we said goodbyes with our hearts filled with gratitude.

Note: You can read more about the silent ministry of planting Light Columns in Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise by John-Roger pp.189-202.

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