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Meeting J-R and Taking Care of Myself


(at left) Rev. Dr. Angela Bell, MSIA Elder

In 1973-4 while living in Florida, I was diagnosed with last stages of uterine cancer with a 25% chance of survival. I was a single mother with two children under 10 years of age. My quest at that time was looking for a teacher that could take me home to God. I was preparing myself to die.

I was on the Board of the Lung Association and had access to their community room. Dick Hassling was a Seminar Leader for MSIA at that time. He asked me if he could use the room for an additional seminar he wanted to do in Broward County. I agreed to let him use the room.

John-Roger was scheduled to do a Seminar in Miami soon after that and Dick sent me a ticket to attend the event. My first meeting with J-R in his white suit and full beard was loving. I commented to him that I received his loving heart. He commented “You got IT.”

Shortly after that, Dick invited me to his home Seminar. His comment was “I know you are very ill, but our meetings are loving and I think you might benefit.” When I entered his home, there was a large framed picture of J-R on the entrance wall. When I looked at it, it turned into a fountain of Light. That caught my attention!

When the seminar started, I lay down on the floor and went out somewhere. During the seminar J-R told a joke, I came to, sat up and laughed. At that moment I knew he could be my Wayshower home to God. I could ride on his humor. Dick told me about Discourses. They were $40.00. I said “sign me up.” He told me about aura balances. They were $40.00. I said “sign me up.” He told me about Light Studies. They were $40.00. I said “sign me up.” Next time J-R was in town, I was ready to go.

I was the last person to receive a Light Study. During the meeting with J-R, I woke up. I suddenly came out of a deep sleep. He told me I had a disease that needed to be addressed. My next stop was an aura balance. During the aura balance the disease left and went into remission. I never had chemo, radiation, surgery. I was again given the gift of life. Once when I was born, and once when I woke up and committed to myself and my journey home to God. This Traveler was my guy!!

I left Florida, traveled 3 1/2 months across the country to Los Angeles with a strong desire to be on staff and give back and be closer to John-Roger. I was not yet aware to go inside to be close to J-R.

I lived in the apartments next door to Prana and volunteered at MSIA focusing on the bookkeeping of the first Building Fund. I volunteered at PTS filing and reading PTS Class homework, and I volunteered as an assistant in the blossoming Insight Seminars. I wrote a note to J-R about being on staff wherever I was needed. At that time he did Seminars at Prana. He put my note in his pocket which meant I was on hold.

Personally, I went to J-R’s home in Mandeville Canyon every Saturday, brought Azaleas and planted them. I worked on his grounds along with the guys. One Saturday, his van pulled up and the guys jumped out along with him and threw a bag of fish at my feet. Edgar said “See that one, I caught it.” J-R said, “See that mackerel Angela, I caught that one. It’s a Holy Mackerel.”

When the rains came, Mandeville Canyon was a torrential river and J-R’s house was in danger of being severely flooded. A mountain of mud came down into his back yard and into his pool. A group of us left a workshop to go to his house, sandbag and dig out the mud. J-R was right next to me digging out the mud looking for the sewer drain.

At a Ministers Meeting, he came up to me and asked if I wanted to be the Administrator of PTS. I was a little taken back and he asked if I thought I could do it. I enthusiastically said “yes.” He informed me that if I had to ask him what to do or contact him on every little thing, he did not need me. He said to do what I was guided to do, and only if I was unsure or had a doubt, to clear it with him. What a great boss! During the time I spent at Prana, the PAT Trainings came in and it was mine to do the physical work to see them alive and well through PTS.

I have done so many events over the years and every time I would see J-R the most he always said to me was: “Take care of yourself.”

I have grown old in MSIA, however, I have grown wiser, more balanced, sweeter, more Light filled, have more abilities, and have a blessed life. I am now 89, have taken the Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) online and graduated. I have moved into the world of technology.

At one time I needed J-R on the outer and needed to be near him. However as I moved more into the Traveler’s teachings, I found him on the inner and he became my Lover and my Beloved.

When J-R passed the keys to John, I became aware that J-R might be preparing to leave the planet. That thought was devastating. I wrote to him asking him to take me with him. I received a letter from him saying he would if it was clear in Spirit. Obviously it was not, as I am still here on the planet. I was and am in full support of John as he stepped forward. I love the way in which John always shows up in so many ways. He does the Traveler the way he does the Traveler and J-R is a hard act to follow. I love John and am grateful he is here to serve.

I seeded for J-R while he was still on the planet and he wrote to me thanking me for the seed. He said he got the love that went with it and I was in his heart and may we go together to the Heart of God. I know he has prepared a place for me with him. I have not grieved in his passing. I am still with him and as I approach my 90th year in 2021, I am getting closer. In reflection, my life is blessed as I consciously live more of the Teachings. Most of all, I am living more of my essential nature of loving.

4 thoughts on “Meeting J-R and Taking Care of Myself”

  1. Andrea Barkley

    What a terrific story and it guides me in my relationship to JR. I think seeding for JR is a wonderful service to all. It’s way to reconnect with his essence which is forever.

  2. Gorgeous, Angela. Thank you for this precious sharing of your life before, with, and still with J-R.

  3. Yes, I was at Prana the same time as Angela. I used to volunteer in her PTS office. This is one of the best, most faithful evocations of what it was like in the most active years of Prana, when residents at Prana a next door got to 180.

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