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Hold the Images in Your Mind that You Want More Of

This article, previously published in the New Day Herald in 2010, is an excerpt from the book Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being by John-Roger, DSS with Paul Kaye, DSS.

In order to live a healthy, vibrant life, I would be sure to hold pictures in my mind that I want more of. I wouldn’t hold other pictures. I just wouldn’t do it. That doesn’t mean that other images don’t come into my awareness; it’s just that I don’t hold on to them. They come in and they go right on out, and I continue to hold only the pictures that I want.

The basic premise above is repeated over and over again in this chapter. Why the repetition? Because I have been saying this simple idea for years, and it takes awhile for people to get it. It’s an approach that won’t restrict or hurt you but will expand and amplify you.

To utilize the creative imagination, you take a thought of what you want, losing weight as an example, and you see yourself slimmer. You create that image—you image-in or imagine—and you keep putting that image inside you. You hold that as a focus until you become that.

The key is that you must have the correct image, and when you have it clearly, take that image and put it in your mind and consciousness. You put in what you want more of, what you are going to commit to.

If you’re out swimming and you see someone drowning, do you focus on drowning them or do you focus on saving them? Saving them, of course, because they are already drowning. That’s exactly the idea I am talking about, and you can apply it for your greater health and well-being.

We are all masters of holding a negative thought or focus and thinking that approach is correct. It’s wrong. It doesn’t make sense. If you step on a nail, you focus on taking care of the injury, and then you focus on it getting well. Focusing on the pain and it not getting well is not going to help anything. It’s very simple, but our ingrained habits tend to pull us towards the negative.

It’s been said, “In every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” But it’s only words until you truly see yourself, in your daydreaming or in your imagination, really getting better and better. Then holding the picture in your mind that you want more of becomes a positive use of each day. There is never a dull moment because each moment can be used for your learning, upliftment, and growth.

What we often do with that moment is hold the picture in our mind that we want less of. We hold fear in our mind. We hold worry in our mind. Yet, if we can get a feeling of joy or peace, we can then find a picture to match that in our mind—for example, a puppy or kitten or a lake in the mountains. Then we have a brand new start in this very moment.

It doesn’t matter how old your physical body is or whether you’re male or female. This joy or peace is not prejudiced at any level. It lets you do as you please, and if that doing has been good, then you’ll attract good into you from now on. And if it’s been bad, if there is such a thing, you will attract that to you from now on—but you can choose to change. So your big challenge in this world—and it is a big one—is to hold the pictures in your mind that you want more of, not what you want less of, because there is a cosmic law that says “like attracts like.”

A vitally important theme in this book is: hold images in your mind that you want more of. I strongly suggest that if you want to go in the direction of better health on all levels, start building that habit now.

When you maintain a positive image, the basic self accepts it and works with it. If you place a clear image forward, the basic self sees it and goes to work to make it come about. Once the basic self has a clear image of the goal, it will work towards it 24 hours a day, even when you aren’t thinking about it consciously. The basic self is full of energy to express itself. It works to fulfill those images that it has recorded, even if they’re old habit patterns. So, to change a habit, it’s a matter of redirecting the basic self to fulfill a new image that is more suitable to you.

How can you heal your body? I’ll go back to it again. Keep the pictures in your mind that you want more of. Keep those pictures in your mind and always look towards them. And move your body into those things that you want more of and feel good towards. The alignment between the thought and feeling you have and the moving of the body toward the image starts to heal the body. Let your face light up with the blessing of being alive. Just hold with that image—through everything.

Our subconscious mind communicates with us, and with each other, and does so in picture form. Those things that you want in your life, picture them for your subconscious mind to look at. Make that picture as exact as you possibly can. Remember to always ask that only those things that are for your highest good be brought forward.

Picture the organs of your body that have been disturbing you as perfect. If you’ve been having trouble with the lower back or a kidney, tell that organ now that it is perfect and perfectly functioning, because that’s the way it is designed to be. That’s the way it will be—now. It is all now. This second is your eternity. It’s brand new.

Imagine your way to vibrant health. We already do a good job of imagining our way to illness. If this process of life is here for us to learn and grow and we can enter into illness, we can reverse the process and enter into health because the path doesn’t go one way, it stays open. When we feel like we’re stepping out of the Light, we can step right back into it again and go on and keep lifting up into the higher consciousness. The Light and the Spirit are with everyone at all times, regardless. All we are doing is activating it.


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