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From Discord to Accord

"Regardless of the discord within or in the world, we can still identify and relate to the accord. And that can be what transmits from us as we do that. It starts becoming transformational as a form of creativity."- John Morton

This article is taken from a sharing session John Morton had with the MSIA staff at a staff meeting held in Los Angeles in September 2006.

We need to be conscious of who we are and what we’re identifying with. That allows us to be conscious of things that “appear” contrary — and I like to emphasize that word “appear” — or “appear” as negativity.

Part of the reminder is that when we become conscious of who we are, there is something we refer to as spiritual. It goes by a lot of other names, but the quality is uplifting, beautiful, perfect, harmonious.  The negativity appears as opposition to us, and it appears contradictory.

That’s often where the confusion or conflict is that comes up in relating to it rather than to understand that whatever is appearing to us, there is an opportunity to be conscious and minister from our true state. We’re looking at what we call discord and the conflict in the world.   On a personal level all of us have that awareness.

There are things that appear to us in conflict, in negativity, and disturbance. It’s what we do with that awareness that becomes really important in the moment. And the simplicity of it is to choose you this day – who you are, what you serve. That becomes right now.

As we identify with the accord, we can also be aware of disturbance with what appears in the world. The discord could include how we feel, how we think, so there’s discord in our consciousness, within our personal level, and not just outside with others and in the world. Regardless of the discord within or in the world, we can still identify and relate to the accord. And that can be what transmits from us as we do that. It starts becoming transformational as a form of creativity.

That consciousness of accord doesn’t necessarily change the content of what’s going on or what’s in the news. Regardless of whatever is going on, the accord is still present.

Our consciousness of accord does make a difference in terms of what we experience. We can move our awareness so we identify with what is the accord inside. That is something that’s transformational in our own personal experience.

You are a radiant being. You are a creative being in this world. And that energy can go out from you. You’re making the choice as a creator, “What am I relating to? What am I identifying with?  What am I transmitting?”

It will play out in ways where, at the very least, we can be silent and quiet, which may not look like it’s doing anything. I’d like to remind you that one of the greatest ways we can contribute is exercising Spirit. And that’s another way of choosing what is the Spirit. What is of the spiritual nature in us can connect to what we see. So, if we see somebody in againstness or violence or whatever that is, the way we can relate to it is to bring it to our accord.

I’m not talking about something that’s necessarily easy. My position in this is that’s something that I’m challenged with quite a lot:  to remind myself that in spite of what appears as againstness — or maybe it’s just simply, “I don’t like this,” or “I don’t want this,” or “this isn’t what I expected,” it could be just that simple — regardless, I can bring it to my accord.

What does againstness have to do with the state of the world? Againstness is just attaching to something that we allow to disturb us. Againstness is making something negative that is really a nothing, like no thing. If we take the againstness out, we find out that all the disturbance that we would issue out of our consciousness is not necessary, because we can bring it to the accord.

There’s a seminar that John-Roger presented quite some time ago called, “What is the One Accord?” It’s about a whole lot. It’s very much about the Christ. It’s about a time of the Christ when Jesus had ascended and the Disciples were gathering, those who were involved, in something referred to as the Upper Room. And the One Accord from the Holy Spirit came upon them. It’s been called the Pentecost when it appeared as though flames were above their heads, and there was a realization amongst them of something.

When I have read that passage in the Bible, there’s something about it that isn’t explained in what’s talked about. There’s something that happened that is a spiritual blessing or a spiritual miracle. There was discord amongst them, and part of that was trying to work out, “What do we do now after the head guy left? How do we work that out?”  Some of that was, “Well, do we survive?  Do we break up and split up and go our separate ways rather than to be part of persecution?”

There was questioning and doubting of what took place. So, in the midst of what came forward as a one accord and a presence of the Holy Spirit touching onto each one, there was a doubting, a fearing, a questioning, about what was taking place and whether it was real.

I’m just emphasizing that there’s always an opportunity to touch in spiritually to what’s going on, and it takes our willingness to do that. It can be something that may cause us to pause or hold or stop because whatever is going on has disturbed us physically or psychically.

We do teach a lot about how to discharge ourself from the identification with the negativity. And if you allowed negativity to come into your consciousness and take up residence, depending on to what degree and how deep that runs in our choice level, or what we’ve created, there are opportunities to clear whatever that is.  Our true nature is not disturbed nor out of balance. The reflection in the world often says something contrary.

In a Loving Each Day quote, John-Roger talked about the astronauts in space looking down on earth and seeing beautiful aquamarine. And then specifying somebody in their house or in their personal situation was upset and disturbed about whatever. Which is the reality?

Looking for accord is a great reference point for all of us to understand that peace is present. Good is always present. Love is always present. So, if we’re in some way thinking it isn’t, we’re off. And we have an ongoing opportunity to minister to ourself and find a way to the one accord. That’s a tremendous ministry in this world.

Baruch Bashan

The Blessing of Coming Home

Father Mother God, we reach into Your consciousness

For Your Light and love and sound

So we are breathing it in and out

We are awakening in Your consciousness

In the movement of spiritual inner awareness

And we do this through the Christ

And the Traveler also working with us in all levels

We do this for the highest good of all concerned

From wherever we are, there is home

There is a place of rest

There is sanctuary, peace, love and understanding

Because it is always within, it is always in our breath

So we also send this Light, love and sound to everyone and everything

Whatever is taking place, especially around this planet

We ask for Your grace, Your mercy, Your one accord

So we call in the Spirit and that Divine Presence through the anointing

Whatever is taking place in that way, we are patient

We are willing to hold and do our part

We are willing to learn and grow

And have that consciousness come forward

That we can release negativity in whatever form

This is the spiritual promise

We are to come home

The place is prepared now, here, in this moment

Thank you, Lord

Baruch Bashan


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