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Smitten Once Again with Beloved Windermere


Yesterday I brought my friend and new Discourse subscriber, Jarmo and his 9 year old son, Tristan, to Windermere for a day visit. As soon as I got out of the car and brought them to the ocean view in front of the Garden House, a renewed energy of joy and almost thrill came over me. I hadn’t been to Windermere since the last barbecue and I was there this day to offer the experience of Windermere to my dear friends, but I didn’t expect such a burst of my own open, loving heart. Lots of memories of the first group visit, riding Charlie and Andy–work parties during which I cooked–my favorite work activity–visits with Kenny, mucking stalls. We won’t mention the spooky, foggy, drizzly, cold day I should not have been riding Princess! The barn with Randy’s surreys stored away and memories of the SE Retreat where the famous J-R excerpt comes from about how to find the spiritual exercises sweet spot.

We picnicked admiring the view. Soon Milo met us and took us on a wonderful tour to see the goats and Valentino. We were surprised by Baja, the Great White Pyrenees sheep dog who “bodied up” to us immediately. I fell in love with her. What an amazing, loving creature. As if my heart could not open any more, it did! Then on to the sweet, recovering, milking goat, Horchata, and her little playmate, baby Vivian.

Then we ventured to Quilin and absorbed the peace and healing of the scared rocks. Our final adventure was to visit the ponds before we left for home. We spent about four hours, most of the time with Milo, as he and Jarmo found they had some background in common. Both Jarmo and I would like to go back to help with whatever projects make sense to Milo.

I have such gratitude for Milo and Lailani. Such dedication, such abilities, and loving with how they are approaching rehabilitating beloved Windermere.

Oh, another little tidbit. As we were approaching the entrance gate, we slowly passed a man who was cutting brush. Finally I realized it was Ted Drake! So fun to see Ted again. I had a chance to tell him I was temporarily living in his old room in the “South Wing” while construction is in progress in the west wing of Prana. Yes, he said, that’s the smallest room in the house! Indeed!

Finally– I was concerned with the altitude and my back condition that I might not be able to make it to all the wonderful features on the land, but I did all of it without any pain or breathlessness–about two miles. So energizing. I have to get there more often.

Anyway, I’m smitten once again. I had stopped donating to Windermere a few years ago so I could afford to pledge to the wonderful work Educare is doing. Now hopefully I can do both!

Thank you for this new revival era. Milo reminded me that J-R said Windermere would be for future generations, and what a contribution that will be! It already is!

Loving you all,

Carol Jones


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