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Living with Covid in Melbourne Australia


It has been six to seven months since the Covid 19 story began, or maybe it has been even longer depending on your point of view. For us in Melbourne, everything escalated when we went into Stage 4 lockdown 3 months ago and since then we have been unable to travel more than 5 km from home unless we have a specific reason, e.g. medical or essential services work; not see our family and friends; and up until last weekend only one person in the family was allowed to go to the supermarket. The news on social media, television, radio, internet is just clogged with stories, drama and fears about Covid.

This situation has been overwhelming at times but I decided to use this challenging time to enhance my awareness and make choices that could align with my spiritual journey, to concentrate on spirit and what is good and not get dragged down into darkness and depression.

Firstly, it is what it is – acceptance of the fears being expressed, the violence occurring in some places, the large numbers of deaths, the inconsistencies in the medical viewpoints, the values different to mine expressed in the media. All I can do is be sensible about my own physical health, observe what is going on, call in the light and believe that divine will is at work and all is perfect for the highest good. I am selective in how much media I watch and refuse to be overwhelmed by the quantity and fear. I am observing what is going on but choose to stay neutral and send loving and light to all situations.

Secondly, I feel so grateful for my own circumstance, good health, living in a beautiful environment, working in my garden, my family has enough resources to keep going. I check on family, friends and neighbours and operate from a consciousness of service and compassion. When I am in conversation I am present with people and practice deep listening to maximise my support for myself and others.

What I am noticing and hearing from people lately is that there is a definite change coming over how people live and participate in their daily lives. Many people are using the time to assess what is important in their lives and making changes for the better that they didn’t seem to have the time to do before. New awarenesses are coming present. I believe that there will be another round of adaptation as we come out of Covid and that many people may maintain changes that they introduced during Covid, e.g. working from home more. For others it is certain that they will be hugely relieved to ‘get back to normal’. Food for thought – what is normal in this new world?

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