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Grace is Loving God

“Consider that God is in all creation and we consciously still need to wake up to most of what that is.  That’s a great understatement. Practically, it just means to love your life.”– John Morton

This article comes from John Morton’s sharing in May 2020 at a “Building the Strength Within” Workshop

There is no bill, itemization or something you have to pay to go into Soul consciousness.  Consider that the price – whatever it would be – such as things like karmic debts, would keep us restricted because of our own self-creation.  There is this consciousness we refer to as the Christ who embodied, took the flesh. Because it has already been done by one with what I would call grace, then it’s available to us if we choose to come into the grace.

There is a simple way we say this to everyone.  Grace is loving God.

“Where is God? I’d like to love Him but he’s missing.”

Let’s consider that God is everything.  Wow!

“No, I’m wanting God and if you get rid of the jerks in the world that would be great and I’d start finding really good people, saints, holy ones and then there would be God.  The world’s too crazy and insane to have God here.  I want to go where God is.”

God is here in the world, 100 percent.  But God is also beyond the world.

Consider that God is in all creation and we consciously still need to wake up to most of what that is.  That’s a great understatement.  Practically, it just means to love your life.  Then consider if you love your life you have God.

You have this key called initiation into the Sound Current at the level of the Soul.  Your Soul consciousness establishes you as having what is needed to liberate you from this world when it’s time for you to pass.

“Does that mean when I die?”


“Can I do that beforehand?”

It’s set up that way.  If you want to partake in it and have those experiences while you’re in the body, it can be done.

“Well, what if I don’t realize it?  My conscious mind doesn’t seem to know what is going on.”

That’s okay because it can still be worked with if you do the faith part of it.

You act as if you are already with God and act as if you love God.  There’s a big key. It has been the key with the saints and all those who have been anointed of God and demonstrated what that is in physical embodiment.  They made a choice, dedication and devotion that demonstrated loving of God that became something very holy and sacred as well as a tremendous service.  To others it can be a life that looks like tremendous sacrifice, very straight and narrow in how it works.  I find the way we are focusing on it has tremendous joy and fun.

J-R often said, “Hey, if it’s not going to be fun, I don’t want to do it.”

Then he would demonstrate it because if it wasn’t fun, he’d just get up and walk out.  And I got it!  He had that discipline in himself and I came to understand the importance of that.  It is not a solemn practice to wake up and become strong spiritually.  It’s not like we get on some mountain, find our cave and retreat.  That’s not the goal.

The goal is to learn how to live magnificently and powerfully in your life.  That can be in a very ordinary way that includes banks and monetary debts, whatever they are, all those kinds of things.  I’d do what you can do to clear those.  There is some responsibility there for your life.  If you can clear your debts, there’s power and spiritual strength there.  Start the process to reduce the debts.

Then give it to the Christ so that you are in partnership.  What you don’t manage to do will be picked up because it was already picked up.  If you can help, I’d say help.  Get in the service business of your life.  You have been of service, so you know how.  Do things that are helpful for others and helpful in the world. Include yourself.

God bless you.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Raising Ourselves in the Lord

Dear Lord, let us be awakened now.

Let us put aside our mind that tells us that You are not here and now.

Let us put aside our doubts and our fears.

Lift us to the heart of the Spirit.

Reveal again our joy and the celebration of our life as a Soul, as one who

came into this world full of goodness, purity and the dedication to truth.

We are alive with unceasing love,

overflowing abundance, prosperity and goodness for all.

We are an exampleship of God’s life in this world.

Quicken that spirit in us.

Cast away those things that keep us from unknowing to the knowing of God.

Let us have a vision now, an experience within that we take into this world,

where we see our feet firmly upon the ground.

We welcome this day.

We welcome the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We see the beauty.

We know the harmony and peace that is Your will being done.

Let us be bold and clear in our expression of the Spirit.

There’s no need to hold back here.

Our goodness is full and strong.

The world cannot contain it anymore.

It directs us into the Spirit.

It lifts us beyond the limitations we find here.

We are not downtrodden by what we see in the world,

by the pessimism, negativity, debts, lack, or hatred towards one another.

We are not downtrodden with this as we raise up.

We lift ourselves in Your consciousness in Your energy.

We are straightened where we have been bent by the weight of judgments,

where we have been hardened and encased in ritualized ideas and concepts of


We cast them away freely.

We reflect that which is the heart and the love and joy,

expanding past any limitations, any chains that would imprison our will with


We forgive ourselves for looking upon ourselves and others as prisoners, as

less than Divine.

This is not our consciousness of love.

We bless ourselves as we bless one another.

We restore this world to a garden, a pristine world where good flourishes

and harmony and peace is all that can be seen.

We are Your children, bringing your deeds home.

We gladly accept the opening of our heart that reveals Your truth.

Quicken us once again.

Raise our vibration.

Lift us in Your purpose.

We are open.

We sing Your praise.

We hear Your melody.

The Sound and Light is all around.

Sweet surrender again. We let go.

We let You become full in our presence.

Baruch Bashan



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