Choosing in God’s Will

By: John Morton, DSS

December 2nd, 2020

Choosing in God’s Will

“If it is in your heart as a living truth, it is what you can become. Maybe that takes your mastership to make it manifest, or perhaps it is God’s will being done.” – John Morton

This article comes from a Path to Mastership workshop John Morton led in September 2020.

As I look at intelligence, it is also wisdom. It is the ability to see the best choice with all the circumstances and to make that best choice. There’s the intelligence. In the teachings of MSIA it’s simple: Do what is right. Does that mean somebody is wrong? That’s not the kind of right I’m talking about. It’s the best choice.

Maybe it is a dilemma. Like, “I don’t see any best choices. They are all bad.” What’s the least bad? You can consider that is the best choice. Sometimes that’s no choice. But be careful with “no choice” because life is going to make choices for us, called “default”. If you don’t want to make a choice, one will be made for you. My experience is anything would have been better than doing nothing. As long as our attitude is, “I’m going to do what is best and I want to make it better,” that’s intelligence.

In our choices is will. There is a personal will. Let’s call that choice. I like to reserve God’s will for God. But what do you do with your ability, your power? We could call that our personal will to make a difference. What do you want to create? What do you want to have as results?

This is where will can come in as devotion. What is your commitment? What is it going to be? It’s one thing to say what our commitment is and another to do it and demonstrate our life is on the line. Do we have the will to keep going, focusing on what we want to create? If it doesn’t go our way, do we have the will to keep going? Let me offer this to you. You can act in God’s will. That’s powerful. There is a saying, “If God be for you, who can be against you?” My God is with me.

When we look at armies fighting, it’s not unusual for both sides to claim that God is on their side. Let’s consider that is true. God loves everyone, so God is on both sides. Who will triumph? Let’s consider that is in God’s will.

In the Muslim tradition or faith, they have a word Insh’Allah. Allah, the word for God is in there, the God of the Soul. Insh’Allah means the will of God is going to prevail. If I say, “Let’s have lunch tomorrow at noon, Insh’Allah,” that means if God wills it. I look at God’s will as having a lot of range in it but with freedom for our choice. We all have an abundance of choice. Even if that doesn’t appear abundant outwardly, inwardly we are free to decide how we think or feel about something. That’s our choice.

I look at discipline as another word for following. There is a way to go, a way to mastership. That includes whatever we are doing inwardly and how we focus. What is your attitude? If you are thinking, consider energy is following your thoughts. Creativity has energy in it, so be careful what you think, especially the kind of thoughts you hold as true. You could call that your beliefs, faith and trust. Check those out because the energy is going to follow. Where we look, energy goes into that focus.

The first look is in the inner mind. Do you see yourself being successful? Do you see yourself being kind and loving? Do you see your life that way with others and with whatever circumstances are involved? We all came packaged with imagination. Our mind has the ability to present an image. In English, “imagine” comes from image or picture. The way we see it. There is freedom in that we can imagine whatever we want. Do we?

Be careful what you imagine. John-Roger said, “Always win in your fantasies.” We are going to make up our fantasies. It’s our choice. Let’s make it up so we win. What if it doesn’t turn out winning the way we imagined? Insh’Allah. God’s will. Trust that whatever happens, it is in God’s will. That is how powerful God’s will is. If it’s allowed, it is in God’s will. That’s who God is.

Let’s consider that if it is not in God’s will, it’s not going to happen. That’s powerful. But I am again saying our freedom of choice has lots of range. On the path of mastership, we are always learning from whatever takes place. That is good. Some great questions are: What am I learning from this? What is this circumstance teaching me? Who is this person as my teacher? What lessons are they bringing to me that I need to learn?

Let’s consider this thing we call karma, the law that is in God’s will. What you sow, you reap. What you put out comes back to you. What goes around comes around. It means you are being a responsible creator. Have the discipline to go with what creates what you want to create. If your life is not working for you, consider you are being disciplined and taught. You are having the experiences you need for your learning and growth.

You are a living master-in-training, meaning you have a thing or two to learn. That’s my life. I’m still a student. That is primary. Are you a teacher? My life is a teaching and life is a message. I am not the first to say that. Let’s consider everyone has that teaching in his or her life.

What we do speaks loudly. What we choose comes back to us. Choose wisely. Choose with that discipline asking, “Is this what I want to create?” John-Roger said, “If you want to be happy, do happy things. If you want to be joyful, do joyful things. To be peaceful, do peaceful things.” Could it be that simple? Yes.

Then, there is the law. We are going to learn according to what we are responsible to as creators. We can go to the “master class” and play at the highest levels, but that takes great willingness. I like the word “willingness” versus personal will. Are you willing? Are you going to give your best effort? You don’t profess one thing and do another. You are true to your word.

If you are not true to your word, change your word. It could be, “When I said that, I meant it but then I learned a thing or two. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. I need to learn and that is what I’m going to do.” That becomes a discipline and you find out if you can do it. You find out if it is in your heart as a living truth. Let’s call that a dream, a vision, and an image of what you can become.

If it is in your heart as a living truth, it is what you can become. Maybe that takes your mastership to make it manifest, or perhaps it is God’s will being done. You are going to become what that is regardless of what you do. It’s your destiny and life purpose. With God, our life purpose is divine. That’s what I see. It is complete and total. We are all living masters. If we haven’t found that out yet, we are in our process of becoming.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Turning to the Lord

Dear Lord, for those of us who are willing,
we find ourselves gathered with You again
in that place in the Spirit where all souls gather,
and that’s of all Your creation.
It all comes into the Soul until we find the great Light.
We feel, sense and consciously realize the great love, the great truth.

We take a moment in this place
where we are in this world, in our body, to let go
and do this eternal exercise where we let go
and give it up and surrender to You.
You are the one we can trust completely,
and yet You don’t demand it.
You give us the choice.
So, when we’re ready to let go in our trust
and to move across whatever faith is necessary,
which we realize is in our own darkness where we have turned away.

We ask through the Traveler and the Christ and all the gifts in Spirit,
that You reach into our consciousness loosening what is attached,
bringing the Light into what has been the dark,
where we have turned away in shame or fear.
We take this moment again to extend throughout our existence
that we are those who are walking in-step with the Traveler,
claiming our liberation.
We know we have been brought to this world for that purpose.
We give thanks that we have chosen back,
and in Your presence, we are reminded it is done.

We rejoice that we are in this place
where we must do each and every choice that remains.
We ask for Your assistance to hold.
We give thanks that we are shown the way again and again.
You teach us it does not matter what has happened.

We let go, release, and trust.
We embrace this new freedom.
You remind us that the little things that are our concerns
are indeed little because in the Spirit they have no real consequence.
They are simply circumstantial,
and we are to love each and every circumstance.

With our whole being,
we receive Your strength, Your wisdom,
and all the gifts that You bring to us.
We rejoice again in the simplicity of our child-like nature,
a pure nature that You brought us into this world to become.
We forgive ourself for what we have forgotten,
and we accept Your forgiveness all along the way
that continually restores us and embraces us, so we are healed.
We are realigned. We are renewed.

We thank the Traveler,
in particular our friend, John-Roger, and our friend, Jesus,
and all those in this line who prepared the way
and are still holding it open
forever waiting so whenever we come, we are welcome.

Baruch Bashan


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