The Traveler Smiles Within You

By: John Morton, DSS

January 29th, 2021

The Traveler Smiles Within You

“I encourage people, as John-Roger did, to take care of themselves.  We get ‘out of whack’ when we’re not really caring for ourself to the best of our ability.  Most of that is loving yourself and then keeping yourself in a state where you are getting to a smile.” – John Morton

The following article comes from a sharing John Morton had in early January 2021 with participants of The Harmonic Self Year 2 class, a class offered by Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy.

I encourage people, as John-Roger did, to take care of themselves.  We get “out of whack” when we’re not really caring for ourself to the best of our ability.  Most of that is loving yourself and then keeping yourself in a state where you are getting to a smile.

You don’t have to have an excuse to smile.  Smile just to smile!  I’m practicing it right now and you can demonstrate it also.  Come on and smile!  This type of experience helps you get to joy.

Why smile? Experience peace, joy and good regard for people and things.  That can bring a smile.  If you have a good attitude, a good way of looking at your life in this world, that’s important.

If you don’t have a good attitude, it can “muck up” to some degree (not totally) what can be done for you spiritually.  It’s as if you are locked down with a consciousness that is caught in the negativity, when it could be flowing into the spiritual awareness opportunity we are all getting with our Traveler.

Notice how I said we are all getting a spiritual opportunity with our Traveler, regardless?  The Traveler doesn’t stop in spite of us unless we direct it that way.  That’s important.  Just allow the Traveler to work with you, but don’t assume that.  Reignite that every day.

Do an invocation in your life. Make sure you invoke the Traveler Consciousness, and through your Traveler.  There is a Traveler assigned to you in a very personal direct way.  It is like a companion you would know by name, where you go, “That is my Traveler.”

In the Traveler Consciousness, the line of the Traveler, where I like to go with what that is, we are all one.  The form is the least of it.  There are ways you would know the Traveler is with you.

It can be, “I see purple light.  The Traveler is here.”  Good.  Do I need to count the fingers and toes to make sure I got all of the Traveler here?  I don’t know that you have to do that.  It’s with you in whatever is going on.  That’s a really good sign.

The Traveler is with you, a companion along the way, letting you have direct experience, so you learn.  You pick up your Traveler Consciousness so you start owning it.  It’s never a possession, but rather an ability and authority that comes to and through you.  You can develop it like spiritual muscles.  Then you start acting like a Traveler would act.

Really?  You can do that?  Yes, of course you can.  It’s assigned to you for that opportunity as part of your spiritual heritage that you pick up. It’s a master consciousness that would say, “Yes, it is a spiritual mastership.” It’s not concerned about individuality like, “You are my Traveler and you’re not.”  Don’t get into that.  But, yes, I am one working with you so it’s important to have some recognition and acknowledgement here, so that you are comfortable when I come close.

Some people have issues about that, like “What are you doing in my bedroom? I don’t want you here.”  Well, the Traveler is with you.  The Traveler is in you.  Up in higher consciousness where it’s all known, there are no secrets from God. That is ludicrous.  It’s all known.  It’s also love, and it’s about laughter as in joyful.

As you get into the Traveler and go up, in a way it’s all a laughing matter.  It was never serious.  There was never a condemnation that you were wrong, bad or despicable and no self-respecting Traveler should hang around you.  Give up all that nonsense.

It’s up to you.  It’s your life.  It’s all known.  In a lot of ways, the Traveler doesn’t care what you are doing with your socks and things that are personal to you.  That’s for you to work out.  You decide what you eat, wear, and who you hang out with.  Those are your choices.  There is a lot of freedom in that level.

It’s okay when things come across as awkward.  I’d say that to all of us.  Don’t worry about it being awkward.  Working things out in this world has a lot of clumsiness, density and disagreement, like, “I don’t like the way you said that or did that or didn’t say that.”  If we all spend our time on what we don’t like or what didn’t work or where we were in disagreement, it’s not much fun.  Get to the fun!

One thing I would say to all is, “Enjoy your day.”  There may be some kind of craziness there where people think you are weird or odd.  If you are having fun, who cares?  It’s like saying, “I’m not offending or bothering you with my behavior.  I’m laughing!”

Some may say, “You shouldn’t be laughing.  This is a solemn occasion.”

I’d say that children don’t think like that.  They want to laugh and play.  Jesus called this out.  You want to go to the Kingdom?  The best way would to be like a pure innocent, open, adventurous child who is not concerned with what you think about them.  Remember that phase in our lives?  There was a time when we were very self-centered.  That was good because we didn’t really care what someone thought, and we would let them know if we didn’t like it.

Eventually we had to take others into consideration in ways that were loving and caring versus, “I hereby order you to stop that and you have to obey or off with your head.”  To me, that is way out of line when we get like that, trying to control our life, or when we try to control somebody else’s life.

Direct your life. Focus your life, and say, “That is mine. That’s my choice.” Do it well.  Have a life well lived.  When I say the best is yet to come, I’m looking spiritually but I’m not excluding the world.  The infusion, the allowance, the epiphany, the revelation of the best day in our whole existence can take place in this lifetime.

You don’t have to die to have the experience of the best has come.  It’s a movement.  It’s alive.  Even with whatever is the best in this moment, it’s going to be even better and the best yet.

Is it always like that?  No.  There are peaks and valleys in this world.  Don’t be discouraged by a so-called “awful” day.  Okay, it was an awful day.  What could go wrong went wrong.  All right, but I’m still working on having a good day here.  Let it go and understand that opportunity is always with us.

It is a living opportunity to be in our joy, peace and to find a smile.  Maybe it’s somebody else’s smile.  Maybe you see someone else smiling and say, “Do you mind telling me what you are smiling about?  I really want to smile and don’t seem to be able to keep smiling.  Maybe if you shared what you are smiling about, some of that could come my way and I could smile.”

They might say, “Sorry, I’m not here for that.”  Or maybe they really do something profound because you were seeking a smile.  You were willing to go to them and say, “I’m looking for a smile and you are smiling so I found it with you, and I’d like to find it with myself.”

The Traveler smiles within you.

God bless you.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Freedom in the Lord

Lord God, into the Traveler Consciousness we place ourself.

May we give ourself fully and freely in this moment,

once again taking on our sacred oath that was declared in

spirit, that You know us, and we know You.  We ask for

Your strength and Your courage that we can go forward doing

all that You have prepared for us with ease and grace as that is

Your way.  We accept Your blessing of fulfillment, knowing that

we go free in Your love and light and sound.

Baruch Bashan

Note:  The above blessing comes from John Morton’s book, “Blessings Here and Now” that is available in the MSIA website store.


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