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The Blessings of Transcendent Leadership


Anne Naylor.

As soon as the Transcendent Leadership Programme was announced a few years ago, I was intrigued by it. I read the articles, watched the videos, and was inspired by what it seemed to offer. However, the prospect of travelling quite often to California did not look workable for me. Further, I had thought there was considerable reading to do, which was off putting for me. 50 years ago, having left my 7 year university course in Architecture after only two years, I decided I would rather learn from life than from books. Besides, I was never a great reader. I was to become more of a writer.

This last year, my curiosity led me to have some calls with Joanie Clingan, Dean of TL, to explore the programme further. Joanie was open to my questions. She explained how the courses are designed so that each student chooses exactly what or how much we read. Then came the pandemic and I learned that classes would be held over Zoom. I did not have to travel. Joanie’s relaxed enthusiasm for the class left me nothing to resist. She did not try to persuade me but encouraged me to evaluate whether this class was for me. Finally, I heard the call in me and decided to participate. In her attentive listening and loving, Joanie is an excellent example of transcendent leadership. She is also fun.

Two years ago, I turned 70. I declared that my 70’s would be my best decade ever. The theme for my ordination blessing is awakening. The word “greater” appears 11 times in my blessing. So how has Transcendent Leadership supported me in my ministry of awakening and expansion? What has been my experience?

  1. Intention

As transcendent learners, we are invited to set intentions for ourselves. Key word is invited. As with every area of participation in the class I experience invitation, with a few exceptions which are very do-able. There are no should’s, have to’s or must’s. If for any reason we have difficulty completing one of the few things that is required, loving support is readily available and offered generously.

From the Traveller’s teachings, I understand God as being Intention. My primary intention for the class is higher and deeper. That is to say, I am inviting myself to reach into the higher vibratory frequencies of Loving, to be the best I can become. Further, for deeper, I have been receiving unconditional loving, sensitive guidance and understanding to clear and release old patterns of limitation, restriction, fear, and doubt, which have held me back in the past.

Through the classrooms, sharing from others, and affirmative feedback, I have been experiencing greater joy, fuller participation in my life as a whole and a new look at how my life is becoming. Yes, I have met blocks and obstacles on the way. They have been gently released and replaced with more of who I truly am, a divine Soul on my way home to God. What a gift!

Anne Naylor presenting to her Transcendent Leadership cohort.

As per the MSIA logo, my life is becoming the upward spiral I am envisioning for myself in the process as a learning transcendent leader.

For the most part, the goal of every manifesting Soul on the planet is to become a co-creator with God. In one sense, God needs us as much as we need God. He needs us in the physical-material world consciousness, because that’s how God gets things done on this level. He works through us in this world.

–John-Roger, DSS

  1. Faculty and Cohort

First of all the faculty are wonderful role models of transcendent leadership. Qualified, knowledgeable, and resourceful, they give extraordinary support in their dedication to serving us as learners. We are offered a wide range of materials through which to explore the themes of the classes, books yes but also videos, images, and prompts to contemplate. They go the extra mile to ensure that what we might need is offered.

Responses to our written contributions are validating and rich with understanding and acceptance. What is more, the classes are fun, colourful, and varied. We are offered a banquet of options from which to choose in order to further our studies. I have allowed myself to be guided by my intuition as to which to pursue. There is no way I could have done everything offered. I have found that which is most on course for me. I am learning how to use and trust my inner guidance.

From the faculty, I witness their active listening to us, responding to needs expressed, acceptance and appreciation at times we may feel stuck or unsure. Even more, I receive their enthusiasm and celebration when I awaken through a personal break-through. Often, I have felt inspired and encouraged.

My fellow cohort members are richly gifted and varied, mainly from the US and Canada but also Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Nigeria, Iran, Portugal, and myself a British European living in France. I have the joy of observing how each one through their participation seems to be growing in the courage to shed burdens such as self-doubt or fear. In place of restrictions, I see beauty to emerge and blossom in the greater truth of who they are—in my perception. There are those who are more scholarly, others who have extraordinary artistic and creative talents, some who are embracing profound change and new departures in their lives. Each one teaches and awakens me to the greater possibilities available on our life journeys.

Anne Naylor with her Transcendent Leadership cohort.

All involved in the programme inspire me to look for the opportunities being presented in this exceptional time for the personal growth and expansion we might choose to embrace for our greater health, wealth, and happiness.

Fear doesn’t make it into the Soul. What does make it? Love. So when what you fear comes upon you, love it. The amazing thing is when we use love as a way to overcome our fears, we discover that love is the way and it’s pervasive. The true identity of everything and everyone is love.

–John Morton, DSS

  1. Joy, Gratitude, and Celebration

Key words for me presently are joy, gratitude, and celebration. I am looking to expand my experience of these qualities in my everyday life.

I am learning that it is not the leadership of military command, but the leadership of Being leading Doing, that speaks to me in this class. For this I shall become a better listener, cooperating enthusiastically with the guidance I am being given inwardly and otherwise. Part of my vision is having a lot of fun and joy in the doing, that I may share greater joy with others in the process.

At the conclusion of our first year, I reflected that I have received so much. How could there be any more? Very shortly after this thought, I was made aware that there is plenty more yet for me to learn. Towards the end of her long life, my mother-in-law wisely commented to me: “You know, Anne, you never stop learning.” I really heard this. What I have also learnt is that curiosity and the appetite for learning is part of what makes for a rewarding, healthy, and fulfilling long life.

And in the meantime, I am profoundly grateful for all I have received so far in this extraordinary first year of Transcendent Leadership. I look forward whole-heartedly to the second year, the riches it will bring, warm fellowship of the cohort, wise counsel of the faculty, more laughter and joy.

Transcendent Leadership participants sharing with John Morton.

The beauty of the human spirit is very present in Transcendent Leadership. The gentle pervasive presence of loving in the programme awakens me to more of my joy, assists me to know what is true for me, guides me forward towards the contributions I may offer, and serves to expand my appreciation for this life and the many gifts it brings to me.

Not lost on me was the exuberant spirit of celebration present on our final Zoom Gathering at the conclusion of our first year. Celebration is one of the ways I complete the past and allow a door to open to the new that is waiting to greet me.

Light and love are powerful forces – and they are forces that bring balance and health to the things they touch. If enough people were consciously channeling Light and love into every aspect of beingness, world ecology would take place automatically.

–John-Roger, DSS

The PTS team is now accepting applications for the MSS Program in Transcendent Leadership that will begin with an orientation in August 2021. This MSS Program is limited to 40 students in each cohort. You are encouraged to apply early to ensure your space in the next class. You can learn more about the program and even begin your application by visiting or contact us at

8 thoughts on “The Blessings of Transcendent Leadership”

  1. Christine Guilland

    What a beautiful article Anne! I am very excited to continue onward and upward into year two of the TL program with you.


    1. Thank you very much, Christine. I look forward to sharing with you your participation in our next yea. Onward and definitely upward!

      With love and blessings,

  2. So happy for Anne and her discovery of all the goodness and Joy that is there for us to choose into and share

  3. Rosalie Lurth

    What a beautiful, loving, de-LIGHT-ful article describing our wonderful Transcendent Leadership program, just like you, dear Anne! How I enjoy your presence at our TL Solarium each morning/ your “tea time.” 🙂 Love & Light

  4. Prince Iwuoha

    Thanks Anne, for your beautiful and awesome sharing on your Transcendent Leadership journey so far: Rev, Prince Iwuoha – Nigeria.

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