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The Blessings of Writing a Second DSS Practical Treatise


Carole Nyitray receiving her Doctor of Spiritual Science hood from John Morton at the Peace Theological Seminary Graduation in 2011.

Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) graduate, Carole Nyitray, wrote a second Practical Treatise (PT) after already completing her first Practical Treatise towards graduation with the DSS degree in 2011.  Here is her story of what prompted her to write her second PT.

Pray Tell – whatever possessed me to write a 2nd PT? Especially when the 1st one was a struggle to get out of my head, put ink to pen and just write.

Simply because – the second time around – “IT” was deeply and silently present for me to discover, to ferret out, what was going on inwardly. ‘IT’ was something so far beyond the word level – ‘IT’ was a feeling sense of being “pre-vocabulary.” That’s right “pre-vocabulary” (you have to feel and sense it) IT’s there – and – you know It’s there – except you can’t quite put your finger or words on it – just yet. This “IT” is demandingly persistent. Sometimes – annoyingly so – it’s like trying to swat a fly away – and it just keeps buzzing around and returning. UNTIL – you – focus inwardly and PAY ATTENTION to ‘IT’. And that is the key question and awareness – Exactly Where – did I – place my ATTENTION! – ‘That which is’ has a message just for me. GOD IS CALLING – and – It is time to wake-up!

So I started waking up to this “call from God from Spirit.” This experience of writing a 2nd PT – was like having a personal private adventurous seminar, just for me, on horse-back with J-R. Once I started inwardly focusing and attuning into “IT” – J-R was ever so very present. Inwardly present. A felt-sensing of a gentle loving ocean breeze which shepherded me into a different unfamiliar energy field altogether. ‘IT’ quietly moved me into another realm in the stillness of silence. J-R just kept propelling me into this sphere of now-ness of Soul.

No wonder at times it was so very difficult to put words onto IT. Because – I experienced going beyond the word level. What I began to slowly discover and wake up to is the realization that by going beneath the surface to the level of sensations and feelings, something begins to move, to percolate. Where ‘That Which Is’ – is perceptible – detectable – noticeable and observable all without words or labels. ‘IT’, the micro-phenomenology that was occurring inwardly was moving, shifting and proceeding me into the knowing – you know that you know. There ‘IT’ was – in one fell swoop, all of the essential criteria to prove my hypothesis. I began to realize that I was on track and could do what I said I could do – If I do yada, yada, yada; – then will I experience yada, yada.  I transcended into a transcendental, awe-inspiring state of consciousness – the movement – of – spiritual – inner – awareness. Amazingly, what I perceived to be in zero time, (like snapping a finger) there I was in the vortex of stillness of silence – where everything I was holding onto, I magically let go of – all of it – everything! The stillness of silence enveloped me – where I experienced, that true silence is a destination, a place of deep, abiding peace and tranquility where there is no past or future – IT – just – is. You just are.

What I am grasping to put into words is that – this is an inner movement of consciousness – an aliveness that is transpiring, revealing and becoming obvious – ‘IT’ is revealing itself. An inner micro-phenomenology that is occurring. The inner self is awake and aware and is moving me inwardly into another energy field that is fluid – yet – in the outer world, I am physically sitting right here in a chair with feet planted on the floor.

‘IT’ – ‘That Which Is’ was precisely, totally and specifically present for me to capture, causing a pondering moment to stop – to look at – and – inwardly listened for how to put into language what was so for me in this moment of focused now-ness. The words came alive and were there for me to pluck out of the stillness of consciousness, like glowing neon lights, the very essences of “that which is” came alive – thriving in me – as me. Which was joyfully uplifting and overflowing with the expansion of greater understanding and awareness happening in a blink of an eye.

In closing – what I experienced over and over again and again in writing Stop, Look, Listen – then Focus – Claiming “That Which Is” – is – what arisesbecomes – and ‘IT’ is demandingly precise in claiming and communicating precisely “That Which Is.” All there is – is – the ISNESS – of what is. And there you have it!

The blessings already are.

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  1. Thank you so much what a beautiful article! I needed to really hear what you wrote! Was so inspiring as I work with my 33 Day IS Immersion!
    Thank you Carole!

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