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Heart-to-Heart Healing


"The goodness of one heart will move and touch another heart and will remove the hurts, regrets, and envies. This other heart will then come forward and touch back to the first heart, and these hearts will start to heal each other." - John-Roger

This article is based upon a seminar John-Roger gave in Paris, France in October 1997 and was first published in the New Day Herald in March of 1998.

The body now is evolving, and remedies for healing, which were not really popular two hundred years ago but were used, are now being used more openly with many more people. One of those techniques is the laying on of hands for healing. It was always relegated to religious groups, but now it is being relegated to healing groups, and the healing groups are no longer in the religious circles. And it’s showing up in individuals all around the world. Here’s the bad news: which healer do you go to, to get healed? There are so many. Here’s the same problem: which doctor do you go to, to cure your cancer? There are so many specialists.

The problem of salvation won’t change. The way we present ourselves to the salvation will change. We’re starting to know and sense the body’s vibration, and we’re starting to become aware of disease in the body before it shows up as disease. There are many doctors now who are into holistic medicine, and I know quite a few. Every one of them has decided to find out for themselves their own spiritual quest. And as they touched into it, they had to give up the restricted thinking and go for an open consciousness. They’re being fought by those who are entrenched in power. But one thing is showing up now, which is that the holistic healers are making money from the same patients who are going to allopathic doctors, to chiropractors, to nutritionists. This new healer may very well be a medical doctor who will source their client and let the body present its information in this new way. They will read the information and prescribe. I can’t use the word cure. I’ll say it this way: people will prescribe the way to their own salvation physically.

But the most wonderful thing coming in is the consciousness that is seeking its Spirit and Soul. You people who have been in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness are about a hundred years ahead of the common people out there, and we are now being slowed down until others start to catch up. Our job is just to be in the groups, and the Spirit will come through and touch. Those who are ego-driven are going to find that they will not be used as channels of Light. They’ll know it by this method: they will wonder if they are doing the right thing with their life because not much will be happening around their life spiritually. People will not be thanking them for being in their life. And they will then start to reevaluate what they thought was spiritual.

Now the body healing action will come to be known as something like this name: heart-to-heart healing. The goodness of one heart will move and touch another heart and will remove the hurts, regrets, and envies. This other heart will then come forward and touch back to the first heart, and these hearts will start to heal each other.

We’re going to see it in families first because that’s where the healing is most needed now. There is no group that can stop the “Armageddon” except one, and that is the family. And this family made up of individuals and groups as though we were a family will start to stand up physically and state verbally that there can be no more of this.

There will be a large battle. It won’t necessarily be a war of destruction, but it will be one where we stand up and fight for the purpose of our existence. We’ll do that inside of ourselves through our own spiritual direction. We will not be polarized, because the negative power wants us polarized. It wants us to pull away from each other in self-righteousness. We don’t have to resist that. We just have to come forward with the loving heart, and those who are ready to receive of the loving heart will receive.

Now, the question is, will that clear up all the problems on the planet? No. Families always seem to fight. But after you get through fighting, you’re still family. In the world now, when we fight, there is hatred and enmity. And when we win, we try to destroy the loser and punish them severely. One of the first healings that will start to take place will be our reluctance to punish anyone for anything. Instead, it will be an action of moving forward in unity and in balance. This doesn’t mean that we’ll all be moving in the same way — we may be moving in thousands of different ways — but we will still find we are in harmony and balance with all of them.

When we are not in harmony and balance, it will no longer be spiritual, but it will be ego-driven again, and the negative power will start to reign again. It hasn’t lost its grip on the planet. Its main weapon is greed, and its main process is control. So if we just watch greed and control in our own lives, and not use punishment as a format for communication, we’ll automatically lift into enlightenment. We won’t know how it happens. It will be a by-product of these other actions.

Baruch Bashan.



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