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The Power of Love – Part 2


Let go of the negative form.  Whatever that is, just let it go.  Say, “I’m not relating to that.  I’m giving that up.  I’m casting that on the Christ, that consciousness that can take the negative form and negative creation.” – John Morton

This is the second article that comes from John’s sharing at The Power of Love workshop at MSIA’s Conference of the Heart of Soul Transcendence in June 2021.

If we are going to hold the power of love, we need to do it from within.  How far would you take it?  All the way?  The love that would take you all the way to yourself is going to meet up with the love that transcends who you are.  There is a loving beyond form or what body you are in.  It does not matter what has occurred in your existence.  I’m going with all your existence, not just this lifetime.  The loving is going to go to whatever that is.  It’s already there.  It was there when it happened.  It was there regardless of how you or anybody responded or any conditions.

Loving is a pleasant, beautiful, majestic energy.  If God is going to love all of creation, God is going to love whatever is the negative power and however it became the negative power.  This is the love that prevails.  It is the ultimate power.  It’s going to outlast and endure.  It is going to be the power that remains.  The negativity becomes nothing.  Just consider it came from nothing.  That is a way of being wise in relation to it.  Negativity is nothing.

Negativity can hurt like hell.  I’ve felt it.  I am sure we’ve all felt it to some degree.  But that power is not going to last.  We can put something in there, so it releases.  The power from on high comes into us.  You can call it forward.  We can call it forward, so it comes in and touches you.  It’s something like, “I got you!”  Love knows exactly what to do.  We let the love make the correction.

One of the powers of loving is asking, “What would love do?”  Just ask that question.  It’s one of those magic questions.  When we ask that question with a willingness to be the answer, be the love that the love would do, you do what love would do.  You do it, and all things are up.  It is a key to realizing who we are in this creation.  We come into the God consciousness that would love it all.  It’s not just a “would, could or should.”  We do it and we do it as an action that has discernment.  It is a love that has grace.

Love can be directive, guiding in its consciousness.  One of the ways the power of love breaks through is with laughter and joy.  It’s that simple.  Get to the laughter, real laughter that bursts forth.  It’s like water, bursting forth from the clouds, washing you clean and releasing you into your higher consciousness.  It is allowing you to see whatever you’ve ever been disturbed by or holding in any form of againstness.  The laughter is taking it away.

Are there other ways?  Yes, there are.  Caring, as in, “I want to do something to help you.”  I’ve had people argue with me about that.  They have said, “No you don’t.  You don’t know me.  It’s none of your business.”  I say, “Would it be okay if I did something that might help you? You aren’t going to like that?  You’re going to regret that?”  Some have said, “If you were smart, you wouldn’t have anything to do with me.”

Well, maybe I’m smart enough to have something to do with you.  I get something out of it.  Maybe I don’t get everything because I don’t want everything.  For example, if you’ve got some sort of stink on you, I don’t necessarily want that.  Maybe one of the ways I can help you is to get you close to some soap and water. Or perhaps something that will take from you what brings you part of a disease.  We’ll start somewhere.

One of the great questions is, “Is this my level of concern?”  I am asking the God consciousness.  It’s also called “The highest good”.  Is this my level of concern?  If it is, I just realize it is up to me.  It’s on.  Then, do I have the courage and the willingness to follow in that way?  Sometimes I find my resistance and I find out what that brings.  It is usually something like regret or that I missed out.  Once in a while, it brings in something that needs to be clarified, purified, and lifted.

The power of love brings you to a place where you soften up.  You find your tenderness, your quiet peacefulness.  That is the power of love.  There are what we call “Spirit Beings”.  Sometimes people call them angels.  You can bring that power of love around you.  The force field relates to the power of love that it would put around you.

In the power of love, there is no fear.  If you have fear, you have a ways to go.  That’s okay.  One of the ways that works is it presents a negative form that takes on your doubt.  You doubt yourself and that doubt can be how you perceive and relate to others as well as what you send to others.

One of the ways the power of love works is that you see the good and divine in people and things.  Then you are playing at the level of Soul Transcendence.  You are playing in the heart of God.  It’s okay if that takes you awhile.  That is where patience comes in.

Let go of the negative form.  Whatever that is, just let it go.  Say, “I’m not relating to that.  I’m giving that up.  I’m casting that on the Christ, that consciousness that can take the negative form and negative creation.” Then, the key is that we would let it go.  We’d give it up and send it into that consciousness that is the Christ.  Can I do that within?  Yes.  The Christ is an indwelling, anointed consciousness of God that breathes us.  We were born in this, even if it is asleep or on the other side of a hardened heart.

One thing you can do with the power of love is make it more conscious.  Allow it to be your way.  There are lots of iterations of consciousness and then the part that is supreme.  You can choose to keep bringing yourself to it, like, “I am here to love.”  Have that awareness.  Maybe for a while that is not easy to express. If other people don’t understand the power of love as it expresses through you, then have that openness.  Give yourself over to the power of love.  Let that be what you hold to, rather than attempting to satisfy what others think you should be or not be.

One of the ways you can access the power of love is through inner calm.  You can learn how to quiet yourself and find your stillness.  There are meditations that help you do that as well as all kinds of ways of breathing and relaxing.  As you come into that inner calm, it becomes something that expands.  It is an energy field that can take over your entire body, so it’s in a calm state.  You can consciously let go of any places of tension in your body.

One of the blessings in the power of love is touching.  It can be as simple as a loving touch.  It doesn’t need to have an agenda.  There is room for affection.  If we are doing something through touching, we need to relate to that in balance and harmony.  That is the power of love, the honesty, so it doesn’t have to be a threat.  It can just be awareness.

Another way to be loving, is having a cheerful nature.  It comes out as a giving nature.  That is the power of love.  We encourage what is right and good.  If something appears “off”, we just bring it into question.  Not as a form of doubt, but rather as a form of honesty.  Like, “What are you doing?  Is that working for you?  Are you aware of how I’m experiencing that?”  Within the honesty is the power of loving that has the carrier wave.

If I am questioning, checking, and don’t understand, then the power of love would be, “I want to bring in greater understanding and harmony.”  Regardless of what that is, the power of love is always with every one of us.  It does not forsake or abandon us.  If you are cold, you can ask for warmth.  If you are hot, you can ask for cooling.  If you are lonely, you can ask for connection and then be that connection.  More and more, do it in ways that are fulfilling.  What that is in a perfect way, God’s way, can come through grace in perfect timing.  That is the power of love.

Baruch Bashan

The Power of Love Blessing

Dear Lord. We are before You as those who love You, and the power of love, and the power that we have to give it to You.

So, there is a power we each have. We can love God. So how would you get your arms around God so you could give God a hug, a real embrace? Like “I love you, God. And I want you to feel my embrace of loving.” The love of God is happening because I’m allowing myself to embrace what I have to embrace in the moment.

What I’m seeing in this blessing, and it is a blessing that we could realize from now on, for the rest of our existence, is that we’re always in the power of love, so we can give it. We always have the power of giving the love. So, it never runs out, and you would do it to anyone and anything. There’s the unconditional nature of it.

That takes great courage So, consider there’s the power of love in courage. It’s the energy of the heart.

Let’s consider what we’re looking at is the sacred heart that is of a divine nature. If it leads you into any condition, any outcome, the power of love is the one that always endures, always prevails.

The power of love is that consciousness that very beautifully adoringly tells us, “I am always with you. I am the power of love.”

Baruch Bashan


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