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Dreams of a Master Reboot & John the Beloved Tour of Bulgaria and Russia


Jesus Garcia (at left) with MSIA family in Barnaul Russia, August 2021.

Helping John-Roger is my Ministry. It always is. It says in my Ministerial Blessing, “No man is a fool who lets himself sing and praise the lord.” I sing and praise John-Roger!

Business is open for me; I will continue to support J-R’s work, John’s work, MSIA’s work. I will continue to serve the church by doing initiations and ordinations and sharing John-Roger, regardless of race, creed, color, situation, circumstance, or environment—wherever I need to go I will be there for our people and beyond. I will go wherever J-R and Spirit tells me to go. I will be respectful of the current situation, and I do follow the law. And I will do what my Father tells me to do. Love one another, speak kind words, and do the work, and the work will get done.

Before J-R passed, I was doing initiations and ordinations for J-R and John/MSIA. When he passed, I would sit and contemplate that the business of MSIA is Soul Transcendence and continues to be. Soul Transcendence to me is helping people get initiated, get connected to the Sound Current, to the name of God. It’s been almost seven years since J-R passed, and I continue to carry on the work by doing initiations and ordinations as my Ministry.

Since March 2020, with the onset of the lockdown and Covid situation, I knew inside of me and through my intuition and my connection to J-R that continuing with Soul Transcendence through being available to initiate folks and serve in any way that I can was what was important.

For me, the lockdown started on March 16, 2020, and I started to do ten months of J-R Marathons & Satsang. These went for seven hours each day, seven days per week. As things began to open up, I continued to do the marathons but on a less frequent basis.

I’m grateful to others who have taken the torch to share the J-R Marathons. Much thanks for Andrée Leighton and Debbie Roth and all the J-R Marathon & Satsang alumni.

We reached out to a lot of people on Zoom around the world during the lockdown through the J-R Marathons & Satsang and Workshops. It is amazing how all John-Roger’s organizations adapted and adopted to current means of communication.

I also started driving and flying throughout the United States, given the travel restrictions, getting to those that wanted their initiations and ordinations. It’s coming up on a year anniversary of my mother passing into Spirit on September 10, 2020, in Miami. She passed beautifully, and I feel blessed I was there. I don’t feel sad as much as I feel really honored that she’s with J-R. She loved J-R, as did my grandmother.

View the Photos, Miami

I also decided to commit to getting some of my published books reprinted. The Dreams of a Master was published in 2019 right after the last Grace Retreat in Asilomar. I had been promoting it in January of 2020. And then the lockdown happened. So I moved forward with it and published the books on Both books, The Dreams of a Master and The Love of a Master on audio, were Covid lockdown projects that got completed.

After 15 months of Zooming and spiritually checking inside, I was ready to get out there and see people face-to-face. Flights were booked to Amsterdam, Sweden, UK, Spain, Bulgaria, and Russia. By June 31 of this year, I was off touring The Dreams of a Master and knew that the John the Beloved Tour would create itself, which it did. Moreover, the Initiation and Ordination lists were growing exponentially.

I would base my headquarters July 1 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I knew the Dutch would be organized for such world events even as airlines and government websites contradicted themselves on what was needed for departure and requirements for arrival. From there I would start to initiate and ordain as many people as were approved by John Morton/MSIA. (Of course, the Travelers and Spirit do it all.) It was a long-awaited visit with David and Kathryn Allen. Truly a Van Gogh look.

View the Photos, Netherlands

I made a surprise visit to Sweden for a Baby Blessing of Maria Winther’s baby, Liv Laurel Amari Rasmusson Winther. Anna Arango and Maria invited me to do the Blessing. It was wonderful. Sweden, of course, was open.

View the Photos, Sweden

I then traveled to the UK, which had the most difficult travel restrictions. It was a wonderful trip even with the quarantine situation. I was with Natalie Franks, Sam Wigan, Leora Neves, Joanne Avison, Gemma Smith, Louise Lautman, and Akash Maharaja. It was a blast to be in the UK. We met up with several ministers in person and joined the remaining on Zoom for a ministers meeting.

View the Photos, UK

I was invited to Insight IV in Bulgaria, led by Facilitator Leslie Boyer, to present a couple of days. It was incredible. This is my third Insight IV where I got to present. I want to thank Joey Hubbard, Rossitza Kossacheva, and Insight for the continued opportunity to contribute.

View the Photos, Insight IV

I continue to thank J-R for those years that I was in his office watching him work with others on Insight IV. For all of those meetings, I was a fly on the wall and learned a lot of things. It sits inside of me like DNA or osmosis.

Hristina, Yoan, Georgi, Lusi, Sneji and the other Bulgarians ministers created a small trip to Kosovo, an Ancient Thracian Tomb, Holy Trinity Cross Forrest, Plovdiv and to the Bulgarian Mountains. Leslie Boyer and Vitaly Fomin, on days they weren’t facilitating, joined our group for the trip called John the Beloved. We stayed in old Bulgarian houses. It was a beautiful experience of the Bulgarian spirit. Folktale has it that Orpheus was born in those mountains. The MSIA Bulgarian community was amazing. We had about 17 initiations and 5 ordinations while I was there. The growth in the Bulgarian MSIA community continues.

View the Photos, Bulgaria

Before I traveled to Bulgaria, I had been in Spain. There I had an experience of J-R saying for me to go to El Retiro Park in Madrid and call in the Light with as many ministers who show up. El Retiro Park is the major park in Madrid, and it was fabulous. We completed three initiations and one ordination. Keka Sanchez and Ruben Magallanes were amazing hosts. A big thanks to Ariel for letting me have her bedroom. It was also wonderful to make physical contact with Marcos and Moira Cajina. We completed 24 initiations and 7 ordinations in Europe.

View the Photos, Spain

Finally, I went to Russia with Vitaly Fomin as my blessed translator and friend. We spent time with Vitaly’s family in the Altai Mountains, which are four hours from Barnaul, Siberia. We were about 273 miles from Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan. It’s truly a majestic place.

View the Photos, Russia

Appreciation and gratitude to Radislav Lopuch, Sofya Berdnikova, Liubov Zhihareva, Larisa Fomin, Svetlana Kabakova, Andret Malishev and so many great friends who helped prepare for three solid days of service in Barnaul and two days in Moscow. While there, we completed 33 initiations & 4 ordinations. And after I left, Vitaly was starting an Insight III in the Altai Mountains. (See the beautiful photos!)

Russia is amazing—they all love J-R/John Morton/MSIA. Big hearts! This whole trip has been amazing, and I hope you enjoy the photos that tell a story of my trip.

I want to thank Candace Semigran and John Morton and, above all, John-Roger who walks with me every step of the way.

I stepped into the Divine Unknown. I knew my intuition was telling me to go. It was beautiful and graceful, and it was a time of constant listening and constant checking inside. I learned that from J-R and realized I had become a bit rusty during the lockdown. For me, it was important to hit the road and be with others in person. I found that with the luxury of Zooming one meeting after another, I had become complacent and even lazy—I wasn’t doing the work like I had been physically.

I came back from this trip energized and realizing how beautiful it is to keep doing the work physically, to be with others, and to keep listening, knowing that J-R’s inside of me and all of us. I can speak for myself that J-R lives. And I can continue to be serving on J-R’s staff by showing up in all the ways that I can.

God Bless us all and Love & Light to the world!

Rev. Jesus Garcia, DSS

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  1. Thank you, spritely Jsu, for sharing so beautifully. Love the organization of your article and photos. Love and thanks to you!

  2. Маргарита Найденска

    Бъди благословен
    Джей Сю Гарсия ! Любов и Светлина за твоето Най Висше Благо! Прегръщам те с много обич Джей Сю Гарсия

    Прекрасен, Джей Сю Гарсия, благодаря ти за споделеното преживяване. Бъди благословен! Изпращам ти много любов и светлина за твоето Най Висше Благо!

  3. Jsu, what a beautiful account of your travels. I love how you are expanding the work of JR and the Traveller in our world today. Thank you!

    All blessings and love to you,

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