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The Greatest Key


There is a great key in the liberation of the Soul.  We talked about forgiveness as a great key.  Is there one key that is the greatest of them all?… – John Morton

This article is taken from a Soul Transcendence Seminar John gave in September 2021. 

In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we do practical spirituality.  We invite people to do a clearing regularly.  Even if we are cleansed of all our sins, let’s consider there is something about living in this world where we go “off”.  In Hebrew, there is a word mikvah, which I look upon as the preparation that is cleansing.  Then we keep it up, renewing the cleansing.  That is practical spirituality.

One of the keys to the kingdom that John-Roger called out is forgiveness, which is perhaps the greatest key that we have in this world.  Forgive all the way.  It is our choice.  We save ourselves.  We release ourselves from our own sins.  However, if we hold againstness or judgment towards another, to that degree we are not forgiven.  So, we are called upon to forgive everyone and everything.  For some, it works out to forgiveness of God.  “I’m forgiving God for what God did because my righteous sense is God was bad or wrong.”

There are people in the world right now who are mad at God.  That can run deep and be very powerful.  Consider what Jesus called out for all of us.  If we forgive completely, we are forgiven completely.  We are our own liberator.  It was considered that Jesus as the Christ was a savior.  Let’s consider we are also our own savior.

One of the great prayers is, “Father, Mother, God, I accept.”  Acceptance is the first law of spirit.  The first step.  Accept.  If you don’t know how to do that, just say, “I forgive.”  I suggest these words, “I forgive myself for judging.”  Any judging. What you’ve judged about yourself, others, or any situation.  Then consider the time is now.  This is the moment when we need to forgive.

Do you forgive right now?  Completely?  No exceptions?  I often find that is difficult for people.  I heard it from the President of the United States the other day, “This is not going to be forgiven.”  I forgave it.  I choose to hold a consciousness of forgiving.  I don’t consider that as a weak consciousness, permitting anything to be allowed.  It is important to stand up to what againstness or harm is being done.  Stand up to it.  It’s not right.  It is not right with God.  Then why would God allow it?  That goes deep.

One reason is that we are not our bodies.  We’re not even what we do or what happens to us in our bodies.  That is not so easy to understand.  When you have the experience of being in your soul body, you are in an expanded body that has no body.  You could call it a movement.  You could call it an eternally traveling consciousness.  A consciousness that is always becoming greater, always expanding.

In the physics of this universe, it has been described as acceleration.  The movement is increasing its rate.  As a reference, it’s like expanding by 37 kilometers more every hour.  It is steady and consistent.  Then you can calculate how fast it was going when the “Big Bang” happened.  Consider that somehow the rate it was going kept increasing.  That is possible.

Consider what it is to have a launching of a spaceship.  When there is ignition, it’s kind of a “Big Bang”.  Things start accelerating.  There is a moment where there’s a need to overcome inertia such that there becomes “liftoff”.  We are in a world like that.  It can appear like we’re stuck, stopped in place.  But at some point, as energy is applied as a force, it becomes whatever is needed to overcome the inertia.  It lifts off where it had been stationary.

Consider that we are on planet earth and there is a launch at Cape Canaveral from the launchpad.  The planet is already moving on its orbit around the sun.  Wherever we are on the surface of the planet is spinning.  The earth spins in about 24 hours once on its axis, orbiting the sun in about 365 and ¼ days.  You would think that God would make it exact!  I think God is telling us there is an adjustment factor in this world.

Even if we find the laws of the universe, there is friction.  There is something where it doesn’t quite go according to the law.  There are other factors that come into play.  One of those factors is we are already in our movement.  We are already in the consciousness of Soul.  The friction is that we forgot.  Somehow, we don’t remember.  As much as we are conscious, we are much more unconscious.  In MSIA, we are expanding our awareness, so we become more conscious of who we are spiritually.

Can we begin to realize that we are not what we are in a body; that we are some kind of visitor in the body?  One day we discard the body, and we find out we have another body.  That may be a body we also discard.  We are multi-layered.  All of these layers serve a purpose to bring the Soul consciousness into the awareness of what it is.

How this Movement works is in liberation.  We are liberated from our sins.  We are liberated from what we call the psychic material nature.  We’re in that liberation until it is no more.  We go into a free state where magnetism doesn’t exist.  We forgive the magnetism.  It’s something we can use for our liberation.

There is a great key in the liberation of the Soul.  We talked about forgiveness as a great key.  Is there one key that is the greatest of them all?  Yes.  A lot of you know exactly what I am going to refer to.  Let’s get to a place where we are not just talking about it.  We are living love.  The great key is love in all ways.  Always loving.  Regardless of what takes place in your existence, your response is to love what it is completely.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Understanding and Trust in the Lord’s Ways

Note: We are including the youtube link so that, if you like,  you may watch and listen to John giving the blessing.

Thank you, Lord, for once again bringing us together.
First, as Your children.
That we can be in touch deeply, profoundly.
That we’re loved and cherished.
That all of Your children are fully loved and cherished.
We just take this moment to extend that once again,
so we feel it personally.
We are in touch with Your love and how You embrace us.
And for whatever is being corrected, realigned,
adjusted, transformed, let us be those who fully accept and cooperate.
And Your blessing of understanding comes present.
So we see.
We know how everything serves a divine purpose.
So we come into our trust with You.
That You extend our trust into our life
so we become creators.
And all of what we’re experiencing in this world
contributes to our learning
and our becoming co-creators with You.

Let us put aside in Your forgiveness, in Your light and love
whatever is not serving our understanding.
Especially any judgments,
any withholding from the truth,
any denial of the truth.
So take whatever we put as shadows,
as blocks, as restrictions,
so we’re seeing the truth that is alive in Your love,
full of harmony, full of goodness.
And in this view, we can see all the suffering, all the pain
is releasing, clearing, and letting go.

And as we let go in this blessing
and we embrace all that You are,
You fill us, You fill us with Your energy.
This is an energy that surges, expands.
It needs to express.
It needs to go out, manifest in Your loving,
in Your light, Your joy,
Your peace and understanding.
So it becomes joy to all.
That we are here to create greater good,
and there is no limit.

And now we come to the great oneness.
That we can see that all Your creation at any level,
in any condition, is always served in loving.
And this is the great truth.

We are blessed. We are loved. We are divine.

Baruch Bashan

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  1. Ernestine Yvonne Mochel

    This has been a joy to read. I love this format. Thanks and gratitude to all involved in bringing it forward.

    Yvonne Mochel

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