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John the Beloved Tour Coda 2021 — Traveling to Europe for Services & Initiations


Jsu Garcia with the MSIA Bulgaria Community

This recent trip brought me back out to Europe to shadow Vincent Dupont to learn MSIA services, such as Aura Balances, Polarity Balances, and Innerphasings. I’ve been observing these services for 33 years and keeping track recently knowing that I’ve been wanting to learn and perform services. It’s been an amazing process. I shadowed Vincent through Bulgaria, the UK and Spain.

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There were 66 hours of services during this trip. It was a whole other experience by immersing myself in the learning process. It was like a boot camp.

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I remember my process when I would travel with J-R as part of his staff, and the other staff—the service staff folks—would be doing services all day long. I sat in on some services during a few staff trips but realized my choice was to be with J-R all day long rather than learning services. Now that J-R is in Spirit working with all of us, I have some time to learn and be available to do services.

After I returned from Europe, I then went to New York to do some initiations.

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It was amazing to be traveling with Vincent (who, of course, was around in the early days with J-R) and to learn from him. These MSIA services can become a lost art if people don’t pass it on and have others learn them. I encourage people to learn services if they can. And I also encourage everyone to set up a time to receive a service by calling the MSIA office. I’m so grateful for Paul, Vincent, and other staff, such as Cleora Daily, Mary Ann Somerville, Jackie Peterson, Angel Harper, and, of course, John Morton and J-R.

All in all, it was good to get out and see everyone. It was my second trip to Europe in under three months as I had been there in July and August.

And it was a blast to head out to New York and see “my folks”! It’s great to be back in the U.S. Celebrating J-R’s passing into Spirit on 10/22/21 in Santa Barbara.

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I’m really grateful and I thank God. Thanks J-R.

Jsu Garcia, DSS

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  1. Frankie Cardamone

    Love you, Jsu, for your continued learning, growth, and upliftment being with J-R and traveling the globe to serve with initiations and your good humor and next, services. Great Loving, Frankie

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