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Waking Up Spiritually

I encourage all of us to be open to “tuning in” to our spiritual awareness.  When we do an invocation with the Light, that is an opportunity to allow ourselves to be attuned so that we are on the same frequency. – John Morton

This article comes from a Soul Transcendence Seminar John Morton gave in October 2021.

I encourage all of us to be open to “tuning in” to our spiritual awareness.  When we do an invocation with the Light, that is an opportunity to allow ourselves to be attuned so that we are on the same frequency.  If we just find our loving consciousness, this is spiritual awareness and soul awareness.  This can be something we realize is universal.  It is in all Creation.  Loving is an awareness and consciousness we can have.  We can attune to that whenever and however in the Light.

If you are new to MSIA, we look to that consciousness as the radiation that illuminates and transforms awareness.  It doesn’t need to be boxed into something like a religion, organization or an individual.  It is something beyond anyone’s control.

We look to a consciousness that is the creator of all the creation.  If we are willing to look and be open to that consciousness, it would allow us to come into this frequency of loving, light and spiritual awareness that joins in with that.  Primarily, that is done in ways that are invisible and silent.

How would I know I’m experiencing the Light if it’s invisible and silent, so I don’t see or hear it?  You could ask, “What would it be?  Through my other senses?  Does it not register?”  I’d say it has a way of being transcendent of our senses.  Some call that metaphysical – beyond the physical.  When we try to understand or comprehend, we are trying to find a rational or perceptual way to have the experience.  I encourage you to relax trying to understand or comprehend what I’m saying.  Go to the experience of it, which is already present.

My experience is that John-Roger, the Founder of MSIA, continues to have some kind of effect, even though he is no longer with us physically.  Yet, when we watch or listen to him, hearing his voice and words, experiencing his attunement, something powerful can take place.  Consider that wherever he is now, he has even more ability.

When people pass from this world in what we call death, they take the presence of who they are spiritually.  It goes into the spirit.  It is no longer in the body.  When people went looking for Jesus after his crucifixion, they couldn’t find his body in the tomb.  Some people said others took the body.  The story goes that there were guards with an interest in making sure Jesus’s body stayed put. Jesus had said he was going to rise up in three days, so if the body was still there, and didn’t rise, it would be some kind of evidence.  But his body went somewhere.  Some said he would rise, and he did.

In our Movement, we look to Jesus as the spiritual head.  We invoke the Christ consciousness.  That is something that comes through what is the Light, the spiritual awareness that transcends this world.  I encourage all of us to not just talk about this but allow ourselves to go into the spirit.  In our seminars, people do some version of taking or allowing themselves to be out of the body.  That might look like having a difficult time keeping your eyelids open or sitting up straight, maybe having a nice nap.  That’s fairly common, because this thing we call the Mystical Traveler Consciousness has the authority and ability to take us traveling in nonphysical dimensions.

One of my jobs is holding the anchor for what is taking place spiritually.  That allows for what John-Roger called the Spirit to come forward.  It has also been referenced as the Holy Spirit. It is the potential for our spiritual nature and the spiritual nature of all creation to come through to the maximum.  The whole spirit, not a partial spirit that has some, but not all, the authority and ability.  We invoke the whole spirit that would be in any situation, religion, or teaching.

John-Roger taught that God loves all His creation.  There is no exception in that. That includes the best and worst of it.  He also said that not one soul will be lost.  You are a soul, a consciousness of spirit that transcends the body.  The soul is in a body but is not the body.  It can leave the body. It can keep the heart beating, blood running, and oxygen flowing while it leaves the body.  We call that “soul travel”, a conscious awareness of the soul.

“Out of God comes all things,” is another teaching from John-Roger.  There is no exception to the creator we call God.  It is all the creation.  There is not a “second God” or something like that. There can be lower forms.  When we wake up spiritually, we realize that we are of a creation and a creator who is in all of the creation.  We are all connected.  That makes it a oneness of God.  I invite you to consider that when you pray and talk to God, it’s direct.  It is directly heard.

Imagination can be used to soul travel.  It is often a way to move our conscious awareness along the line of awareness.  It goes from something that is imaginative or in the astral level into the other levels of consciousness so we can go directly into spiritual or soul awareness.  That’s what we aim for in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, to move it so we are in direct spiritual awareness.  In that awareness are the qualities of God we can open up, that become omniscient and omnipotent as well as other qualities.  Always loving.  Loving in all ways.

What we call the negative power, the Kal power, anchors in disturbance.  It is an illusion of polarity and separation.  It can be where we are no longer conscious in the wholeness and the spirit of who we are.  In MSIA, we are taking the opportunity to restore and come back into that awareness of spirit.

We do something we refer to as “spiritual exercise”.  Often, how that works is you go unconscious in the physical to be conscious in the spiritual.  Even if you don’t remember it – which is part of how it works – you can be traveling spiritually in what the Traveler Consciousness is able to do.  You join in through the protection and authority of what that is.

It goes beyond the mind and memory.  What you recall and retain from that experience may mean more or less nothing.  You may not remember a thing.  You could say, “Well, I think I went to sleep, got a nap, or started daydreaming.”  There are a lot of ways to describe it.  It’s an awareness that you were not in the physical dimension.  You could say, “That’s just my imagination” or “I was dreaming.”  It could be the way you are interpreting what you are experiencing.  A vision or a dream can be a way of relating to what is actually going on.  You don’t have the direct awareness consciously.

You can have intention to wake up and be more conscious of other dimensions. “Astral” would be the one closest to the physical.  The next one is called “causal” which relates to the emotional level.  “Mental” relates to the mind, but not all of the mind because there would be an unconscious or universal mind.  The mental level is more about how thinking, with conceptualization and perception, works.  The unconscious level is referred to as the “etheric.”  Then there is spiritual, soul and God consciousness in the whole of what transcends the negative power and the distortions it plays in the etheric, mental, causal, astral, and physical levels.

Talking or reading about these dimensions can open it up so you start waking up to what you already know and have experienced.  You can realize, “I already know this.  I’m just having the experience now consciously.”  It is as though the experience was asleep and something happens, so you become aware of what was unconscious.  Instead of completely unconscious and unaware, it could be in part conscious and aware.

The Traveler Consciousness works to bring us along as we are ready and can handle it, into greater spiritual awareness, releasing wherever we have placed limitations that are no longer necessary.  Part of that action is clearing limitations that no longer serve the highest good.  Is that my highest good?  Yes, and it’s also the highest good of all concerned… whatever would be required that is non-inflicting so that it does not harm anyone or anything.  It takes into consideration everyone and everything.  The only consciousness that I know can do that is God Consciousness because it takes complete awareness and knowing in order to make that a reality or be aware of that reality that is transcendent.

Let’s consider we have an ultimately intelligent God.  God would only do what serves for the best, not something that is “off”.  I look at the things that are off, the negative things, as something temporary.  They are not going to last.  Even if they do last for an eon, that is still temporary.  It is a limited time and dimension.  As we move into Soul Transcendence, these limited dimensions become unlimited, unconditional, and complete in a whole way of being.

The nature of what’s taking place here in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness as we gather together in the light and love, is that we open up and release blessings to come forward and manifest.  What you say or do can bring forward spiritual blessing.  Often, it’s just going to be done anyway, even if someone doesn’t ask.  We can move our consciousness into the greater, higher good.  Let’s do that in such a way that there is no limitation on what that is, meaning it’s up to God.  That is the grace of God which allows for God’s possibility. That has been called out as without limitation or measure, with all things being possible in the power of God.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Anointing through the Traveler Consciousness

Lord God, through Your Christ
as it is anointed in each one of us,
as that flame, that we know as the Light,
as the illumination, that moves through all consciousness
illuminating our spirit and the presence of the Light and love for all.

That we are those who gather in Your name,
calling out in our dedication, as You have called us.
And we know that as coming home,
that there is a rejoicing as we open our consciousness in Spirit,
that can be heard and seen and felt.
That we take hold of it here.

We are those anchoring into this place, into this time,
right into this point here and now.
That this is a blessing through the Traveler consciousness
on all levels, with those who are the initiates and ministers
of God’s love, light and sound.
In your silence, we behold forever, forever and ever.

And as we are amongst the beloved here, let us connect one to one,
again and again to Your eternal spark
that is the divine nature in each and every one of us.
That we connect to this blessing going forward into the world.
That we are invoking this presence
that has been the spiritual promise in this day all the more.
And we know that this is done in Your grace and all the compassion,
that we are released from the limitations
that we know as the karma and as the darkness.

In Your Light, in Your love, we celebrate.

Baruch Bashan

Watch a Blessing of the Christ in our Midst with John Morton

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  1. ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE. Thank you so much, John, for all you give to us, through sacrificing ALL to be a clear channel for Spirit. This is a beautiful expression of Christ Consciousness, as I know it.

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