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Tithe to the Source of Your Spiritual Food

I came across this phrase — tithe to the source of your spiritual food — 30+ years ago and it exemplifies my experience with tithing.

Let me state first that, “God always takes care of me.”

However, when I do not tithe, I only get the crumbs from God’s table.

When I do tithe, I get a place at God’s table. This table is huge to the point where I can’t see its boundaries. And it is filled with an unimaginable amount of abundance & wealth. The items on this table are of superior nutritional value. Plus, when I partake of anything from this table, it is immediately replaced. There is more than I could ever use. Because of this abundance it is not necessary for me to get into greed, so I just partake of what I need and there is enough for me and enough to share.

Now with this image in mind, if something that I would like is out of my reach, then I ask for it to be passed to me (Please pass me a trust worthy car, please!). This asking is what I refer to as “Seeding.”

After posing this request, I am patient because maybe the car I already have is the most “trust worthy car” for me. This seeding/asking causes my awareness to increase of my current abundance. After all, God is in charge anyway!

One thing further I might add is that MSIA & the teachings of the Traveler are, for me, the highest nutritional value of any teachings I have yet come across!

Jeffrey Bunting

2 thoughts on “Tithe to the Source of Your Spiritual Food”

  1. I have been tithing and seeding for well over 20 years. I can attest to what you say is true. Not only do I feel well taken care of, I know truly and deeply in my heart that God partners with me every step of the way. I also seed on a regular basis. I simply let go and let God handle the details. Thank you for writing with the article.

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