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John Morton Christmas Eve seminar 2014

The Time of Christ is Now

John-Roger made it very clear that his life was anchored in the Christ and the Christ movement that is still present. It was particularly what Jesus brought forward. We are in that timing, that birth, that moment of it being brought into the world. – John Morton

This article is taken from a Christmas Eve Seminar John gave on December 24, 2014, in Santa Monica, California..

Let us consider that what is going on is a continual celebration of what John-Roger brought to this world and his life. That includes this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness which has gone around the world. I am very moved by the Christmas season. My life with John-Roger is most of my life because it has been with and for his work and leadership with all he has done.

That tells an amazing story for me personally, which I relate very directly to this time of year. It is this time of year that I came to be close to John-Roger to work as much as I could with what he was doing and bringing forward. This is also the time of year that was very sensitive for John-Roger. It was a time when he received his spiritual mantle from December 3rd to the 23rd in 1963.

On many occasions, I remember him saying that it was a very sensitive time for him. It was a time he loved, because he loved to be generous and giving in all kinds of ways. I know it was also a time, more than any other time of year, where he was very sensitive. And that is saying a lot because he was always sensitive. I am here to bring in that celebration.

John-Roger made it very clear that his life was anchored in the Christ and the Christ movement that is still present. It was particularly what Jesus brought forward. We are in that timing, that birth, that moment of it being brought into the world. My intention is for all of us to come into that celebration and great opportunity to come into the attunement of what was birthed and continues to be birthed as we open our consciousness in this attunement.

There is an intention for me to make this something you enjoy. Something you come away glad that you are here and glad that you took your precious time and opportunity to come into the fellowship that is here in this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. I consider that because of that intention together in the Christ, it expands all of what that is and gives us an opportunity and responsibility to share in the beauty, joy, and magnificent grace.

My intention is to make this very joyful, peaceful, and harmonious in any way that works for you. I encourage you, right now, to open up into that attunement wherever you are. In some way, consider that you are being blessed, however that works for you.

Sometimes, we have people with us who would say, “I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe in religion.” In some ways, I would say MSIA looks like a religion because we had a very charismatic leader who gathered us for many years and gave us the opportunity to continue as an organized movement. That’s about as close as I’ll get to what we are doing that is like a religion. It’s organized as much as we know how. At times, it mostly seems like it’s disorganized. If we go back and consider what was going on in the time of Jesus, there was a whole lot about that that was disorganized. It was difficult to understand and relate to and challenging, to say the least, to be part of in all those circumstances.

One of the ways I relate to the Christ is the generosity. John-Roger was clearly one of the most generous persons I’ve ever known, in ways that are often indescribable in how generous he was. In that spirit of generosity, I’d like you to consider what you would like to receive in a time of birthing all of the holy nature. It’s okay to ask for something like a video game, if that is what moves you and your sacredness, joy, and harmony. But also ask for whatever would be in your heart.

Let’s consider that in the birth of the Christ there is no limit on what we can ask to receive as a gift. Put that in your heart again. Let it in some way be shown to you that it can be revealed, like the three kings bearing gifts to honor what they were seeing in their wisdom and knowledge. Something great was coming to the earth. There was a light in the sky to mark the sign.

Take a moment and use picturing, our way of imagining what that birth was in this world. It was a great light coming to earth. I’m sure that over the years they’ve tried to explain scientifically or astronomically what that would have been. Would that have been a passing comet or some other natural phenomenon we could see in the sky?

When I see what I relate to as the Star of Bethlehem, I see something that is seen spiritually for those that have the eyes to see. I understand that there is a part of me that would judge myself incapable or unworthy to see this light. If you have something like that in you, consider the gift upon you is to release that limitation. Consider that you are chosen, we are all chosen, to receive the holy birth in our way.

Come into a bearing of witness, like the shepherds in the field were called. They were shown a sign in a mystical, mysterious way, to come attend in the night. This birth of Jesus is related as something that was taking place at a time that was not necessarily convenient. But still they came. They showed up.

Consider that in some way you have been called, that you have your angels. It only takes one. You may say, “I have an angel!” Maybe it’s like the one in the film, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” working on getting angel wings. Maybe it’s not the most impressive angel. Nonetheless, we have a consciousness that helps us to know we want to come and gather in peace and harmony. We want to come to receive a greater gift into our life.

I consider that it is beautiful to have a cycle, like a year, where we are again reminded. The cycle in this world is that it goes through an orbit. That orbit takes about one year, and that is considered a cycle of birth. In a way, you could say that it is arbitrary. Why would we decide the time that it takes a planet to orbit around the sun is something so significant that we should celebrate that we made it one more time?

Maybe there are metaphysicians in our midst who would have an answer for that. Perhaps there is a great answer for why the orbit of this planet around the sun is marked in a cycle. In any case, maybe we need 365 plus roughly a quarter day to be ready for another birth. Maybe it is also related into a lifetime. How would we do that? The lifetime that was related for Jesus was about 33 years. We could consider it a lifetime to have a birth of what is the holy consciousness into our life. If it happens in this day in this way for you, consider what we are marking in this birth.

One way I relate to the Christ is as a great light. Is it the greatest light? The way I would relate to that is our creator God is the greatest light. This creator, who I like to relate to in a very personal and intimate way, is a father figure and also a mother figure. We can understand there is a harmony in how we personalize it. We could relate to our parentage – an origin and ancestry of where we come from – that would lead to a great light. We would want the greatest light to be our king or our queen. Hopefully, the two have joined together to bring forward the progeny so that we are inheriting the best of our ancestors. There is an intention to make us the greatest we have ever been so that would carry forth into this generation.

I am reminded of words attributed to Jesus about what was being done in a way that was being passed on to those present, that we were being called into it. That became a following, that we would be following the way, and the way would be something like, “Watch me.” How that story comes down to us is that it was over about three years. In that time, a great deal of what could be watched was in some way recorded and related in the way people tell stories. What is interesting, as far as I know, is there are no eyewitness written accounts. It was before the “eye in the sky” was there before something as a mechanism was recording.

As I understand it, those who were the scribes were gifted in the ability to recall what was spoken verbatim and put that into a written form. It was not just what was said, but also what was done. Then, there were those who were called upon to tell the story. We have the gospels as a way of relating to what Jesus did, what happened, and what took place around him. And not just with him, but with others involved, so that became part of the story.

Whatever those accounts are, they were removed for generations. What we have are the written accounts, that which would be someone’s hand in a written form or even a story that was passed on. It became a tradition that you could go somewhere, and the tradition would be passed on as storytelling. Over and over from generation to generation, far removed, remote and mysterious.

What I see in that is that it presents to us a challenge we can relate to as an overcoming. The Christ is not about what somebody saw or witnessed. It was about how it was conducted. First, we relate to the consciousness of Jesus as something that was coming forward as a demonstration. But there are a lot of missing years in the account, depending on who you take witness from or what source you would consider. There are sources far beyond what are written in the Bible. Even those are brought into question. At some point, it is so difficult to change what that is, that it becomes what some people consider heresy or blasphemy to shift how we relate to it.

I am, in a way, demonstrating how difficult it is to talk about the Christ in any meaningful way. It’s more important that it would be, “How do you live the Christ?” I want you to consider whatever you asked for, particularly in the name. That has been said as, “The name that was given unto you.” The name that was passed through the Christ. We relate to that as a name of God that is sacred. I consider that it’s something that was in some way changed by those who later, after Jesus was gone, related it down into so-called scripture. They altered how it would be related. They were those who were the elect – even to have the education to be able to read or write was something very rare in those cultures – that we now have telling the story.

I encourage all of us, as an exercise, to find out what has been offered to us as this opportunity with the Christ. How would you take this gift, whatever you have asked to receive, and relate it as something that you would then in turn give? That is a consciousness of the anointed of God, that we would be willing to give of what we have and give it in full.

It was called upon as, “If you have a shirt, then you give that shirt.” Whatever you have you would give, even to a stranger, somebody you didn’t know. It is not about questioning them about their worthiness. It’s because they ask that we would have that willingness to share. I also look at it as a way that we would want to pass on what we are doing in this world. When I see children in our midst, I look at that as our opportunity to transform more life in this world such that this world becomes a better place, and we want it that way.

Consider there is an opportunity here to expand what this is. First, that we do it with those nearby, to the people who are next to us. If we are not able to be generous in our own house where we live, why would we expect that is what we’re going to pass on into the world? That can become something like asking if we are generous with the people in the next lane when we are driving. Or generous with the parking place we have been coveting, and someone comes in from the other direction and takes it because some guy is backing out in front of you so you can’t quite get in the space?

These are ways we can, in some way, exemplify what was given at the time of the Christ’s birth. It is a magnificent birth and an answer to a prayer. I relate to it as something that is heavenly. It is greater. I look at this world as a place where we prepare for what that is. This was the message of Jesus the Christ. He was not developing a kingdom in this world. If you relate to him as a king of this world, you are going to be disappointed.

Take in what is here for you. There is a call for us to straighten up, fly right and live right. That is what is part of the call. I am encouraging us to now transform the gift of the Christ. It is a life-changing event to have the Christ born in us and to understand that it is already there. It doesn’t need to be something attended to as a Sunday service or anything of that nature. It doesn’t require that you join an organization, make a financial contribution or something of that order. It just actually requires asking yourself, “Am I willing to live a holy life? Would I be willing to be anointed so that my presence transforms wherever I am?”

That is how I witnessed John-Roger in our midst. He taught the Christ. He lived the Christ. He passed it on regularly. He extended it as an open invitation, and he received all kinds of “slings and arrows” of accusation, judgement, and the like through his life. I look at what Jesus endured in his life and others who have followed in this way. It is a demonstration that to bring in this anointing, this holy calling and fellowship of the beloved, is the most challenging life. It is doing as much as possible with our opportunity we have to transform what is of a heavenly nature into a material, worldly nature, and to do it now.

This is the time. I encourage you not to wait for another opportunity, perhaps another time when you are more prepared or more ready. The time is now. Open yourself to receive the gift of the Christ within.

Baruch Bashan

A Blessing of the Christ Beloved

Dear Lord, let us extend an invitation. As much as we might think it’s to You, the invitation is coming from You to us. So, we extend it to us.

This invitation is the blessing of Your loving for all things, for all that we perceive as has been, as what’s already done, the past. That we love it. That we extend Your loving to our past. And we can see that individually. We can see it here together, so it’s us. We are all looking into the meridians, into the vibrations, into the outcomes that come into this moment, from what has been, what is created. And the love, in the way You love fully, completely, without measure, without bound. That we are immersed in Your loving of all.

In this blessing we are set free. That it is a liberation that we know as the soul nature, as the consciousness of God, the beloved of God.

You soothe us. You comfort us. You move to every cell and to every part of every cell, to any formation. So, in the body, it’s the formation, the structure, the tissues, the organs, the integration of the systems by Your perfect design.

That Christ beloved is integrated. The anointing is pouring like oil that we can experience as a warmth, as a liquid pouring upon us. Soothing. That we take it in.

Our awareness brings us to our breathing, to our sensations, from head to toe, to all the extremities, to every circuit, to every connection, to every fiber, every direction.

This flow of Your beloved energy, this anointing of Christ beloved, it’s poured upon our head that we may know it comes from Spirit. And it pours forth, extending into the world, that we walk in the Christ beloved.

That wherever you are in this world, whatever remains in this life, that we may know individually and claim it, “I am Christ beloved.” And great celebration can be heard. Acknowledgment is known.

It is not about what the world would think or recognize. It is not a demand placed into the world to become anything different. It is simply Christ beloved is amongst us, walking, extending in beautiful ways that are personal in nature. That each one sees it through the eyes, hears it in the voice, feels it in the touch, witnesses it into the actions.

That a greater manifestation of the Christ beloved is upon us. And we know. We accept. We can declare it. We do declare it. It is so.

This one is my Christ beloved in whom I am well pleased.

Baruch Bashan


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  1. I was traveling and unable to attend the 2021 Christmas eve seminar. Surely it was recorded, Please let me know how I may watch it. We are so privileged to witness the presence of our living Traveler. I understand that John Morton brought forward a powerful awareness of the presence of the Christ in that seminar. I would so love to see it. I hope that all such future seminars are recorded and shared.
    With much gratitude and appreciation for all the service you do,
    Susan Fey, DSS


    The most beautiful Christmas Message I have ever listened. Thanks, Travelers for always being here for us. Baruch-Bashan

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