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John Morton photo taken by Ken Meyer, circa 2000

Invoking Spiritual Intention

You are setting yourself up for what you can handle spiritually by setting up the intention.  The result of choosing an intention is something happens.  It’s a reference point like a North Star that allows you a bearing to move on. – John Morton

This article is taken from a sharing John Morton had with a PTS Master’s Class Year 1 in June 1998.

Whatever intentions we have mentally, physically, or emotionally, I find exceptions in those levels.  But when I look spiritually, I don’t find any exceptions.  Our spiritual intention has no exceptions.

Our spiritual intentions are always practical.  It isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always popular.  It isn’t always something that lasts in the form that we first meet or what it was five minutes ago.  It changes.  The intention can remain, but how it expresses and manifests changes.  If I am attempting to hold on to what my spiritual intention was an hour, a day, week or month ago – it is not necessarily going to be in that form anymore.

I relate it to being tested.  Things come in that in some way tempt me to move my consciousness in a way that is distant or dissonant from the intention.  That’s where the test is.  It would be as easy to lock into some form of judgement and decide, “Based on how I’m relating to my expression of humanness, I’m off.”   We can stay resonant, which is a complementary word to dissonant.  Resonant would be staying in harmony with how the intention is working.

I relate to spiritual intention like a “mission impossible” of sorts.  What are we going to do?  It is still there as a mission even though on some level we wouldn’t accomplish it.  If you are measuring, we don’t accomplish ourselves spiritually in this world.  Something gets lost in the translation.

One of the ways we explain the Traveler Consciousness is that it is a consciousness that is being stepped down.  When it takes on psychic-material forms, it has to reduce and condense itself into that form.  Something gets lost in the translation and there is also something that never gets lost in the translation.  It goes through as a thread.  There is a thread of spirit that is present here physically or there wouldn’t be this discussion.  The spirit gets in.

When we have an intention, I look at it as it is an awareness.  The intention takes place automatically.  We don’t have to do anything.  There is nothing really to do.  The awareness will take care of it.  What happens is that by giving ourself an awareness of our spiritual intention, just by putting our consciousness onto it, something happens.  It is the one that is supreme, the “mother of all intentions.”

This is a world of many levels.  It is a world where there are a lot of things converging.  That’s the beauty and the great advantage of it.  We all have an opportunity to transcend, to do a “springboard.” That is the term John-Roger used over the years.  This place is a springboard into our spiritual awareness.

If you look at it in terms of really necessary and needed experience, there is no way around those.  You have a required experience for you to fulfill yourself spiritually.  That is one of those profound statements.  That is an eternal truth and how I relate to it.  Being eternal, it is not new.  It is one of those statements that rings and just keeps ringing.   When you look at it, you go, “It’s still ringing.”  Then, ten years later, “It’s still ringing.”  We are here to have a certain kind of experience that our soul awakens to.  Beyond that, there is choice.

There is a great, vast difference between what is truly necessary and what we do by choice.  Choice is something that we embellish, so that it allows us to have variations on a theme.  Like, how many ways can you have your toast?  What if the reality was that when you came in the world, “toast” was on your list?  “You will have toast.” You go through life and say, “Hey, when I was eighteen months old, I had toast.”  That’s right.  You fulfilled that requirement at eighteen months, and you’ve been having toast ever since.  Consider that if you go past your desire into obsessions, then you are toast!

We often do things to ourselves that aren’t necessary.  We do them because we are allowed to set up intentions that aren’t necessary.  We do them by our choices, desires, the kinds of thoughts and emotions we hold and the physical involvement we have.  We set up intentions and forget that long ago, most of what we set up is no longer necessary.  It became a luxury, something we do not have to do.  We do it because we are afforded a great amount of opportunity beyond what is necessary.

One way we know we are in abundant consciousness is that we’re given much more than we need.  There is a great opportunity for how grace works.  If we were at a level of always doing just what we need, it would be like staying put.  It would be a very static existence.  It would not be one of progression.  It would be like, “You are a bolt. Your place is right here.  And there you shall remain.”

It would be an existence based just on necessity.  “This is what you are, and this is what you shall remain.”  But it’s not like that.  We are an existence that is growing and transforming.  That is the only way we really can measure that, and it’s an immeasurable quality.  It is in our growth and spiritual transformation.  That is really where it takes place at the level of the soul, and that’s a level of consciousness.

Some people have an attitude like, “I don’t know what my soul is.  I don’t relate to it.  I’m not aware or conscious of it.  It’s an idea I like, but…”  One way to relate to your soul is that it is the part of you that is conscious.  The soul is the part of you that is alive.  If you can behold that, you are beholding your soul.  It has a consciousness that has awareness of your mentality, thoughts, emotions, physicality as well as how you feel and sense things.  It’s a circus with many rings going on all at once.  It is multidimensional.  There are levels of it that go unconscious.  Yet your soul is still conscious.

How would we know what the unconscious is if some part of us isn’t conscious?  Something has to be conscious to know about the unconscious because how would it know about the unconscious?  See how that works?  The mind starts boggling when it does this trip because it really isn’t equipped to make it.  It’s operating on a narrow band, but it is a band that we in this world function on.

If I say, “Let’s turn on the radio,” and we turn to 1420 on the AM dial, on comes this station and you go, “See!  I’m conscious.  I’m  ‘A-M’ conscious.”  What about all the other stations?  Your soul is the one that hears all the stations and bands.  It is conscious on all those levels.  And who is that?  Well, that is God.  That is the One who is conscious on all levels, and that is who your soul is.  The difference between the soul that is God and that soul that is you, is awareness.

There are experiences that are going to flip on the switches for your awareness. There are many switches, and each switch turns on a set of lights.  Every time we turn on a light it gets brighter.  And every time it gets brighter you can see more clearly because the light starts illuminating what has previously been shadowed or obscured.  It was just something we were not experiencing in an illuminated way.

As we awaken spiritually, we become the illumination.  We become the source of illumination so that where we look, there is light.  Where we look, it is illuminated and revealed for what it is.  Spiritually, it’s full intensity.  No shadows.  It is all revealed and seen for what it is.

You are setting yourself up for what you can handle spiritually by setting up the intention.  The result of choosing an intention is something happens.  It’s a reference point like a North Star that allows you a bearing to move on.  A North Star is a valuable reference point because we have charted the heavens, so to speak, and the North Star give us a bearing.  By knowing where we are in relation to the North Star, we can know where other things are.  We can know how to set our self-direction with a compass.

Our intention is to go to joy.  How does joy relate to the North Star, which is God? It relates very well.  Joy and God are closely, intimately related.  Let’s say my spiritual intention is to know it’s all good and to know God.  I know knowing God is knowing it’s all good and knowing it’s all good is knowing God.   I can work with that intention for a long time and stay with it.

A statement from John-Roger that closely relates is, “The secret of soul transcendence is to see the good in all people and things and leave the rest to God.”  There it is laid out.  That is the secret.  Well, it is not a secret if it’s being told.  But why is it a secret?  Because some part of us still doesn’t know. It is secret to that part, and that’s the part that needs to have it revealed.  When we are aware, “This doesn’t appear to be good to me.  I don’t like this.  I’m having a hard time, struggling, and reacting.” That is a point to invoke the spiritual intention.

If you move on things that aren’t so for you, that is where you get caught.  If you are going on things that aren’t really aligned with your intention, that is where you get caught.  The simple idea of not paying attention, not being willing to uphold yourself spiritually, that’s off.

When we are off, it isn’t like, “Well, so what? I’m just human.”  There is a responsibility there to move on.  When we are aware of the good, and it’s all good, we are discerning because there is a higher good.  Since there is a higher good, it follows that there’s a lower good.  Where are you going to place yourself?  Higher good.  That’s smart.  That is very smart because you might as well utilize your choices and experience here to focus yourself toward the very best experience, the experience that is going to illuminate your soul.

If you have the opportunity to do something that really serves you spiritually, you have a responsibility to make yourself available to that experience.  Not just once, but all of the time.  Another way of saying it is, “The price of eternal freedom is eternal vigilance.”  That means you watch, and then when you watch you move yourself.  You cooperate.  That is one of the spiritual laws we are working with.  The law of cooperation.

Acceptance is the first law of Spirit, and I relate to it as a state of freedom.  To let everything be free to be what it is without interference from me.  Who am I to interfere with what God is doing?  To resist, struggle, fight, denounce, or reject it?

If it’s not my level of concern, “That’s not for me, I don’t want to be part of that,” there are lots of choices around that.  I can elect to not be involved in most of what is going on and still maintain my spiritual intention, which is to “see the good in all people and things and leave the rest to God.”

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Understanding and Trust in the Divine Purpose

Thank you, Lord, for once again bringing us together.
First, as Your children.
That we can be in touch deeply, profoundly.
That we’re loved and cherished.
That all of Your children are fully loved and cherished.
We just take this moment to extend that once again,
so we feel it personally.
We are in touch with Your love and how You embrace us.
And for whatever is being corrected, realigned,
adjusted, transformed, let us be those who fully accept and cooperate.
And Your blessing of understanding comes present.
So we see.
We know how everything serves a divine purpose.
So we come into our trust with You.
That You extend our trust into our life
so we become creators.
And all of what we’re experiencing in this world
contributes to our learning
and our becoming co-creators with You.

Let us put aside in Your forgiveness, in Your light and love,
whatever is not serving our understanding.
Especially any judgments,
any withholding from the truth,
any denial of the truth.
So take whatever we put as shadows,
as blocks, as restrictions,
so we’re seeing the truth that is alive in Your love,
full of harmony, full of goodness.
And in this view, we can see all the suffering, all the pain
is releasing, clearing, and letting go.

And as we let go in this blessing
and we embrace all that You are,
You fill us, You fill us with Your energy.
This is an energy that surges, expands.
It needs to express.
It needs to go out, manifest in Your loving,
in Your light, Your joy,
Your peace and understanding.
So it becomes joy to all.
That we are here to create greater good,
and there is no limit.

And now we come to the great oneness.
That we can see that all Your creation at any level,
in any condition,
is always served in loving.
And this is the great truth.

We are blessed. We are loved. We are divine.

Baruch Bashan


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