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MSIA Presidency at Windermere, February 2022, (left to right) Vincent Dupont, Mark Lurie, Paul Kaye.

MSIA Presidency Update – March 2022

One of our favorite things to do as a Presidency is visiting Windermere at least two or three times a year.  In fact, we regard it as a sacred duty. When we asked John-Roger for specific guidance about Windermere his response was for us to walk the land and let it tell us what it wants.

Not only does our trip give us the opportunity to check in on how the Ranch is doing and soak in the peace of the land, we get four or five hours of uninterrupted time driving to and from Santa Barbara to leisurely discuss MSIA business and big picture topics.

We have it down to a routine now.  Departure from Prana in the early morning for breakfast at Urth Caffé in Santa Monica.   Then, collect the lunch order from Urth before we drive north up Pacific Coast Highway.   The drive along the ocean is gorgeous.  We go past Malibu and there is a stretch right before turning inland at Ventura that is so beautiful it has been featured in car commercials for years.

Arrival at Windermere is usually about 1:00 PM, just in time for lunch with the ranch crew at the Bunkhouse, one of the two beautiful guest houses at the ranch.  The view there spans the city below, the ocean and offshore islands which make up the Channel Islands National Park.

View of the Channel Islands from Windermere Ranch.

On this visit, the weather was sunny and cool.   Being Southern California boys, we were glad for our jackets when we were in the shade.  The entire property was green with new grass as the winter rains that start around November had turned the entire property from brown to green.   Of course, this makes the goats pretty happy!  One of the magical aspects of Windermere is the roving herd of goats you can run into unexpectedly all over the ranch.

Windermere goats.

The Presidency received the responsibility for IIWP and the ranch in 2006. Since then, we have patiently held the Light and cooperated with the organic process of change over the years, walking and listening to the land, per J-R’s guidance to us.  Today, the ranch offers much for visitors to experience and it is overseen in the more than capable hands of Milo, LeiLani, and Ari.

On our recent visit, Milo showed us the location where the children’s playground will be created.   It covers two flat spaces, one where toddlers will have a place to play geared for their size (and climbing abilities) and another above it for the older kids.

Site for the children’s playground.

We also visited the barn where Paul got to play on the new backhoe tractor.  We recently sold a couple of older tractors and were fortunate enough to purchase a used backhoe tractor from a retired contractor who had taken really good care of it.   He threw in all kinds of parts and accessories as well that give us lots of options for its use in the future.

Paul Kaye tries out the Backhoe Tractor.

One way to support Windermere financially is to participate in the Adopt-A-Quality Program. Between the three of us, we have ten qualities we make monthly donations towards (Paul is the qualities winner, natch).  The program has evolved as a way for claiming and cultivating the qualities of peace that are already present within each of us.  By claiming and energizing the quality (or qualities) we want to experience in a greater way, and then making a donation to IIWP in support of this action, we not only expand the peace within us as individuals, we become conduits for these qualities to flow out into the world, while also supporting the work and the mission of IIWP.

With the pandemic starting to wind down, we look forward to more visitors coming up to Windermere.   There are wonderful trails and sacred places to explore, plus a labyrinth to walk and goats to feed.

A sacred place at Windermere.

If you don’t already subscribe to the monthly Windermere Ranch Newsletter, you can do it on this Windermere information page.

As always, please join us in placing this all in the Light for the Highest Good. And thank you for standing together in God’s Light, love and Sound, sharing the grace of the Traveler’s teachings throughout the world.

The MSIA Presidency – Paul, Vincent, and Mark

View the Photos from the Presidency Visit to Windermere Ranch

4 thoughts on “MSIA Presidency Update – March 2022”

  1. Rosalie & William Lurth

    Can’t wait to get back to our Beloved Windermere. Baby goats in process it would appear. Enjoying our qualities: Joy, Laughter, Love! God Bless You, We Love You, PEACE Be Still, Rosalie and Bill Lurth

  2. thank you. this is lovely. god bless you three for building it more and more into brilliance. I look forward to visiting WINDERMERE as soon as I can. GOD BLESS YOU PAUL, MARK AND VINCENT-sally kirkland

  3. Andrea Barkley

    It is really neat to utilize IIWP for cultivating qualities I want to enhance in myself. There are so many so choose from that I just have to make it Loving. I have been to Windemere a few times and have seen the horses disappear and the caretakers change. I really like the animals, water and scenery. But most of all the Peace. Windermere is as close to heaven as I can get here.

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