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Traveler John Morton shares at an IIWP event at Windermere Ranch in 2014

You, the Traveler and Soul Transcendence

“Through MSIA, the Traveler is extending the teachings of the spiritual heart into a greater manifestation upon the planet. The impact of the Traveler upon your conscious awareness relies upon your willingness to overcome the concerns of the world and place your focus into the spirit and the truth of your being.” – John Morton

This article by John Morton was first published in the New Day Herald in 2014.

The Traveler is the consciousness that’s influencing all of us, including what is taking place on the planet. It represents the consciousness that is bringing forward Spirit now. The Traveler stands on the point of energy for the planet that conducts the living consciousness of God. The Traveler is an eternally loving consciousness that comes awake and keeps on moving you, within you, to the depths of your Soul.

The Spirit and the Traveler are not limited to a personage or a body. The rule of thumb for the Travelers is that there has always been one. There is always someone who takes on the anchor point of the Traveler energy simply by having the willingness to do so. Even if there is unwillingness at the personality level, the Traveler Consciousness still conducts the divine energy. The ministering of the Traveler Consciousness is primarily silent and invisible.

When you awaken to the Traveler, there can be a great transformation within you. The Traveler is absolutely on purpose with who you are. The Traveler energy is an unwavering quality of knowing with complete freedom to do what you choose. Your purpose becomes revealed as larger than any outer circumstances or events. You begin to know that your life is determined by something from within you that is larger than you and yet is you.

You know the Traveler by something that is truth and is yet still unknown and ever more to become. As you awaken to the Traveler, you find that your purpose has the highest intention, with malice toward none. Your actions become clearly determined by the spirit of God. You become on purpose with the highest consciousness upon the planet.

As you come into the consciousness of the Traveler, you may also feel as though you are nothing and are devoid of worthiness. Rather than get into comparison, focus on the knowing of the Traveler’s magnificence such that you would do anything to have more of it. The Traveler cannot be possessed or controlled. It cannot be defined or described in words. The Traveler must be known by your direct experience.

At times, the Traveler is the most beautiful experience of surrender. At last, you are finding that One you can trust completely. And you are realizing that presence dwells within you as you. You learn to let go of the aspects of your being that are less than God.

As you follow the Traveler energy, you realize there is never a reason not to choose loving. You know that human struggle is temporary and only the goodness of life endures past all things. You know there is someone that is always watching over you with your best interests intact. You know that somehow that someone is you. You know the futility of resisting, and instead, you find the triumph in complete acceptance. You let go and find that God is accompanying you as you in all of your experience.

If I had a gift for you, it would be the experience of the Traveler. Yet, the Traveler is a gift that cannot be forced upon you. You receive the Traveler as you are open and prepared to handle what comes with it — Soul Transcendence.

The Traveler may come to you simply because you ask. It may come as you are willing to give up the level in which you find yourself and appeal to a higher consciousness to help you. The Traveler can come to you as you are willing to take responsibility for your life for the highest good of all concerned.

As you have an initial physical contact with one carrying the consciousness of the Traveler, the seed of returning to God is planted. If you are prepared for the necessary growth, then the Traveler awakens and grows within you through your willingness to conduct your life according to your spirit. This process continues as long as you are willing. Those who are unwilling or unprepared may go about their life with the seed dormant until such time as they are open and willing to follow their spiritual heart once again.

Through MSIA, the Traveler is extending the teachings of the spiritual heart into a greater manifestation upon the planet. The impact of the Traveler upon your conscious awareness relies upon your willingness to overcome the concerns of the world and place your focus into the spirit and the truth of your being. As you actively participate in MSIA, the Traveler is bringing to you all the information and experiences necessary for you to awaken to your soul. This Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is not a movement that is measured by how much better you have it in the world. It’s a movement of how much better you are in the Spirit by your increased awareness and ability to live in harmony with your Soul regardless of the conditions that are present in the world.

By participating with the Traveler, you are aligning with a direct line to God that fulfills your divine heritage, so long as you are willing to endure the process. John-Roger reminded us that when we are working with the Traveler, we are under the Traveler’s spiritual guidance and protection. As we travel through the spiritual realms with the Traveler, we become more aware of the greater reality which is who we are as a soul who is one with God.

It’s important to realize that God never makes the process something that you cannot handle. It is only you who make the process overwhelming by making unnecessary choices or holding negative attitudes and judgments. The overriding quality that will bring about your fulfillment in Soul Transcendence is your willingness to choose back with faith and trust in the Lord’s will.

Virtually everyone will question the validity of the Traveler’s action. The karmic situation that each person is working through largely determines their ability to recognize the value of Soul Transcendence. Few people are awake and clear enough in their karma to recognize and choose to participate in the action of the Traveler through Soul Transcendence.

Other people’s experiences and attitudes toward the Traveler or MSIA have nothing to do with the value of your devotion and participation in Soul Transcendence. Once you begin to understand this, you will know that your relationship with God is entirely direct and personal. Nobody or anything else can block your Soul Transcendence because it is between you and God.

We are entirely God-made. We all have the complete, whole essence of God within us. In Spirit, we are complete and whole in our creation. It is in our manifestation and realization of the Soul that we are incomplete. Part of the results of your participating in the school of the Traveler will be the spiritualizing of the material world. You are learning the value and ways of overcoming the dense, negative nature of this world through the light and love of your true nature — the Soul.

This physical world is just one of the many way-stations upon the path to God. Virtually all dimensions of God’s creation converge into this one, making for direct access into the heart of God but also into just about every other aspect of God’s creation. The greatest of God’s love and beauty is here and so is the most extreme negativity all at once. It’s all playing out in the same field, which is what makes this level unique and such a magnificent opportunity for your learning and growth. It’s up to you to choose to make the most of it.

Consider someone whose entire experience of mustard was seeing only the plants that grow above the ground. What if I was holding a mustard seed in my hand and proclaiming it to be the whole mustard plant? That person’s response would probably be something like, “You’re nuts. That’s not a mustard plant.”

The question becomes, was the mature mustard plant present originally in the form of the seed? Is all of God present in the original form of the human as you? People often deny their Godhood because they don’t see the God-presence past the limitations of the human form.

It is very rare that anyone is awakened enough to fully see their manifestation in the glory of God. The reality of God completely transcends that which can manifest in this world or any level below the Soul. Once anyone even glimpses the glory that is to be with God, that attainment becomes the magnificent obsession. The paradox is that the glory of God already fully exists as the Soul within each person.

We are in a level that in part requires the faith of the mustard seed. Like the mustard seed, we are planted into this psychic-material existence so that we can grow into our fully mature Godhood. We often begin our earthly existence in a dense state that is removed even from the light of day. Nonetheless, the elements necessary for our complete growth are present within this dark, dense earthly environment that is actually perfectly suited to our particular human nature.

There are many varieties in human nature, each with its own particular set of conditions. With nurturing from the necessary conditions in our earthly environment, we germinate, transform from human seed and grow upward toward the source of light. Our greatest growth begins as we burst up from the dark, dense earth below into the enlightened atmosphere above.

Even though all the earthly elements are important to nurturing our growth, it is the source of light radiating from the sun (son) that is most essential for sustaining us into full maturity. In the process, we discover that we are much more than the various seed-forms of human existence. We realize that we are the very life force in the light that sustains our existence. We are the glorious presence that is God.

Every seed that fully matures through its destiny bears the fruit that gives life back to the earth. Eventually, even the most mature plants die from this level. The Traveler is like a master gardener who tends to our growth until full maturity so that we can die from each level we are on in our psychic-material existence and move on to the level of eternal life, the Soul, where there is no death.

Some people prefer to maintain a wild, unattended existence outside of this garden of the Traveler. They prefer to take their chances with the laws of nature instead of allowing for the caretaking and protection that the Traveler can provide. In so doing, they bypass ensuring the greatest opportunity for reaching full spiritual maturity and bearing the fruit of this earthly existence once and for all times. They are bypassing that One who removes the weeds, fertilizes the ground, waters correctly, provides support, adjusts the environment as needed, transplants, and tends to all the plants growing in the garden until they bear the fruit of eternal life with God.

You might wonder why someone would pass up such a supreme opportunity. That’s simple. They just don’t know better yet. Thank God there is forgiveness and even a divine plan for such ignorance. In the eyes of the law, no excuses are allowed. In the eyes of God, there is grace by forgiveness and unconditional loving of all of God’s creation.

Do you know better? Unlike plants, the choice is entirely yours. You can choose to remain rooted in the wilderness that is this earthly existence or rooted in the paradisiacal garden of the Traveler. Choose wisely for your Soul Transcendence. As John-Roger said, “The secret of Soul Transcendence is to look for the good in all people and things, and leave the rest to God.” Keep seeking inner guidance from your wisdom and the Traveler within you that serves and directs for the highest good of all concerned.

Within you is a God who is an omnipotent and unlimited source so all things are possible and yet are always done in a state of perfection. Seek God first through the miraculous nature of His Kingdom. For me and my house, we serve that God, which means we look for the good and tend to all people and things in this glorious garden of the Lord.

Baruch Bashan

Below is a blessing from John’s book Blessings Here and Now:

Blessing of the Travelers

I’m going to ask now for the blessing of our Traveler,
our Wayshower John-Roger,
to come into our presence and into our midst,
and touch us so we feel this blessing as a presence that enfolds us.
We ask all those who are in this line of the Traveler
to be present with us now,
that we can have a gathering here in this place.

We anchor this blessing into the center of the earth
as the most pure white column of Light.
It is the presence of loving being, joyous being.
This energy extends out so it’s touching to any place on the earth,
any place that we can think of, any place we ever heard of.

We see the entire planet covered in Light.
And Light brings a beautiful day, a day when everything is in harmony.
We can hear nature sing,
when all can be seen in its beauty, in its purity, in its holiness.
We see the planet in celebration.
First, we can see it in our own gathering,
that we hear the music.
We hear the singing.
We see the dancing.
And now we join in so we are playing the music.
We are dancing and singing.
We are aware in our hearts of the glory of God.
We are all safe and protected.
This day and every day has great blessings.
We do love one another.
We take care and give to one another freely,
sharing all of God’s bounty.
We hear the name of God, the holy vibration and sound
that all of us claim as initiates.
The Lord does know us and calls our name, and we do come.
Lord, we are home.

Baruch Bashan

7 thoughts on “You, the Traveler and Soul Transcendence”

  1. Maru Escudero

    Whenever I read or hear the Traveler, I am so filled with jou and hope that I am on the right track in spite of everything that comes along as stpping stones. Thank you!!!!

  2. Maria Jose Maranon

    Thank you! This speaks to the depths of my heart and Soul with the Light of Truth. God bless you, Traveler.

  3. For me, this is so beautifully written – pure, clear, liberating. My intention is to read it again, and then again. Perhaps print it and put it with my ministerial blessing. I just read it this morning and think I may want to read it again slowly and digest every word and also read it fast to imprint it as a hologram. So good.

  4. Lesley Crowell

    Thank you John Morton. This article is enriching my heart and Spirit with good energy. God energy. Thank you. I love you.

  5. Linda St John

    OMG, what an amazing read! I had to go to Australia to learn of the Traveler and have been reaping the blessings since…ongoing and this says my life. Thank you profusely ✨✨

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