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Marijuana: The Most Deceitful of Drugs

This article is taken from a sharing that John-Roger did in May 1986 at an Inner Christ Retreat. The questioner was saying that they had just given up smoking pot and were asking how they can clear it from their system.

In my opinion, such as it is, and my experiences with it, Marijuana is the most deceitful of the drugs, because if it were something like cocaine or LSD or the other synthetics that blow the hell out of you, you’d know it real fast.  Marijuana creeps up on you and alters and changes part of the reticular formation of the hypothalamus and hippocampus part of the brain, which then changes the RNA/DNA structure in the helix of the genetic code.

What happens is you then have a real hard time clearing something that’s been drug attacked, and then altered, through a chemical substance. If you alter something chemically, you’ve got to take another chemical and go in and change it.  But the best chemical to change all chemicals is Spirit, because all chemicals come out of the Spirit.  But that’s not to say that you get to smoke and deal in chemicals, and then justify it and call it Spirit.  It’s just that as Spirit came down and transmuted its vibrations into different things, those coalesced and, through evolution, we got chemicals.

About fifteen years ago, I was doing an aura balance on a lady. I looked at her and said, “You’ve smoked Marijuana.” She said, “I have not.”  I said, “Yeah, you did.”  She said, “I did not.”  I said, “You did, too. You may lie if you want to. But you think about it.”  She said, “How do you know that I smoked Marijuana?”  I said, “Because I can see where you took a puff of a cigarette thirty years ago.”  She looked at me and said, “I did. They passed it around the room, and I just took a small puff. I may have inhaled a little bit, but not really. Is that still there?”  I said, “No. It was a lucky guess.”  She said, “Of all the things you could guess how come you guessed that?”  I said, “Because it’s there.”

I know that this stuff hangs on for a long time. We like to think, “Because I haven’t smoked grass for at least three months now, I shouldn’t be having any effects from that”.  Cause and effect doesn’t necessarily go, “Because I hit you, you hurt”.  If I hit someone physically, that’s direct cause and effect. They feel it.  But if I hit them verbally, they may start hurting in four or five days when they realize what I’ve said.  Or it may take them thirty years to realize what I said because they are just now aware that they hurt. That cause and effect is as close as though it took place right now. So, cause and effect isn’t on a timeline. It’s on an awareness line.

When somebody says, “Well, I’ve given it up,” I ask them if they have fasted. If they say no, I suggest to them that they fast. Why?  To start cleaning things out at the cell level. Then I’d ask if they have done any macrobiotics.  If they say they haven’t, I’d suggest that they do macrobiotics because they’ve got to clean things out at the cell level.  Most people that go on macrobiotics feel like they’re starving to death.  They really get thin or lean.

After you’ve gone through that, I would make sure that you don’t even walk in the room where somebody is smoking pot.  Because your body is already attracted to it or attuned to it, because you’ve done that.  And even if you stop, you’re still attuned to it.  But your body was attuned to it prior to you smoking it or you wouldn’t have done it.  So, you have to watch that you don’t do it.

Then comes the hardest part. If somebody smoked Marijuana a couple of days ago and they walk in the room, the effects may trade off on to them and they might start to feel like, “God, I feel like I’m getting a feeling like I’ve had Marijuana.”  That happens. It sounds crazy to hear somebody like me say that, except when you have the experience, then it sounds like you’re crazy because you’re having the experience. You can’t undo what you’ve done. But your greatest value in all this may be in telling other people, “Listen. Stay out of it because the thing tags after you”.

At the same time, as you learn to get out of the body in the Soul and you get higher than this plane of existence, you can change your genetic code – wipe out things that are in the genetic code.  You get to wipe it out.  It’s a real good trick to be able to do that but you need to have somebody who knows how to do it show you how to do it on something else.  Maybe they’ll do it on an animal, a cow – in the Spirit. From the Spirit they’ll show you. Then you have to do it on yourself, and if you make a mistake, you can blow your own code. So, you’ve got to really be careful how you do it.

After you get in the Soul Realm, you can do it like you would snap your fingers.  You won’t make a mistake.  That’s why I teach Soul Transcendence, rather than Astral Travel, to change genetic codes. Because you can make big mistakes in the lower levels.  All of us have. I don’t know anybody that’s immune. I wasn’t.


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  1. Good to know since in california walking down the street or sitting in the park you get a waft of pot smoke. That is why I ask for the cube of light when ever I go out!! Always

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