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Experiencing the First Self-Pace Masters in Spiritual Science

Last summer I was enjoying all of my MSIA involvement and yet I felt hungry for something bigger, that I could really get me teeth into.  I knew I wanted more tools and some structure that would hold all my different learnings together, enabling me to integrate Spirit into my daily life.  With that in mind I considered different offerings but struggled with dates and timings.  Then, behold, Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy (PTS), announced a Masters in Spiritual Science Self-Pace Course, the first ever.

Previously, I’ve struggled with weekend workshops online, as I live in England with an 8 hour time difference.  This means I can start Saturday morning with everyone, miss the afternoon or stay up all night, then on the Sunday I am either out of sink with the programme or too tired to stay awake.  So, for me the self-pace meant I could work in my normal waking hours at my own pace.

For me personally, this format was brilliant, as it enabled me to dedicate the equivalent of Friday evening to Sunday, over a few days.  Looking back at the year I have been reflecting on the value and changes I have made and wanted to share these in a Q&A style for anyone considering this course.

Q: Why MSS now?

A: It felt like the time was right for next steps.  Spirit literally blocked me doing several other courses by ensuring I couldn’t attend the dates. Then, as it was offered, everything came together, so I knew it was right for me at that time.

Q: Why Self-pace?

A: Time zones make online quite hard for me and disruptive to homelife.  My relationship with Spirit is very private, so the self-pace gave me both privacy to attend at

the best time and intimacy with all the exercises (I will explain more about that in a couple of questions time).  The course is a 9 month commitment providing me both freedom and structure.  Apart from a couple of months at the start, I was able to complete the online part in the first 7-10 days of each month, which left time to practice and integrate the learnings.

Q: What resources were required?

A: I have a computer and mobile phone that both gave me access to the materials.  I needed privacy and physical space to complete each section (all sections are clearly labelled with durations, so although they vary, I planned what I could do in the time I had available).  Where it was important to continue immediately to the next section, the text on screen gave early warnings so I literally added up the timings for the exercises and video durations to plan each session.

I bought a ring binder for the handouts and also worked with some documents online.  With some paperwork needing to be referred back to, I would probably opt for printing, but this is a personal thing.  Additionally, I had a notebook for exercises and logging my progress through each month.

Q: How do exercises work?

A: Very interestingly.  I had the thought that this would be the thing I felt I was missing out on. However, it was a beautiful thing between me and Spirit.  What would have been paired sharing in the live course was adapted with options.  Sometimes I did written answers, allowing my pen to flow, sometimes I spoke out loud and sometimes I used inner dialogue.  The variety worked really well.  On some occasions where there were two consecutive timed sessions, I would mix and match different approaches.  In all cases I got what Spirit wanted met to get, cleared what needed to be cleared and felt lighter afterwards.  I was in email communication with a few other participants and although it might be interesting to do an exercise together, we discovered that all exercises were to be done independently under the protection of the Traveller consciousness, which we could sense and were so grateful for.

Q: Did you feel isolated?

A: Overall I felt more connected to God/Spirit, than ever before.  I think that doing the self-pace version, for me, was more deeply intimate and there was no-one to jolt me out of my space until I was ready to return to everyday life.   There was a monthly zoom meeting with the Traveller and a course-group sharing, which could be attended live or via recording.  I also had amazing support from Readers.  The service the Readers provide in witnessing your progress, is very special and helped anchor my learnings on the many levels it occurred.

At the start of the course I found a few things unclear, so I emailed my questions.  Unfortunately my emails to PTS were going into SPAM folders so I did feel isolated then.  Once I got in contact with them, we could sort things out and I realised how much of this was my old patterns that needed to be cleared.    What I learnt was to be persistent and patient, as the PTS team is small, dedicated and pretty busy.

Q: So what’s changed?

A: I’m softer, calmer and more relaxed.  My inner life is stronger, brighter and much more peaceful.  I take better care of myself, I’ve lost some weight and have a better life structure in terms of what’s most important to me now takes priority.  I feel much more resourceful as I have a better range of clearing tools and ways to be present.  I regularly clear old stuff/patterns/karma and on a daily basis clear up after myself so I am generating less karma.  My mind is quieter and I have greater clarity.  I still react to certain annoying situations but the emotions are less and shorter lived.  When I do find myself hanging onto things — like the man this morning at the swimming pool who shoved my face mask out of his way — I still get cross, but I am aware I am still carrying it and after I finish typing this I will do more clearing.

I’ve found easy ways to integrate more spiritual practices. For example, when my lovely husband is snoring, something he is very good at, I pop in my headphones and listen to a meditation.

There are many more changes which I am discovering as I go….

Q: Did you get anything you weren’t expecting?

A: I seem to have a framework for generating change in my life, that includes more than just spiritual development.  I’ve been able to bring all aspects of my life onto a simple monitoring page that I’ve added my projects and art work to.  When I did the course “Walking in the Light”, which was super, I had my MSS framework to add it in and I’ve integrated those exercises into my daily life, easily and consistently.

I also learnt that when upsets arise, they are mine and that they are for my upliftment.  So, though challenging, I’m always looking for the learning….

Another unexpected learning was a massive shift from frantic, heroic multi-tasking, to doing one thing at a time and completing it.  Most satisfying.

Q: Any advice to anyone thinking about doing the self-pace MSS?

A: None, I am learning not to give it.  (Soooooo hard). You will sense if it feels right to you.

Q: What’s next?

A: I’ve just been accepted into MSS Self-Pace Year 2 and I am so excited.  I know in my heart it’s right for me at this time and have no idea what I will learn.

A huge thank you to all involved directly and indirectly for making this programme available online as a self-pace course.  Rather than list names and accidentally leave someone out, I say “thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  You know who you are!  I love you all.  Thank you.

Love and light for the highest good of all concerned,

Caroline Khambatta

From across the pond in England!

For more information about the MSS Program please contact Gaby Grigorescu / 323-328-1948.

2 thoughts on “Experiencing the First Self-Pace Masters in Spiritual Science”

  1. Thank you, Caroline, for a very well-written article. After 36 years in MSIA I have done three years of USM, many Insights, lots of retreats, etc, but have felt I missed the boat with MSS 1, which is the prerequisite to so much. My husband and I moved to Kaua`i in 1993, just before MSS 1 came to the DC area where we lived. We were on Kaua`i for 22 years. Led seminars, held ministers meetings at our house, set up two ministers retreats. But did not feel abundant enough to fly back and forth to do the Masters. Thanks to you, I am going to consider the self-paced MSS 1.

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