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It’s Time to Have a Lot More Fun!

It’s high time to have a lot more fun in your life.  That goes for all of us.  This world needs more joy, fun, levity, peace and understanding.  – John Morton.

This article is taken from a sharing John had with a participant in a Living in Grace retreat at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA in December 2014.

One of the things we need to do is get in a position so we are big enough to receive what the blessing is.  If you are closed down or closed off, and you are requesting a blessing that basically requires all of you, it can’t be done.  In order to receive the blessing, you need to be completely open to it.

God is unconditional.  That is who God is.  If you are going to be one with God, doing it in the way God would do it unto you, then do it unto God in that way.  If it’s unconditional, then you become unconditional.

I’m not saying this is easy.  I’m sure you have heard that information before.  It can take all you’ve got to let go, trust, be open and accepting.  But the alternative is what you have been in, what we might call the karma.

Consider the way you process and relate to the blessing, so you have that experience.  Come into the way that would bless it as it comes from God, in the fullness of what God is doing.  It takes things to a completion, a fullness, into “now.”

There is a next step.  There’s something that comes forward, such that once you have done this step, you can do the next step.  Karma is like that.  If you don’t work it in this lifetime, there will be another.  If you don’t work it in that lifetime, there will be another.  The better approach is to look at what would bless it and complete it.

What is the first law of spirit?  Acceptance.  The second law of spirit?  Cooperation.  Coming into cooperation may not be on your terms.  It may be on terms that are bigger than what you are using as a frame of reference.  Is it working for you?  That’s the key.  If it’s not working for you, let go of that approach so you can come into an approach that works for you.  My term for that would be an approach that blesses you.

How can you come into alignment with what is?  If you are tired and sick – or something like that – and realize you don’t want to continue being tired and sick, you might ask, “How do I join up with what this is?  How do I move into accepting it?”

A victim story is the other side of the coin from accountability and responsibility.  It’s the side where you are not really being who you are that is responsible and accountable.  In MSIA, we often call that, “Check it out.”  Look for where your freedoms are.  Can you walk away, start over, or start what you might call a new life?  Are you okay?  Can you still breathe?  Those are things to be grateful for.

When you are dealing with the Eternal Father, it’s not temporary.  When you deal with the negative power, it is temporary.  That gives you an idea, in the energy, where it’s coming from.  Get things that are complete, meaning lasting.  If something comes forward – because in this world it always does – and it’s alive and dynamic, then it would be what is next for you.  That’s a progression that is going forward and up.  It’s getting better and you are getting better.

Is there anything stopping you from having what you want in your life?  How it appears to me is there is nothing stopping you from getting what you want.  If what you want is an illusion, then you will find that out.  If it’s not really in your favor and serving you, then something better or equal will come to you.  I look at that as fair and good.

If God doesn’t give you what you imagined or fantasized, something of equal or greater value will come to you.  If God is going to give you something that is as valuable or more valuable, then you can go with that.  That is easy to participate with.  There is a changing in the nature of your spiritual self because all things are possible.  If you get into that consciousness, then you can create anew.

Get ready to not be in this world one day, because this is a place where there is limitation.  You are not long for this world.  That’s okay because that is the reality of who you are anyway.  When we find out who we are, it’s less than a blink of the eye here, and it serves a purpose.  It allows us to go through the experiences we need in the way we need to do that.

There is a dimensionality here that slows it down.  That’s one way to relate to it so we can handle it.  As we learn how to handle it, it picks up its rate again.  It speeds up.  Then it increases in what it is, and we come into a creative consciousness.  It is of a spiritual nature.  We can begin to experience that while we are here in this world.  Your life could be heavenly while you are in the world. That’s an inner relationship that doesn’t depend on things in the world.  Then, with the things in the world, you could have a great time.

Put out your intention for the highest good.  You can request it.  There are things that all of us are working or moving towards that are set up in a way that is for us, not against us.  A lot of that is there is a reason in our favor that we are unconscious of.  Because if we were conscious of it, we would tend to mess it up.  In a way, it is done for us in spite of ourselves.  It is done for you.

Whatever time you have left in this world, consider that it is in your favor, however that works out.  Your part is to take care of yourself.  It’s as simple as that.  Invoke God as your partner so that you are receiving what you need and what helps you be healthy and have a fulfilling life.

My view is the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is the most valuable place on the planet.  You are in the midst of it.   You are working things out.  Take time in your daily cycle to be grateful, to appreciate, to do the best you can and make it better than you found it.  These things work.  They work every day.

If you are not attending to that – and instead are complaining, finding fault, criticizing, judging – I don’t know why you would want to spend time doing that to yourself.  There are far better choices.  The MSIA teachings have been telling you this all along.

I suggest you start being more grateful.  You have a lot more gratitude to come out and express.  Be more enthusiastic with your gratitude.  Enthusiasm is God energy.  It’s a sign that we are tapping our source so it starts coming out.  You don’t have to be loud or demonstrative.  Your gratitude and enthusiasm can be something that radiates in the beautiful light and presence of your being.  It can be in the silence, but it’s a joyful, beautiful silence.

It’s high time to have a lot more fun in your life.  That goes for all of us.  This world needs more joy, fun, levity, peace and understanding.  We can be about putting it in the world.  There is no need for the dreary or miserable.  There’s already far too much of it in the world.  Share your happiness, fun and joy.  Share the blessings of who you truly are.

Baruch Bashan

Prayer from You Are the Blessings

Lord God, once again we give thanks for the opportunity to be with You.
We ask that You bring us forward from whatever we have chosen
that would keep us lagging or restricted from knowing You.

Lift us from our pretenses and falsehoods that
we have placed before ourselves as judgments and false knowledge.
We ask that You take away the illusion
and that You may assist us,
regardless of what we have done.

We come to You in grace, to the door of forgiveness.
Restore our joy and courage, that we can go through each day
and whatever meets us,
knowing the blessings of each moment and being glad
in what we behold as eternal truth.

We bring our enthusiasm to do the best we can.
We trust that You are always with us and that You have prepared the way.

There is nothing against us that will ever last.
Whatever negativity we find shall not prevail.
We are resurrected in the Christ.
The Holy Spirit is our companion.

You bring the Lord’s hand to touch us, strength to lift us,
vision to look upon Your face, Light to let us see the truth,
and wisdom to know that Your will is done.
And we find everlasting peace in Your loving embrace.

Baruch Bashan

Note: The above blessing can be found in John Morton’s book, You Are The Blessings, pgs. 253-254. All three of John’s books about blessings can be purchased at

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