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We Are All Visitors on This Planet

We can do things in how we care for the body, physical life, such that it becomes better and better.  How would that be?  By allowing our spiritual nature to come into what we are doing and how we are relating to what is present – with anyone and anything. – John Morton

This article comes from a Soul Transcendence Seminar John conducted on August 10, 2022.

In relation to Soul Transcendence, we are all visitors on the planet because of what we call “birth and death.”  We all go through that.  We all have a moment where we take a first breath in the physical body, and then when we take a last breath.  In between, with however many breaths we take, we are in a life process.

I was having a chat with my wife, Leigh, as we were getting ready to join a lot of you for the “Blessing This Day” webcast.  I came to a realization not many people have a direct knowing or under- standing about, “How did I get here?  What is this place, this world?”

We simply see that it happens over and over.  A young child breathes a first breath in the way that we all did.  Then something starts happening.  A progression, plan, design, and it takes its course.  There is some part of the course that says, “Okay, that will be enough of that. We’re out of here.”   It’s called death.

There is something about our consciousness that is limited.  It’s like we don’t remember where we were or how we were.  Science can explain it as molecules, chemical reactions – things like that.  We can come into the factual nature of it.  But we are coming into an understanding that we have a consciousness beyond our body and our life in this world.  The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness goes after that, making that our focus.

I love that we have the teachings of John-Roger, the founder of MSIA, available to us.  We have teachings in MSIA that go at who we are as a consciousness of the soul.  That soul comes in somehow, some way, and takes a body.  Then we go through a process called a “lifetime.”  We go through a process of many lifetimes as part of our existence and soul process.  Through our teachings, what we do is find a way to realize what that is as much as we can.  Let’s consider the reality of that is we could have full knowing, knowledge, and awareness of who we are as a consciousness.  When we really come into that awareness, we also realize that we are something more than a body, a “thing”, or something that incarnates.

I’m glad that at some level you are curious and interested.  I have seen those who are attracted to what we do in MSIA as a kind of social grouping.  Maybe some people have interest and intentions like finding a mate or companion.  That’s okay.  We are a wonderful group for that.  When we do that, we find out what goes on when we share karma.

I look at that as in the grand plan, that we have an opportunity to learn and grow.  We can take on greater awareness.  In that would be knowledge that we can work practically here and now.  It becomes practical knowledge, wisdom, or intelligence in how we go about our life.

We come together with what we need to experience.  That is one way I refer to karma.  It’s what we need to experience.  Karma comes in through the law of attraction.  It’s also the law of cause and effect.  In Biblical teachings, it is referred to as, “What you sow, you shall reap.” (Galatians 6:7) In the esoteric or existential, it’s, “What goes around, comes around.”  It’s been said a lot of different ways.

It also has to do with something very powerful about who we are in our consciousness.  We are responsible creators.  We have creatorship in this world.  We have an ability to respond to whatever is present in our life.

Let’s get practical.  We are learning how to handle our life, so we share karma.  Where we get the most learning is how we share the karma in relationships, however we all do that.  Families are a place where it starts with a father and a mother in order to take a body. (Even when we now have the technology to do that in a petri dish.)  How we handle these relationships and whatever comes to us – like it or not – is part of our evolvement.  It’s part of how we gain knowledge and wisdom about what works and doesn’t.  I find it is valuable to take a moment to evaluate that for yourself, however you go about doing that.

If I come up to you and say, “Hey, how’s it going?”, how would you respond?  Would you respond openly and honestly?  Or would you come up with a pat answer?  It might be what you’d like to say or “Here’s what I’d like to tell you”, in response.  What is important is that you don’t go too far or loose in how you run your truthfulness and honesty such that you become distant and separated from your divine nature.

In the book, Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, John-Roger said, “Dishonesty forfeits divine aid.”  If you are going to work your karma, it’s important that you are truthful with yourself.  You want to be able to keep track of the truth more than your lies or misrepresentations.  Misrepresentations can take up a lot of brain cells to keep up with whatever illusions and deceptions you are running as a way of living your life.  At some point, you have to come into a reckoning.

One of the great teachings that MSIA put out is you are not given what you cannot handle.  You are given what you can handle. Consider what that means.  It’s always true at the soul level.  It’s always true with your true self.  Your true nature is never disturbed or even shaken while work goes on in your life and in the world.  If there is disturbance or upset, it’s not at the soul level.  It is not the true self.

Maybe what that does is to wake us up.  Do you want to create more disturbance, or do you want to cease disturbance?  Do you want to bring it to a close and completion?  That might be to stop whatever is unnecessary creation in your life and come into harmony and balance. Use what you have well enough to have more than you need.  That is one of the measures of karma.  Are you doing your life as an increase, as a surplus, so it’s better than you found it?  Or do you become a need in some way?  Do you become a dependent?  Where does that go?  If we’ve been depending, attaching, obsessing or compulsing into material things, that builds up as what I call attachment and addiction.

I like to remind people, including myself, the natural state of consciousness is vital, alive, and fully in harmony with all things.  At times, the body may feel creaky and stiff, without the flexibility or mobility it used to have.  Sometimes there is pain.  Maybe pain anywhere you look, depending on how you relate to it.

We can do things in how we care for the body, physical life, such that it becomes better and better.  How would that be?  By allowing our spiritual nature to come into what we are doing and how we are relating to what is present – with anyone and anything.  Take a moment to evaluate that.  How are you doing with bringing the spiritual nature into your life so that is your awareness, inclination, motive, reason, and depth?

Take a moment and look at how you are doing with how you relate to your life.  Can you find something you would experience as happiness right now?  Find your happiness.  Go!  Here is a key.  You don’t need to find happiness outside yourself.  Your happiness is always available within.  But if you do find it outside yourself, enjoy it!

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Welcoming our Life

Lord God, we welcome our life.

We embrace it — long lost friends perhaps —

and get more attuned, more familiar

with what is awkward, strange, or lacking in our life.

We’re in cooperation.

We’re in our abundance.

We’re in our flow of creating greater value, greater beauty.

We see that we have great gifts to imagine.

We see a world that is flourishing and harmonizing,

a world where people take care of one another.

Share the wealth.

Share what we have.

And we’re also waking up to the blessing of Your patience

that You have placed so well inside of us.

So that when we come upon Your will being done,

that every need is taken care of.

And we are those who are making it right,

putting it right,

putting it back into place

so that we restore this world to its paradisiacal glory.

Baruch Bashan

This blessing can be found in John’s book “Blessings Here and Now, available at


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  1. Thanks, John for the beautiful treat of consciousness. You are indeed, a perfect gentleman, a way shower and a blessing to this dispensation. I love you John Baruch-Bashan.
    From: Rev, Dr. IWUOHA PRINCE.

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