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Paul Kaye, Mark Lurie and Vincent Dupont at John-Roger's birthday celebration in England, 2012

MSIA Presidency Update – October 2022

Our lives have not been the same since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020.    Luckily, MSIA was prepared with our existing online courses and we shifted to grow our offerings even more.   John and Leigh rose to the occasion with Blessing this Day and never looked back.   We thought it would be good to reflect on where MSIA is now, two and a half years later, and how things look going forward.

In some ways, things are getting back to normal.   We have a Living in Grace retreat scheduled in Pacific Grove, California this December and the PTS Traveler Tour to Israel 2023 is going to require two busses due to demand.   Attendance for the events in the staff European tour has been good and the staff will be in South America at the end of October.   We are also planning staff trips for next year.

Meanwhile, the in-person participation at Prana for monthly ministers meeting has been a fraction of the pre-pandemic crowds.   Perhaps even the delicious Prana brunch spread can’t beat the lure of watching the meeting in one’s pajamas. How folks want to participate in events either in person or online is something PTS and MSIA will continue to monitor so we can support and respond to students’ needs.

A big change is coming to the PTS course platform in October and November for its classes like MSS, DSS, the Transcendental Leadership program, the Harmonic Self, and others.   We are migrating to a new learning management system that offers improvements over the existing one we use for   Hugo Alvarado is leading the project for PTS and we are very excited about it.    Another improvement expected in the coming months is the creation of a find-a-seminar search feature on that will allow users to find MSIA home seminars around the world in their language.   Stay tuned!

One of our adorable longtime MSIA staff members was surprised to learn that That Which Is is on the MSIA app.   It was a good reminder that we can always keep getting the word out there about the great features we have in the MSIA app and website.   Another important feature of which some folks aren’t aware is the Help Section on That Which Is.   On the website, it is always at the top header of the page as a question mark icon next to the word “help.”

The Help Section has several tutorial videos and Frequently Asked Questions to assist you use the That Which Is streaming platform.  The short video tutorials include some of these topics: How to Navigate Playlists, How to Use the Autoplay Function, How to Find New Content, How to Gift a Subscription, and many more.  In the MSIA app, the FAQ/Support section for That Which Is is found at the bottom of the That Which Is menu after you touch the menu icon in the upper left corner.

One of MSIA’s great features are the online seeding cards.  It is so heartwarming to receive a seeding card email.   Thanks to the encouragement of a couple MSIAers, Deborah Martinez and team have expanded the selection of seeding card images – some wonderful pictures of John and J-R are included for the first time. Please check it out!   The seeding card link can be found on the home page Menu, as well as a custom Quick Link option on the left side of home page.   There is also a link option on the Chrome extension app.   You do know about the Chrome app, right?!   In case you don’t, click here.

God Bless you and thank you for participating in MSIA and for all that you give in so many ways. We love and appreciate you.

The MSIA Presidency – Paul, Vincent, and Mark
MSIA Succession – David, Jeffrey, and Anna


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