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Travelling with Covid: Loving and Taking Care of Each Other

As I’m living with and caring for my mum, 93, I’ve been rather isolated these past years so when the Bulgarian John the Beloved trip was announced, I leaped to sign up quickly so I could spend time and be of service again, physically, to my spiritual family.

Arriving to assist at PAT 2 in the beautiful Pirin mountains, I found myself having high fever the night of the first day of the training, as well as a sinus infection; I tested negative for Covid. But I was sick, and that kept me in my room, sleeping my way through the entire PAT training. The last day I tested again for Covid and found out that I was now positive.

During those 4 days I felt so much gratitude that I was sick while staying at the hotel, instead of being on the road, as my energy level had been so low. Now, discovering that I had Covid when I started to feel better was a blow, and, in my mind, I was wondering how to go back home, as I would not be able to stay with my mum and expose her to getting infected with Covid.

First thing though was, of course, to go to Sofia where I had a room waiting for me at the Grand Central Hotel. Jsu Garcia and Leslie Boyer came as angels to assist me; masked and packed with Vitamin C, I got a separate ride with a couple of other friends who also tested positive. Once in Sofia, I found myself in a wonderful room with a view over the park and great room service. Doing spiritual exercises, sleeping, and just taking care of myself, I waited for further instructions regarding the trip.

So blessed to have been invited to the information meeting, staying in the back of the room with others that also were Covid positive, we got the great news that John and the team wanted our group to participate as a special VIP group, i.e., travelling in separate vehicles, staying masked and testing regularly for covid. What a blessing, what a treat!! My heart was more than full of gratitude to all for allowing me to have this experience.

And from there on we, the VIP group (Very Infectious People), were included in the tour. We travelled in vans and cars, loving each other, taking care of each other, and having our special angels checking in on us at least twice a day to see how we were doing. We had our VIP table for eating our meals and stayed in the back of the room at the events. The amount of laughter, caring, blessings, sharing, and just pure joy was AMAZING! Never in my wildest imagination could I have thought that I could have Covid in this way, so included and so loved.

And the team, Hristina, Lusi, Svetlomira, Georgie, and many more of our Bulgarian friends – wow how they worked with changes, flexibility, always serving us all in making it happen. Tireless and always with a smile and willing — as the VIP group had new people join in, some tested negative and could re-join the main group — and those that drove us and those that lent their cars; Jsu, Roel, Lusi, Georgie.

The VIPs were invited to participate in the various events, excursions et cetera depending on our daily energy levels. Personally, I participated in the morning tours and lunch, thereafter resting in the afternoon to later join for dinner and evening events. I really learned to monitor my energy levels, and I’d decided early on that I was to just love myself, being kind and compassionate to myself, so no pushing or judging. One symptom of Covid is depression and feeling isolated, but whenever I had these, I also had Leslie there with me, reminding me and comforting me. Hence, I could support others by sharing my experience with them.

On day 11, I had hoped to test negative but got instead a strong positive line; my heart sank and I was ready to give up and go home… but I couldn’t. And I didn’t want to pass on the virus either, and my heart was confused and so, so sad. John came up and assisted me to let go of worries regarding my mother, to give her the freedom to choose, and she had told me that she wanted me to come home. In my heart I wanted to stay, I was not ready to leave, and to know that John and the group would assist me in my choice. That I was not a burden and that I was welcome to stay and continue on, to be included, that to me — who often isolates myself and withdraws from the group — was yet another lesson of self-worth and letting go of being over-responsible.

It took me 13 days before testing negative for Covid and knowing that I was clear to go on the bus with the rest of the group for the remaining 2 days of the tour.

As to the tour itself, I so wanted to go to the Black Sea, planting peace wherever I went and clearing my own judgements and aligning with our Spiritual Heart of Loving Peace. Varna was the city I longed to visit the most, and it did not disappoint me at all: the morning walking SE’s down to the beach, with the Luxor meditation, the Black Sea and morning sun, just wonderful. The cities of Plovdid, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, and Sofia, all different and all so worth a visit. The traces of Thracian and the Thracian horsemen stood out for me, learning about the deep spiritual practices as well as feeling the energy at Beglik Tash that reminded me a lot of Windermere.

Being a Swede, who follows rules and wants to do the right thing, this experience really turned me upside down. I learned, to a deeper extent, that there are different ways of handling situations and of looking upon what is going on. That I was allowed to go on the tour, that I was loved, cared for and blessed every day, that I was of service regardless of whatever clearing I was undergoing, that it is all GOOD and of GOD – this, I will take with me in my heart from now on.

Thank you, John and Leigh; this was such a precious gift. And again – a big shout out to the Bulgarian MSIA team, to Leslie and Jsu for your loving and support that was never ending.  Thank you God for such a blessed Covid experience. My cup runneth over.

Ann von Heland

6 thoughts on “Travelling with Covid: Loving and Taking Care of Each Other”

  1. Ann, I found myself smiling reading your story of cooperating and trusting yourself through it all, along with your VIP’s on the bus. The support and love provided through our MSIA ministers was delightful to imagine, and it came through your words.

  2. I loved your sharing Ann! Simultaneously while you all traveled with Covid I was quarrentined in my bedroom with it too. The only way for me was get out of the body – into the Spiritual energy one with you all, and let the body sleep it off. This report of yours is astounding, and is quite the eye-opener that one doesn’t need to go down with covid, but all of you lifting up together in a oneness caring for self and others. Living the Travelers teachings with the Traveler! deep thanks.

  3. Dear Ann – I so enjoyed reading your account of your inclusive Covid experience. How you can have Covid and continue to be part of the group instead of being isolated and cast out like a leper. Very inspirational. Many thanks

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