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John Morton with Hristina Kirimidchieva in Burgas, Bulgaria Tour 2022

John the Beloved Tour – Bulgaria 2022

It was not what I had imagined or expected, but it was exactly what the Spirit had in store for us at this moment – The John the Beloved Tour. It was dynamic and real, quite a challenge for the logistics and organization, especially for the transportation and accommodation, but we were on schedule the whole time.

It was good that the Tour followed PAT 1 and PAT 2 and we had already reminded ourselves that peace is beyond the understanding of the mind, peace is not dependent on circumstances and what is happening. We knew there was stable peace in the eye of the storm, and we even went further in this – there was joy, fun and celebration, which was a clear indication to me that the Spirit was present among us.

View the Photos from PAT 1 & 2 in Bulgaria

Once we accept the facts and the reality, which is that we will be accompanied by Covid 19 in one way or another in this journey and this life, we know that the best we can do is to care and love each other and ourselves and to participate in this journey  neither dramatizing, nor ignoring the facts. At this time our adventure has begun.

We left Sofia after an incredible mind-blowing presentation of the Soul Transcendence Teachings to the Sofia community by our fellow Traveler John Morton.  We celebrated the birthday, life and legacy of our beloved John-Roger in a spontaneous and unique way in the beautiful Thracian city of Plovdiv, enjoying the Dervish practice, beautiful atmosphere and delicious food. The ancient city of Plovdiv with its unique authenticity and atmosphere left a lasting impression on all of us, just as we left our lasting light impression there.

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The next 5 days were dedicated to the Bulgarian seaside, where we enjoyed the holiday atmosphere of the seaside cities of Burgas and Varna, their wonderful sea gardens, extensive beaches and long and abundant pedestrian central areas. We visited the ancient Thracian sanctuary of Beglik Tash south of Burgas, and immersed ourselves deeply in its ancient mystical character. We enjoyed the good weather, the seafood and the small shops in the lovely small towns of Sozopol and Nessebar.

View the Photos from Burgas

In the Historical Park near Varna, we traveled through time and passed through all the eras of human development and brought the sound of God not only to this particular place, but also to the whole of human history. We introduced our teachings to the Varna community and met them with the Traveler during one evening open event.

View the Photos from Varna

We visited natural phenomena “Broken Stones” near Varna and transferred the action of the Light there as well. We visited the ancient Bulgarian capital, Veliko Tarnovo, and had the opportunity to see the Light Musical Show called Sound and Light, telling the story of Bulgarian history in an unconventional and unique way.

View the Photos from Veliko Tarnovo

Our Bulgarian tour ended again in the Capital Sofia with a magnificent ministerial meeting with the exclusive participation of John Morton.

View the Photos from Sofia

Although there was a lot to see, learn and feel about Bulgaria on this trip, I would confidently say that it is a good tourist destination, but this was not the end goal of our trip. Our intention above all was to be together, to be one, as an instrument of the Spirit, gathered from different places all over the world, and as a spiritual family, as brothers and sisters bound by our love and friendship to serve the Spirit, to support each other, to serve for the transformation in the world led by our Traveler.

All of this would not be possible without the blessing, the extraordinary support and leadership of our Traveler – John Morton and his guidance, protection, direction and loving that was present with us. From the bottom of my Heart, I Thank you, John Morton for being there with us. I may not know exactly what light – spiritual action we provoked with this trip, but it is enough for me to know that we are in service to the Spirit, God and the world.

Hristina Kirimidchieva

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  1. What an amazing trip it was! I love the photos–they help me remember everything. Thank you, Hristina for all you did to make this happen.

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