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John Morton in Burgas on the John the Beloved tour in Bulgaria, 2022

Letting Go and Living in Truth

It is important to realize, “I am in a place of trust. I just need to be truthful.” That can be quite the turn. Start saying what you mean, or if you don’t want to say what you mean, don’t say it. Start holding your integrity in how and who you deal with in your life. – John Morton

This article comes from a question-and-answer seminar that John led for MSIA Ministers and Initiates in August 2022.

If you ask for immediate help spiritually with your full power – what sometimes might be called desperation – it can be because you are taking on the contracted, limited lower nature that wants to be in charge and have its day.  That’s part of what is going on.  That is part of life.

What we are going to be experiencing is the lower nature gaining and growing.  All the levels are being served.  When that comes, the highest level is being called into attention.  It’s working from what I call “the top down.”  Another way to say that is it’s spirit directed – as in the whole spirit.

We need to get off what it is labeled and get into what it is. Then, you are in a place of letting go.  That’s another way help works.  You let go, so any resistance is released. It’s about releasing the disturbance, imbalance, attachments – the things that aren’t serving.  There are other things that get shaken.  There is going to be a convergence or a transformation.  It is like going from one state to another state.

Let’s consider help.  “Help me go higher and better.”  That’s what help is.  Spirit is going to help you.  Something that we are attached to can be a thing we think we need. It’s saying, “I have to have that.”  That is something we need to let go because it is a form of addiction.  It is not really serving us.  It’s keeping us in bondage and restriction.  It is often disease.  Disease can come as a result of that.  We are out of balance and holding to it – maybe with all our might – but our might can’t hold it.  A day is coming, called a “Day of reckoning.”

That doesn’t sound very nice.  It’s too much like a wreck.  You may wonder, “I’m going to have a wreck, a collision with my bad karma.”  Maybe.  Let’s consider you are not given what you can’t handle.  If you are going to have a reckoning or a “Day of judgement”, that is going to serve you.  Call to the Lord in the highest.  Even if you say, “I don’t know if I am doing that,” call it out because that is who to serve and that’s what is being served here.

If you are letting the Traveler come to your aid and be with you, that is on the inner first.  That can be the Light, so it comes in as the Light.  That can be the purple light.  It can also be a presence, like your friend is with you.  Help is on the way and it is here and comforting.  You know you are going to be helped.

God helps those who help themselves.  Put yourself in that order, that you are willing to help.  When somebody really has that willingness, often they are called upon to do nothing, as in “no thing”.  Like, “Right now, we need you to do no thing.”  Don’t resist, try to understand, or even help.  Just take it.  Be in a receptive place so what can be done for you is being done.  Some of that is to release what, in a habitual way, you hold onto, fight for, or try to protect.  That’s the thing you need to let go.

There is an opportunity to trust yourself, perhaps more than ever before.  Trust comes out of truth.  In English, the first three letters are “TRU”.  Truth established itself like, “I am a person of truth.  Someone who lives in truth.”  You are a person who lives in truth.  That is who a soul is.  You can’t be false.  It isn’t false.  If we go into that, we enter into being duplicitous.  We are actually one presence, but we pretend or imagine something other than what we are.  It becomes separation and disturbance.  A house divided.  It starts falling from what you are attached to.  Let that go.

Come into the place where you have a solid foundation, where you are not going to fall any further.  That’s enough.  Part of what comes in spiritually is that even the negativity is called to a stop and cessation.  No more againstness.  There is what I call a resting place.  You are protected by being in surrender.  That is counter to a person who lives in fear or doubt.  They are always trying to put armor or walls up, live behind something or in a shadow, say one thing and do another.  It doesn’t work.

It is important to realize, “I am in a place of trust.  I just need to be truthful.”  That can be quite the turn.  Start saying what you mean, or if you don’t want to say what you mean, don’t say it.  Start holding your integrity in how and who you deal with in your life.  Start holding up the truthfulness. If it takes too much to speak what you want to say in your heart, then in that moment don’t speak it.  Sometimes you won’t be able to, even if you wanted to.  It just won’t come out.  I would trust that.

If you are “shaking and quaking,” just trying to speak your truth, give yourself a chance to go through that kind of solidification. You are becoming solid with being true to yourself, abiding in and speaking your truth.  Refuse to do it any other way, even it has been habitual.  Now, you are not doing that.

You may have had a fall and come to a place that is solid in who you are.  That is what you are called into doing right now.  There is no rush because it’s not like you are falling more.  You have fallen, but you can get up.  But right now, it may be that you need to rest for a moment.

Remember, the Light is around and with you.  It comes out through your eyes.  You receive things coming through the Light.  You don’t need to do, “Father, Mother, God,” or however you say that.  Just hang in there.  But if you have a sense that you need to be more present with the Light, take that moment.  Pause to reset the Light. This becomes a practice in how you do your life from here forward.  You are acclimatizing to your circumstances.  You have the means to do this correctly.  When you are doing this correctly, it is going to be calm, serene, and clear.

It is worthwhile to trust yourself that you are in new life.  You are not threatened.  There is nothing to worry about or fear.  I’m not saying that you have everything worked out, financially, health or relationship-wise.  That is your 10%.  But you can still trust yourself.  You can still be in a place of, “I’m going to see what occurs to me in my calm, serenity, and clarity.  I’ll respond to that and do those things.”  It’s set up spiritually in such a way that you don’t have anything in your life to worry about or fear.

At some point, you will be smiling with exhilaration and inspiration, feeling really good here.  You’ve got your mojo back.  That kind of energy is enthusiasm.  It is a joyful energy.  Keep that up!  Don’t allow spooky things or things that would push your worry or fear.  Do something to refocus into the Light.  Bring in the inner calm.

It becomes an ordinary thing where you get through each day in such ways that you can be thankful.  You can see there had been upliftment each day because you did good things.  Those good things are like seeds. At some point they create a harvest.

Be kind to people.  That is going to come back around.  Kindness is going to come to you, with generosity, good tidings, fun and enjoyment.  If you put caring out, caring is going to come back to you.

Baruch Bashan

Prayer for Letting Go

Father-Mother God,
we give ourselves to You again.
We ask that this choice to surrender is sustained,
so we continue to let go.
We let go all our negative concerns.
We give them up freely.
We completely release all negativity.
We hand over all negativity to the Beloved,
whom you sent to be with us in this world.

We ask that Your healing come to us
as a balm upon our heads, our hands,
our feet, and our bodies.
You heal our minds and our emotions,
that we may clearly see and hear Your presence.
We are fully open to You,
as we welcome You into all of our being.
Bathe us with Your love and wisdom,
Your nurturing and caring.

When we are holding on,
our trust in You releases us,
that we may feel Your caring
and Your nurturing embrace.
Your wisdom inspires us to let go,
to release ourselves from any place that binds,
and to dismiss any consciousness that deceives.

Make us holy and pure as Your children.
We are made innocent by Your will being done.
In our innocence sustained by You,
our freedom is restored,
and our sense of the goodness of life is abundant
and joyful.

We go forward into this day as Your children,
knowing You are always watching over us
as we play together upon this planet,
enjoying this adventure in Your creation.

Restore our knowing of encouragement,
of enthusiasm,
that we can see the good in all things as Your creation.
All the rest we leave to You,
by trusting again that Your will is done perfectly.
You provide for our needs completely.
You show us we are always protected by what serves
our Souls.
You lead us to overcome every challenge
until that moment when at last we are home free,
just as You promised from the beginning.
You have proclaimed all along to each Soul coming home,
“You are the blessings.”

Baruch Bashan

The above prayer can be found in John Morton’s book, You Are the Blessings, available at

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