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John-Roger, Christmas Eve, 2001

We Are All Sons of God

“Jesus told us that we all are the sons of God, (and that applies equally to men and women) and that the awareness of our own divinity and our own God-self is our heritage.  This is as true today as it was then.” – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper in December, 1980

The One we have been waiting for is already here and has been here for a long time.  Part of the joyfulness of the Christmas season is that we can, once again, affirm that-yes, the Christ does dwell in our hearts.  And in this realization and affirmation, all things are made new once more.  We can evoke the Christ within our consciousness.  It’s easy to do because we are all the sons of God.  We are all heirs to this divinity.  To partake of it becomes our birthright.

Jesus represented one of the highest manifestations of the Christ.  And for this alone do we call him the elder brother.  He took the Consciousness of the Christ, lifted it, demonstrated it, exemplified it, and gave it to all of us.  He made us One in the brotherhood of Christ.  Through this line of the Christ, we have become one body, which dwells within the consciousness of God.  The Mystical Traveler line comes down through the center of the Christ Consciousness and onto this planet Earth.  On other planets, the Traveler may not come through the Christ action; it may come through the All in the All or the It of Itself.  The words don’t matter.  The message is the same.

Each one of the Travelers bring to mankind the message of the Light and Sound.  There is nothing new in the message.  People forget the message, however, and people corrupt the message.  So each One who is divinely endowed with this knowledge comes to restate the ancient message and to bring forward the demonstration of that message in the particular time and environment.  Each Traveler makes the message new, in terms of the age and time in which he lives.

When you attune yourself to the Traveler, you attune yourself to a line of energy that goes right back into the heart of God.  Jesus the Christ gave his message as the son of God.  When he did that, he declared everyone to be the son of God.  That’s so fantastic to realize! Every Traveler who gave forward the message for his time, gave forward the message for our time, for this time now.  The ancient message is applicable right now, today.  All we have to do is pick up the message and apply it to today.

Jesus told us that we all are the sons of God, (and that applies equally to men and women) and that the awareness of our own divinity and our own God-self is our heritage.  This is as true today as it was then.  And yet we all still cry out at times in our lives and say, “Oh God, help.”  When we separate ourselves, when we look upon ourselves as being “no good”  and not worthy, but we look at the other guy up there on the pedestal as being worthy, that’s when we create our difficulty.  When we say, “You are a son of God, but I am not,”  we blaspheme and lie, and we forfeit our divine right.  We give up our own Christ consciousness.  We deny it within.  And we lose.

Sometimes you look at other people and think that they are better, somehow, than you are.  You see them as being more successful, they seem to have more possessions, and they seem happier.  You look at all those reference points and see yourself as lacking.  Then you judge yourself and put yourself down-and that is when you lose.  You are God’s child, as surely and as completely as anyone you see.  Either that, or Jesus lied.  He said, “He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.” (John 14:12) This heritage belongs to each one of us.

Every Soul has the source of the divine message within itself.  Every Soul has that divine message within itself.  The message does not reside in the personality or the mind or the body or the emotions.  The message resides in that part which is the Christ.  Our job is to awaken to that Christed part within us so that we may know the divine message.  How do we awaken to that?  When someone speaks from that center of beingness that is the Christ, the energy of the Word reaches in and stirs our Soul awareness.  It is by that movement of energy within that we awaken ourselves to greater realization of Christ.

Mankind stands now at the apex of the prophecies.  From this time on, there is no need for prophets.  In this time, the Mystical Traveler and Preceptor Consciousness comes forward and says, “Yes, these promises have been given, and these promises have been fulfilled.”   The prophet Joel said, “In the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh.”  (Joel 2:28)

As God pours forth his blessings and love on mankind, even those whose hearts have been hard will become tender and loving.  And this is the message now, in this new age.  This is a time of fulfilling prophecy.  God is, indeed, pouring forth his Spirit unto each of us, every moment.

It is our right to partake of God.  It is not our right to define God or to judge others for their experience of God.  When you do that you compromise yourself.  Sometimes the temptation is to demand of God, to demand that He prove His existence to you.  You ask for a sign.  Where do you think you came from?  What do you think is the origin of your Spirit, your transcendental consciousness?  You know, little children who don’t understand anything about oxygen and air and the respiratory system still do a good job of breathing.  They don’t have to have a definition for all that.

And we don’t need definitions of God now, because this new age is the age of living love.  We are now entering into the loving that is the spiritual heart, and the message is that God’s love is manifest now here within each one of us.  There is nothing that needs to be done, except to bring that love forward, express it, demonstrate it, exemplify it and live it.

Loving is of the spiritual heart.  Love is of God.  Love can also be of the emotions and the mind and the body, when those levels are used to reflect and express the spiritual love.  When we reach into the loving heart and express outwardly that loving essence, we have fulfilled all the laws, prophecies and holy scripture.  Then we have the Christ Mass fully present in our lives.

When we come from our hearts, we do not come from our “mouths.”  When we come from our hearts, we do not come from our minds nor from our emotions.  We do not come from ego or anger.  We come before the God of our hearts in humility and in that we are open to God’s love.  When you do not love, you do not live.  When you do not live, God does not pour forth his energies through you into the world.  How can man become tender in his heart and loving, unless he knows God in his lovingness and Christ in his manifestation.

Give of your loving and awaken the greater heart within you, the spiritual heart wherein God lives.  Christmas is upon us.  The energy patterns of the old year are coming to an end.  The new is about to be ushered in.  Take this time to lift, to be born anew into the Christ that is within you.  Let the old drop away.  Awaken to the new.  Look upon the face of love, the face of Light.  Be the promised one unto yourself.

The Christ in you is not denied by the Father.  Take the time to be in company with the Christ within you.  If you need things for yourself in this next year, place them in God’s hands and let them be.  If they are for you in this time, they will appear.  The plan is perfect; and we all fit within the plan.  You cannot be anywhere that is not encompassed by God’s consciousness.  Even when you seem to step out of the plan; even when you step into the despair and the loneliness of your consciousness; even when you separate yourself from yourself and from friends and family, you are still within the body of God.

When you feel far away from God, know that all you have to do is turn, inside of you, and you’ll come face to face with God.  The turning can be difficult and there can be times of hurt and confusion and bewilderment.  It’s okay.  You don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to do all things perfectly to be worthy of God.  You are worthy of God because you are a son of God.  There is nothing you have to do to achieve that state.  It is already yours.

The negative aspects of your personality and your expression are the illusions.  They are not you.  When you move beyond the demands of the body, the concerns of the emotions, the confusions of the mind and the veil of the unconsciousness, you are what remains.  That is the Soul; that is the Christ; that is love.  With love, you are awakened to the Christ, and in that awakening, you are One with all mankind.  We all can fulfill the Christ.  It is the heritage of man, and everyone is part of that.

In this new age that we call the Aquarian Age, man is awakening more and more to the love within.  He is transmuting his basic nature into the golden nature.  It’s the most valuable thing that is happening on the planet today.

In celebrating Christmas, we remember who we are.  We remember that our nature is divine and that we are heirs to the Kingdom of God.

Baruch Bashan

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