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We Are Beloved of God

If we get nothing out of this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness than to do more smiling, be more joyful and happy with one another, then we are in what this is as a Christ action.  That is beloved of God.  That is born this day in our heart. We can turn to it and just let it out. – John Morton

This article is taken from John’s sharing at the 2019 MSIA Christmas Eve Seminar held in Santa Monica, California. 

We are the beloved of God, and that doesn’t have any exceptions.  Try that on for an hour, a day – that you can love everyone and everything.  Do that openly, willingly without any resistance or contraction, including in the level of the mind.

Consider that the mind is the place where we get into the most difficulty and trouble.  When something comes to your mind, check it out with your heart.  That could be how you pray.  It could just be how you are.  It doesn’t have to be a formal practice, but often it is a formal practice.  It is something like, “Holy Father, Dear Lord….”  Do you have that valence, that connection?  It’s a direct, immediate call that doesn’t put you on hold or isn’t available, so you have to call back later.

If we are not in connection, we may think we are not worthy of God taking the call.  Go deeper into your heart.  Find that place of love in your heart.  What is God doing in your heart?  There is an opportunity to realize God is doing each one of us.  If you hear silence, God is with you in that silence.  If it’s noisy and full of chatter or distraction, then that is also what God is doing with you.

The opportunity is, “Where would you like to go with God, your co-creator?  All of us have that charge.  We can take it into what we want.  I encourage you to consider that you have an authority, a power within to bring forward what you want and what that would be.

There is also a God, a co-creator, who has it “in charge” so it is going to be serving the highest good of all concerned, however that works out.  There is lots of room for variation.  If it’s not to our liking, we have the opportunity to change that as a continual experience in every moment.

Keep going towards what you want.  If you want to love somebody, then love somebody.  It you want to be loved by somebody, then be available to be loved by somebody.  Do it in such a way as, “Hey, there is love here! I have love available and I’m looking to share that with somebody!”

Christ Jesus said, “The way you are going to know that you are my disciples – that you are following in what I am doing – is that you are going to love one another.”  I did not find or hear any exceptions in that.  Jesus brought it to a very clear statement: “Love thy enemy.”  Love the ones who don’t appear to be full of God’s love.

Consider that is an opportunity to bridge whatever that is inside of you.  There are moments when our life is reflecting and bringing us into a greater knowing.  We can love anyone and anything because that is who and what God is in this world.

Do you have worries, fears or feel afraid at times?  Maybe you don’t have much confidence in yourself.  Perhaps the things you wanted to create you didn’t really create.  Or you don’t like what you created.  Consider that you can love yourself in your worry, fear, and doubt about your life.  That can be a gift from God.

Even if you have already received Christmas gifts, in the Christ Mass ask for another gift.  We have a joyful giver, a divine source without limit.  The highest good could be served in ways that are beyond whatever limitations we carry.  One of the great opportunities is to release limitations.  Let go of our doubts, fears, and judgements.  That is about forgiving.

The word “forgiving” has two meanings.  Forgiving can be for “giving up” so you let it go.  You do not carry it as a way of relating to your life.  Forgiving is also letting go of any judgement you hold.

One of the great blessings we all have has been said as, “Let go.” Release it.  Give it up.  Whatever is your disturbance or bothering you, give it up.  Let it go and let God.  God can love it, forgive it and bless it.

Have you ever had an experience where something that happened in your life was like a fulfillment of a dream or wish?  It exceeded in reality what you imagined anyone could have or experience?  Consider that is actually how it is all the time.  Every time we are willing to play at the level of God, God has all the treasures, gifts, blessings at full availability – as we can handle them.  We are not given what we cannot handle.

Part of the issue in our lives could be that we are in a limitation.  We are not given what we would want for the highest good because we’re not allowing the openness to cooperate and receive what that is.  One of the teachings John-Roger pointed out emphatically and clearly is that when you “let God,” you are in patience.  It’s a movement of patience.  Be willing to hold and wait for that process to come into order.

John-Roger also told us, “He or she wins who endures to the end.”  If it is worth having, what would be the greatest gift and blessing in your life, would you be willing to hold for whatever that takes?  You can call it forward because it is in God’s order as it serves the highest good of all concerned.  If it doesn’t, then you would be brought into the consciousness of what is the highest good.

Everything that bothers or disturbs us, anything we do that is wrong or doesn’t work serves the purpose of correcting and adjusting us into what does work and serves the highest good.  If you are relating to what that is, you’re going to realize it is a divine order.  It requires us to go into a greater state of who we are.  That divine order is relentless and absolute in how it works.

However, there is something called mercy.  If we get to a place where we don’t know how to handle something and we don’t want to respond, give up, not do what is needed, or we want to fight or struggle – that doesn’t work.  That will be pointed out to us each and every time, however long it takes.  At some point we can’t take it anymore.

I’m sure we have all had something in our life where we realized, “No matter how much I fight, oppose, avoid or deny this, it’s relentless.”  Consider it’s a blessing when that happens, your gift from the Christ.

This world is designed in your favor.  It is also designed to teach us how to become co-creators.  It is a classroom.  Class is always in session and the tests keep coming.  If you learn how to handle the tests correctly, at some point you are put into a higher learning and higher state of what is in process for you.

Ultimately, where this goes in this world is being of service.  The highest state we can move to is in service to ourself, so we are included in that.  We are in service to what God is bringing forward through our life.  We can do that.  Often, what I experience is in a silent, sacred way.  It is supreme.  It is the opportunity to do some good.  One of my rallying calls is, “Let’s go out and do some good!”  When we really get what that is, we experience enthusiasm with, “Let’s go out and make it better.”

If you trip over “stuff” in the place where you live because it needs some improvement, you might want to begin there.  If you want to go teach your neighbor about peace, but you don’t have peace at home, you might want to do some peace at home first.  Then you will know more about what peace is when you go to share it with your neighbor.

That is something the Christ spoke of from the beginning.  It’s not just an historical thing with Jesus.  It is open in terms of that consciousness of the Beloved who is awake spiritually.  Whoever that has been on the planet has been great amongst us.  There are many ways to access what this is.  I encourage you to be in that consciousness of the Beloved this day, wherever you are, whoever you are with.

You can turn to somebody right now and say, “Hello, Beloved.”  You don’t have to limit it to just one.  If you are by yourself somewhere, you can find a mirror and say, “Hello, Beloved.”  Would you be willing to step into an elevator and say, “Hello, Beloved” to whoever is there.  The next time you give your car keys to somebody, could you say, “Hello, Beloved?”  If we were doing more of this, it just might get into our way of relating in a great way, in the way of loving one another.

There are other ways to say, “Hello, Beloved.”  When we see each other, it’s in a smile.  We can smile more, even in the mirror.  You don’t need a reason to smile.  John-Roger told me a story of how he used to practice smiling in the mirror because he needed to smile more.

If we get nothing out of this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness than to do more smiling, be more joyful and happy with one another, then we are in what this is as a Christ action.  That is beloved of God.  That is born this day in our heart.  We can turn to it and just let it out.

That beloved of God, that Christ action, wants to come out from inside you, through your eyes and smile.  In the Christ, there is a consciousness that loves each and every person, even the most unlovable.  Consider that this is the moment, this Christ Mass, that is our liberation.  We finally find that everything in our life is lovable.  We follow the Christ and love one another in the joy of our Lord.

Baruch Bashan

A Blessing of Liberation

Lord, we do ask for your blessing, extending through us as a gift.

As those who extend in your purpose to express your blessings, we ask that you visit each of us personally at this time, to work with us in our relationship to this world.

We ask that you bring your great Light that is the Holy Spirit, through the one we know as Lord of us all, to sit down with us, to visit us where we live, to look in every corner, every aspect of what we have created.

We ask this through all that has been created, that we have a balancing here and now, a lifting of what is no longer necessary, and a placement of your grace.

We claim the debts are paid, through this action of your Beloved that comes in and sits with us now, that we are the Beloved, and we do partake of these blessings, the lifting of the debt.

We claim the healing, the balancing for ourselves, for those we have entangled through unnecessary actions.

And now we claim that you are liberating us again and straightening our consciousness, so that we live according to what is true, what is your love and is unconditional to all.

We set this purpose supreme, carrying it in our hearts, sanctifying our dedication, acting upon our devotion anew, putting aside our attachments and our distractions, bringing us to our wisdom that we will act true to our divine nature, that we will find the direct way you have placed before us, the clarity, the strength, and the knowledge.

We give thanks that you fill our hearts, that we affirm with our breath in each moment. We breathe in the blessings. We breathe out our gifts, our sacrifice, willingly, openly, and freely unto all. Increase us evermore, that we may expand past all limitation, finding ourselves transcending and knowing ourselves in the Soul.

We accept your patience, the patience that always endures and overcomes.

We accept your peace, the peace that is the understanding that it is done.

Baruch Bashan

The above blessing comes from John’s book, The Blessings Already Are, available at

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  1. Thanks Dear Lord, Dear Travelers, JR, JM, and Dear Leigh for all the blessings and loving for us all. And also my best wishes to all doing the Mystical Travelers work. I love you all.

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