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Love and Dedication – The Traveler’s Visit to Cali

The visit of our Beloved Traveler began like this:  in April 2022 we made John Morton a card saying “We want to invite you very lovingly to come to Cali on your next visit to Colombia. For our Caleña community it is a blessing to have your presence and celebrate your pleasant company!!” And yes, that day came: on Saturday, January 21, 2023 we had the blessing come true. Listening, experiencing, embracing and participating with The Man of Blessings, who with his mere presence emanates the highest, sweetest and purest LIGHT, is priceless.

The week of John Morton’s visit to Cali began with many surprises, we achieved and greatly exceeded the goal of the balances — we had the blessing of 12 new people doing an aura or polarity balance for the first time including 2 children.  A large group of people participated in the events and we also had several initiations, the blessing of a precious baby; and so we continue!

In our Community, many people chose to support and participate for the first time, expanding and supporting logistics and serving in a loving way. There were also challenges and opportunities to grow as a Community. And in my particular case, blessings have their own name in my family — my husband was the captain of the team and my 5-year-old daughter received the most loving hug from “John, her older brother” as she calls our Traveler.

Since most decisions are made in a participatory way, I asked some active members of our community what the Traveler’s visit to Cali meant and these were their responses:

It gave me great joy to see the Traveler again after 4 years.

I know that he is a Living Teacher who preaches and teaches in a soft, firm and gentle way; many times more with silence.

Leigh Taylor-Young’s smile was like watching the shimmering sunrise in the living room!!

A tremendous elevation of consciousness for us and for our city.

To meet again physically and hug friends from here and from other countries.

Seeing John in person and his wife is recognizing that they do exist and I can touch them.

It is the best gift that he can give to the Cali Community; the best stimulus for our connection with The Traveler.

The energy from him floods our city and fills us with his Light and Love. A thousand and a thousand more THANKS for coming to our city.

That Saturday, John and Leigh and the Staff gave us 2 wonderful talks, an open workshop on the spiritual principles of abundance and prosperity and a closed question and answer workshop for Ministers and Initiates. To be honest, I don’t remember what he said in each talk, but in both cases, we were fascinated with the simple, joyful, participatory and real way of demonstrating the teachings of Soul Transcendence and the way we can turn spirituality into a practical way to include it in our daily life. Definitely the visit of John The Blessings Man, along with his adorable wife Leigh and the members of the Staff, filled our desires, radiated us with uplifting emotions and opened the doors of trust and faith that the best is yet to come.

We are worthy to rise spiritually and physically in health, wealth, happiness, riches, loving, caring and sharing and reaching out to others by touching them with those qualities, under the LIGHT and GRACE of GOD for the highest purposes that not only concern Cali but all of Colombia and the entire world.

THANK YOU for allowing me to write these simple words in YOUR HONOR.

Angela Sol

MSIA Cali Colombia Community.


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