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Bob Zapf (at left) and Ian Mills

The Traveler Lights Up the Fleurieu Peninsula

It all started back in December 2022 when I asked Ian Mills, a Sydney based MSIA Minister, to come to the Fleurieu Peninsula, South of Adelaide, to run the new Soul Transcendence Meditation Course he created.

The course is held over 3 consecutive days, 2 hours each day, and is designed as a simplified way to introduce people to the Spiritual Exercises meditation technique. It was first piloted Australia wide to MSIA Ministers.

We ran the course locally in December and the result was that we had 15 people in attendance, 5 newbies, mostly friends and colleagues of my Ozzie wife Jen. Then a second course took place in February this year with 9 newbies, mostly my neighbours and Chiro patients. I offered it complimentary to my acupuncturist and found my masseuse excited when I told her about it and she did the course.

After the success of these 2 courses with 14 new SE’s meditators, Ian, my Buddy, told me his next new idea: “I’m going to invite John Morton to do an open event in the Fleurieu Peninsula as a follow up to the two successful local courses.” I laughed and said: “Good luck mate, that’s not the way it works. He’s already coming to Adelaide to do the Discourse subscribers event. They don’t add events at the last minute. He ain’t coming down to this neck of the woods.”

Once again I was wrong, John said “Yes”. Not only did John say that he would come to a part of Australia that he had never been to, but he’d help host an MSIA open event and add it to his Australian tour. The open event was also going to be a great opportunity to promote the third Soul Transcendence Meditation Course on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

That’s when the work began. We had four weeks to create, promote and execute the John Morton open event. We found our venue, got liability insurance, met with the community group who two weeks later pulled out of the deal because our numbers were potentially going to be too large. We were aiming for 100 people at the event.

So we found a new venue; we went out on a limb, got the posters and flyers printed all on our own. Ian was creating all the art work and links in Sydney while I was on the ground going to the local health food stores, coffee shops, yoga studios and boutique wineries and using the yoga/massage/chiro/acupuncture contacts that I knew.

Guess what?! We ended up with 75 in house participants to the open event, with 55 of those newbies and over 80 online both in Australia and overseas.

Ian MC’d the event, demonstrated the HU meditation technique and we all did our 20 minute group meditation. Ian then introduced John Morton who asked Leigh Taylor-Young Morton to call in the Light and we all settled into a 10 minute group Ani-Hu chant, followed by a Q & A with the Traveler.

It was a great and successful community demonstration of the teachings in action. So that’s how it’s done, boys and girls, easy to reproduce and fun to execute.

Love & Light,
Bob Zapf

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